Thursday, October 15, 2015

Career Women and Premium Beautiful

Hye all!
Salam Maal Hijrah. 
Today I'd like to share with all of you the benefits and usage of Premium Beautiful to be worn while working; under anycircumstances or working environment.

As a career woman, as a working mom, of course time taking care of our own wud really limited. But with Premium Beautiful corset, i spare less time but with a result which i satisfied. As a Premium Beautiful User for more than 3 years now, i am sooo in love with it and cant live without it!
I was a Production Engineer before. Wearing Premium Beautiful corset didnt stop me from climbing up a ladder to a building roof. By wearing premium beautiful, it helps me keep my body temperature without going so crazy with the heat from production or outside weather. It is the best comfort corset ever!

This is my lovely sister in law. She starts wearing premium beautiful corset when she was on confinement. Now she comes back to clinic as a dentist which involves with standing all day long. Apart from keeping her body back in shape after delivery her first baby, premium beautiful corset protects her back and helps reduce her backpain which she had previously. Thanks Tirah for sharing your experience as Premium Beautiful User.
This is another Premium Beautiful User for more than 8 years. A mother of two, works as site engineer of BRT project going on now. Wearing Premium Beautiful in the panas terik doesnt bother her as it keeps her cool inside, and a plus, keep her body as anak dara ;)
Here's a Geologist. Involved with outside work, sun and rain. Been wearing premium beautiful corset for 8 months consistently now, she looks slimmer and fit.
Another Premium Beautiful User works in food preparation industry. Protects her posture tho working all day long.

Looking good, aight? Our officer in a uniform looks much better and sharp with Premium Beautiful Corset.

Hello teacher! By wearing premium beautiful, baju kurung does look "terletak" 

Premium beautiful is for everyone! Who said it is expensive? It is a mampu milik now with multiple option of payment. Even a clerk can have it as long as it is for our own health and beauty. Siapa yg tanak sihat (dan cantik) kan?
I have no idea what Paralegals do, til i googled it ;)
Yes, Premium Beautiful keeps you stay confident.
Another Engineer wears premium beautiful on site. A corset that helps you feels confident and stay comfort no matter what.
An executive also choose to wear Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful corset can be worn together with ur favourite jubah. This young executive, a mother of one wears the corset everyday to work
There you goes! 
12 Premium Beautiful Users have choosen Premium Beautiful corset as their daily uniform to work.
It keeps them confident, stay comfort and of course more beautiful and healthy.
Thanks to Premium Beautiful Corset, a number one choice of a career woman.

Wanna know how to grab one set for you with more discounts up to RM1500? Text me 017-6511966, your premium beautiful consultant.


Monday, October 12, 2015

5 Newest Testimony Mineral Coffee

Dah lama dah tak compile testimonies Mineral Coffee.

Here are some LATEST Testimony for Mineral Coffee for sharing :)

Ni betul2 baru received from my customer.
Thanks Zatie for sharing! Lepas minum mineral coffee, hilang rasa sakit kepala. Plus mengenyangkan. boleh lah start berdiet since tak rasa lapar lagi. *hint : Skip Nasi Lemak*
Again, mineral coffee ada Garam Buluh yang boleh hilangkan rasa lesu and tambah tenaga
Siapa yg dah rasa, confirm akan kata mineral coffee ni sedap.
Badan rasa segar lepas minum Mineral coffee. Lenguh2 badan pun boleh hilang

Alhamdulillah, mineral coffee dah banyak bantu our customer yang ada masalah darah tinggi or kencing manis.
Garam buluh helps restore mineral dalam badan and turunkan tekanan darah. Also boleh control diabetes level.
There you go.

Nanti later i'll share more testimonies on Mineral Coffee.

Now, im also looking for agents, distributors and dropship for Mineral coffee. High return profit and also high demand. tak susah pun nak jual sebab product berkesan, banyak testimonies. Students pun boleh berniaga :)

Text me ya


Friday, October 9, 2015

Congratulations, SSM Iezzah!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my business partner, Nurul Iezzah for achieving total sales RM60,000 as Senior Sales Manager!

I am proud of you!

Masa awal start business, Iezzah kurang confident. nak bukak mulut pun susah. Now makin diasah, makin confident. Knowledge is the thing that you cant buy. Experience too.  You will learn it from time to time.

Tahniah Iezzah. Dari seorang baker, from Rembau, she climbs step by step. Now towards becoming a successful businesswoman.

This is just another step towards success.

Young at 23 years old, You're so much earlier than friends your age. Just imagine by 30, she will hold a 5-figures income!

All the best iezzah, next will be RM180,000 sales as a DIAMOND.

Enjoy your 4-figures bonus this month. YEAY!

Nak follow step macam iezzah?

Do text Iezzah at 013-966 9770 or me at 017-6511966

Follow Iezzah in Instagram :


Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Celebration to Remember : Congratulations new CDM & DDM 2015

Hye All

It has been an honor to be part of the GLAMpreneurs and The Diamond Circle to have new Crown Diamond Manager, the highest rank in business of having total more than RM2 million sales; and Double Diamond Manager, the 2nd highest in business of having total sales RM720,000.

We had a simple celebration last weekend and got to hear their stories behind the success. It was not that easy to have reached to the level. There were many ups and downs, going through onak & duri along the way. But Alhamdulillah, in this business, as long as you are there, keep consistent and keep going, you will reach to the top. It's just a matter of time.

Now, let me introduce the achievers.

Crown Diamond Manager, CDM Ain Mohd Nizar.

She is an engineer in one of MNC. Staying in Johor Bahru doesn't stop her to keep in touch with our leader in KL. A mom of two and has no maid to take care of house chores. Can you imagine how she juggles between her job as engineer, a mom of two kiddos and business?
I knew her way back. We went to a same school during secondary school in MRSM Jasin. Her dedication towards business inspired us.
Grabbing a 5 figures income in business within less than 4 years, such a great achievement. She did share with us, she started work for almost 8 years now but the salary went not more than RM6,000. but by having a part time business, she can earn at least RM1x,xxx in average monthly. She already prepared her resignation letter right after she reached CDM level.
Congratulations, CDM Ain.

Double Diamond Manager, DDM Syikin Salleh

She was an ex-banker. She resigned once she started business in early 2012. Also a mom of two with no maid at home. Also from Johor Bahru. She did mention that her husband helps her a lot especially during business appointments. Syikin, as the person I know, is a strong mom, and also not being so kedekut with friends. As a teamplayer, she did help me a lot especially when I have customer in Johor. As a travel buddies, we did have a habit to LOL so much!! It was fun knowing you, kin. May our ukhuwah getting stronger. Congratulations in achieving DDM. You deserve it!

In this business, it does not matter who you are, what your background is. As long as you WANT it, you WILL get it. InsyaAllah

Now let's enjoy the pictures during the celebration.

During their heart-to-heart sharing experience.
Most of us dah bergenang air mata dah :D
With our next CDM from Utara, Yong
With my beloved mentor and leader, CDM Shaliza
With Eida from USM Penang, a mom of two
With Olyn, from KL, another engineer, also a mom of two
With a mom of four this time, Faeza from Johor
With a mom of three, Faliha from Ipoh
With Syikin's cute baby!
Our official photographer of the celebration, Hafiz Atan
I was wearing blouse from H&M and Skirt from Elena.
My next Diamond Sales Manager, SSM Iezzah from Rembau.
Chaiyok Izzah, sikit je lagi!!
Before balik, punch more sales for October
Sempat coach with Iezzah before she went back to Rembau
Next sales target RM180,000, yeahh!
Oh My Prada! Super duper delicious!
I am lucky to be in The Diamond Circle team and know these people.
I am next.
Will you follow our footstep?
Towards time freedom, towards money freedom.
Do book slot with me to start your business today. From a small baby step, you will earn more.
Earn bonus starting RM5,000 this month.

Text me to know how 017-6511966

Your Business Coach

Monday, October 5, 2015

OOTD Premium Beautiful

Hello All

If you are one of my Instagram followers or FB friends, you will notice that we have been using a new hastag #ootdPremiumBeautiful

Premium Beautiful corset has been launched since 1997 and until now is still one of the best premium corset in the market. Been awarded with a Superbrand Award, has LIFETIME warranty and has been transforming a lot of women out there to be more confident. You can check-out some of my entries on Premium Beautiful Testimonies and story :

So why the OOTD, or Outfit of The Day on Premium Beautiful?

It is because Premium Beautiful can be worn with any outfit of the day.
Let it on a skirt for a casual celebration event

premium beautiful ootd
Or during a semi-formal outfit to work

Or on a casual day to office

Or on a Hari Raya celebration.The RTW designer clothing will be much prettier when you have no bulging fat here and there ;)

On a sunday stroll. Here you can see Ms Rose Hanafiah am wearing a casual sunday outfit along with Premium Beautiful inside.

On a special occasion, wearing skirt will be nicer with the corset.
Our hot momma of three here, Ms Emilita.

Amy is wearing a caftan by Rina Salleh here, confident steps with Premium Beautiful

A mom of two, a fulltime entrepreneur, Sue Hamsanah am wearing Premium Beautiful to feel more comfortable running some errands for business and at home with her kiddos
Kecil-kecil cili padi, people might say. Izzah is now preparing herself for a special day soon, Of course looking more confident with Premium Beautiful.

Our teacher from Lahad Datu, Fatihah Asrak, wears Premium Beautiful inside with her Baju Kurung.
Standing all day teaching in classroom does help with the corset. No more sakit pinggang.

Yes, we have the three pieces to serve you.
It protects your body to have better posture

With under any situation and condition. June here is at 170 cm tall and by wearing PB corset, her posture is in good shape.
Lots of reason to wear a Premium Beautiful corset. 

Thanks Premium Beautiful Corset for serving lots of women out there to be more confident, to have a better shape and to help in a better health condition.

Do contact anyone of us, your Premium Beautiful Expert to grab one set for your own beauty and health :)


Friday, October 2, 2015

It's your 6th Birthday, Lissa Maisarah

Dear Lissa Maisarah,
It is your 6th birthday, and I know how eager are you counting days towards your special day.
You are no longer a baby..

You are a grown princess now.
How i wish I can just stop the time and keep you comel and muncung all the way..
Being a kakak, you have been such a loving sister to your adik, Hanie Myazara.
Especially during her unwell time.
Or during her happy moment
Or during her cheeky hour
You taught her to do stuff
You are an independent girl now
Who loves to pose for me
Or lovingly.
Thank you for being our eye candy.
You are a Princess destined to be a Queen.
Your own Wondrous story has already begun.
Your Once Upon A time starts Now..
Love you with all my heart,
Your Momma 
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