Friday, January 9, 2015

Cabaran 2015 : Saya Nak Kurus Campaign

Well, I've seen every year people's new year resolution to loose some weight, nak kurus, nak jaga badan.
But do these people reached their goal to be slim and fit by end of the year?
99% didnt. hehe

Let's see this year's Top Ten New Year's Resolution, by twitter :

Because of the public nature of Twitter, it's easy to collect and analyze this data and see which resolutions are the most popular. So, what resolution tops peoples’ lists for 2015? According to research performed by Twitter and posted on its official blog, the number one resolution for 2015 is to “work out,” while the related resolution to “lose weight” came in number three. The full top 10 list, based on English-only searches, reads as follows:
1.Work out

2.Be happy

3.Lose weight

4.Stop smoking


6.Be the best (at a skill)

7.Stop drinking

8.Love myself

9.Work harder

10.Don’t f—k it up

You may read further here in Twitter's New Year Top List
See? All about losing weight and be fit.   So why not this time around, we stick to it and do whatever it is to achieve the goal.  
Let's be part of our team where we will guide you step by step from the food intake to light exercise to daily routine.

Look for #GengDietTDC and #GengDietGLAM for more transformation.

You may contact me at 017-6511966 or drop me an email at for any enquries.

Lets be healthy, be fit and be slim!


Set Kurus Bajet

I'm announcing our new combo set.
Are you ready?

It is a Set Kurus Bajet.

You may choose between Set A or Set B

kurus budget
Set A : Combo of Mineral Coffee, BV Alfalfa and Garlic

Set Kurus Bajet Set B : BV Alfalfa and Garam Buluh Drink
 Whats the difference between Set A and Set B?

Functions are pretty much the same, however, to some of you who couldnt take coffee, you may opt it with Garam Buluh drink.

For Set A, with a 3 month supply, you save RM40 and also receive a FREE consultation from me :)

What's the function?

Mineral Coffee - will keep you away from feeling hungry.

Garlic - Will burn off your fat

BV Alfalfa - Will provide you with the energy and detox

Garam Buluh drink - will detox and keep your body energetic

What else are you waiting for? Order it with me and receive FREE Gift.

Text me at 017-6511966 to order.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ashh & Annas, the Skirt Specialist

It has become phenomenal!!

Everyone is crazyyy about skirt aka sekewrt abam kawasan nie.

Ashh & Annas

Have never heard about it yet??

Do follow their instagram account. Check it out!

Cantek kan??
You can read how catchy the wording. One of method to market ur own branding.
And why Im telling you story about Ashh & Annas sekewrt??

That is because me and my friend, Saniah went to the sale last weekend. and it was SOOO WORTH IT!!

Instead of getting a RM100 skirt, we got a deal of RM50 per skirt! berbaloi kan??

Who wud say NO to these skirts?

Or these?

Once arrived, we saw these multi colors of satin skirts. Tho some of the sizes were no longer available, I still got the chills to grab these skirts
The crowd!!

and crowd!!
And since the Rush Hour deal for RM50 per skirt only applicable with minimum purchase of 5 skirts, I was thinking that there is no way that combine me and saniah, we wud grab more than 5 skirts.
So i started to offer people to be their Personal Shopper. and it was overwhelmed!!

Got tonnes of messages from people asking to purchase items for them.
starting to show which one wud the customer wants

showing the available ones
Tho it was tiring, we were there from 4:30 pm til 8:00 pm!!
I got some people who after asked me to get this and that, and these color and those color then suddenly backout. well, those were the tiring one.

Chose these three then suddenly the buyer just say couldnt afford it. what..

These two are my favourite. Pandai the buyer choose.

total of more than 20 skirts!

We were the last one to pay

It was a great one where i met new friend over there. Thank you Aween for being our new friend, tho tak sempat nak snap gambar together. but we definitely gonna tag along together next time during shopping!

Went back and penat menyusun as per order

 Last two nights, I delivered the first order to a new friend.
While waiting for her

Thank you dear, it was nice meeting you!
And this is my first Ashh & Annas sekewrt!! sukaaa!
Cant hardly wait for the next sale.

Anyone here a fan of these skirts?
Leave a comment down here :)


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I hope it is still not too late to wish all of ya Happy New Year!!

Yup, 2014 has been quite a rough year for me. but lets not think about the bitterness of 2014, rather lets reminisce the sweet memory in 2014.

Here you go..

1. Hanie's first time joining school
Tho she was just 3 years old, she did join the 4-year old class. Surprisingly, she enjoys it very much. so far, she knows how to write her name, opps, i mean the first letter "H". She also knows her full name : Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara. kuddos Hanie! looking forward for a brighter year 2015!

2. Career changed
Finally i left my 9-years of working at Proton and joined Sime Darby. Alhamdulillah, it was for a better offer, better position, better almost everything, except for the work loads. yeah, i finally step out of the comfort zone and just Go for it!

3. Business Progress
Alhamdulillah. Im maturing in the business, though still learning. Becoming a team leader wasnt easy. but yeah, i learn a lot! Year 2014 also witnessed more potential leaders and potential diamonds appeared in my team. Cant wait to walk hand in hand with them this 2015.

4. Free Trip 2014
Had a great fun at Gold Coast

Fun with business partner Afizah Nordin

With the team, The Diamond Circle

Honeymoon with hubby
Though i still owe few days for Gold Coast trip!! I will try to complete the whole trip

Then to Shanghai, Not as we expected China to be, Shanghai is a modern city, like Europe and even modern than KL.
Yeah i know, have not yet started blogging on the trip. bear with me... ampun! 

5. Diamond Night Award
Another achievement. Alhamdulillah, berkat doa my mom, my dad, my husband.. berkat usaha.. I am here. Tho the journey still lot to go, but i am thankful.
This is the beginning for a success.
(oh yeah, missed this entry too!!)

Such an honour!

Donning a dress by Ashraff Zainal

2014. thank you

2015. Got so many projects for business.
So many planning for future with family and career development
Ive got so many to thank for.
Thank you Allah.

2015, bring it on!!

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