Tuesday, May 4, 2010

work and work..

what am i currently doing?
yes..preparing some presentation..
nope.. it's not for me..
yes..it's for my boss..
as usual..
i'm the most reliable person to do his slides...
sometimes i thought he's using me..
i have to remember what he told me in my last evaluation period with him
"if a boss gives you some work, and some more work, and asking to finish it up by a very limited amount of time, that means he's training you.. training you to be his replacement"
are you sure?
i don't think any female bosses are even allowed to be hired in this foundry industry
not that i'm being skeptical.
but it's what this department has been potrayed throughout my 4-and-a-half years service
oh, come on!
don't deny it!
I've heard all those : 
"perempuan....mana boleh...."
"setakat pegang file, boleh la"
but then, i remember what my mom told me..
"keje kena ikhlas.. baru berkat. takpe kite buat keje lebih. asalkan berkat"
tepuk dada..tanya selera..
eh.. bukan.. tanya iman...



hish apasal plak..kat company kita ni kurang sgt org boleh speakout the idea dgn lantang tau!
semua sgt cool dan tenang..payah jgak..;)
so Airin..work hard dah tak lama lagik tu..my boss pun pompuan, ok ape ..

airin diana said...

kat area manufacturing company kite ni, majority (actually 100%) male bosses. tu yg boring tu.. mentang2 la keje kilang, turun line. what's wrong wif lady boss kan? takpe2.. ade rezeki, bleh replace my boss..hehehe..angan2 tinggi tu.
boss nadia tu wanita kental. dulu, zaman dia muda2 dulu, ganas tuh. tak caya, cuba tanya dia, penah x jatuh motor, masuk longkang..hehehe.

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