Monday, October 5, 2015

OOTD Premium Beautiful

Hello All

If you are one of my Instagram followers or FB friends, you will notice that we have been using a new hastag #ootdPremiumBeautiful

Premium Beautiful corset has been launched since 1997 and until now is still one of the best premium corset in the market. Been awarded with a Superbrand Award, has LIFETIME warranty and has been transforming a lot of women out there to be more confident. You can check-out some of my entries on Premium Beautiful Testimonies and story :

So why the OOTD, or Outfit of The Day on Premium Beautiful?

It is because Premium Beautiful can be worn with any outfit of the day.
Let it on a skirt for a casual celebration event

premium beautiful ootd
Or during a semi-formal outfit to work

Or on a casual day to office

Or on a Hari Raya celebration.The RTW designer clothing will be much prettier when you have no bulging fat here and there ;)

On a sunday stroll. Here you can see Ms Rose Hanafiah am wearing a casual sunday outfit along with Premium Beautiful inside.

On a special occasion, wearing skirt will be nicer with the corset.
Our hot momma of three here, Ms Emilita.

Amy is wearing a caftan by Rina Salleh here, confident steps with Premium Beautiful

A mom of two, a fulltime entrepreneur, Sue Hamsanah am wearing Premium Beautiful to feel more comfortable running some errands for business and at home with her kiddos
Kecil-kecil cili padi, people might say. Izzah is now preparing herself for a special day soon, Of course looking more confident with Premium Beautiful.

Our teacher from Lahad Datu, Fatihah Asrak, wears Premium Beautiful inside with her Baju Kurung.
Standing all day teaching in classroom does help with the corset. No more sakit pinggang.

Yes, we have the three pieces to serve you.
It protects your body to have better posture

With under any situation and condition. June here is at 170 cm tall and by wearing PB corset, her posture is in good shape.
Lots of reason to wear a Premium Beautiful corset. 

Thanks Premium Beautiful Corset for serving lots of women out there to be more confident, to have a better shape and to help in a better health condition.

Do contact anyone of us, your Premium Beautiful Expert to grab one set for your own beauty and health :)


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