Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fasting & Premium Beautiful

Hello all!
How's your Ramadhan this year? today is the 11th day of puasa. hopefully everything went well ye.. jgn puasa yang yok ye :)
This time i want to share my experience during wearing Premium Beautiful these few days of fasting, badan jd lebih bertenaga dan cergas after pakai Premium Beautiful consistently.
So more of advantages, kelebihan wearing PB :-
1. Mempercepatkan penurunkan berat badan
Tubuh secara automatik akan mencari sumber energi di dalam badan iaitu lemak, semasa berpuasa energi yang masuk akan berkurangan. Biasanya berat badannya akan berkurang sampai 2- 4 kg (average).
Tapi, kalau pakai Premium Beautiful semasa berpuasa, pengaliran darah dalam badan menjadi lebih lancar, maka penurunan berat badan lebih cekap lagi, double than average 4 - 8kg
2. Mengeluarkan toksid /racun dalam badan
Berpuasa selama 30 hari dapat mengeluarkan racun pada tubuh melalui kolon, ginjal, paru-paru, kelenjar dan kulit.
Selama makanan tidak masuk ke dalam tubuh, kumpulan lemak akan diubah menjadi energi oleh tubuh dan mengeluarkan zat kimia yang berasal dari asid lemak ke dalam sistem dan dinyahkan melalui organ pembuangan (perpeluhan, pembuangan air besar, kencing).
3. Mencegah stroke
Menurut beberapa penelitian, ia dapat meningkatkan HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) dan menurunkan lemak trigliserol (pembentuk kolesterol LDL-Low Density Liporotein) yang dapat mengganggu kesihatan tubuh kita.
4. Pemberanakkan sel-sel baru lebih cekap
Rasa lapar membuat organ internal didalam tubuh bergerak dan bereaksi ‘melahap’ sel-sel rosak demi memenuhi keperluan makanan.
Seterusnya, tubuh akan segera menggantikannya dengan sel-sel baru, agar bisa kembali berfungsi.
5. Memakai Premium Beautiful semasa berpuasa dapat mengekalkan kecergasan badan tanpa rasa kelaparan dan kehausan yang melampau.
Ini adalah kerana kesan grip dan mendakap kemas perut membuatkan anda akan sentiasa rasa kenyang dan bertenaga. Berat turun ke berat ideal. Bentuk badan menjadi 'fit and firm' ala-ala anak dara dulu ;-)

So sesiapa nak merasakan kehebatan dan kemantapan Premium Beautiful ni, come contact me :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ramadhan & business

Alhamdulillah Hanie is 100% healthy now. Thanks to all of u for the doa.. me, on the other side, infected with Hanie..nonstop coughing..
How bout my biz? Alhamdulillah... sgt2 memberansangkan! as for now, premium beautiful has a very high demand from customers. due to coming Syawal, people want to look good, my stock is becoming zero. most of customers in the waiting list. some of them i passed to my business partners. Alhamdulillah, tho been struck with bad thing, hanie admitted and all, ada hikmah di sebalik nya. God will reward those who sabar.. business has been easy for me, eventho it wasnt my forte! income keeps on coming.. especially in the condition right now with our company. heard all rumours, unstability..so afraid of those things. we need the backup plan. and it shud be a long term backup plan, right?
and that's when this business take place. thank God for giving me the chance. with great lifetime waranty product, a very effective and for beauty n health,u will b surprised how much u'll gain from this..
make ur decision to hear the plan, put ur act and betulkan niat kita..to help ourselve, to helpour family, our parents..everything will be easy. do not hv 2nd thought to contact me 017-6511966, pm me, whatsapp, email at airindiana@gmail.com. let me help u for a better future. we do it in group, and we are in the Green leader group.
Note: u cn refer to my leader's entry about the new green leader academy which has been established to help us to grow in business.Green Leader Academy
Bonus RM4500 next month waiting for you!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramadhan & Hanie

Our 4th Ramadhan as husband and wife, our 3rd Ramadhan with Lissa & our 2nd Ramadhan with Hanie..yet we "celebrate" it at a medical center...what an experience..
Hanie was down with fever,prolonged coughing for more than 1 wk. all infected from lissa..last 2 wks,lissa had the cold,coughs n fever for 2 days.transferred to me n hanie.
I kept on going back to clinic for better treatment for hanie after her medicine almost finish,but her condition remained. plus what worries me most is that she refused to eat,drink and even rejected me when i tried to bf her. so on friday,we went to Sime Darby Medical Center at Subang Jaya.and as i expected, she has been held warded..which was kinda relieve for me..been up taking care of lissa, then hanie, with my health deteriorated, hopefully she'll get better and recover faster. though this means that i will hv my sahur and bbuka at the hospital.
first night was a bit rough.hanie goin tru gruelling session of nebuliser, suctions and so on..plus a single bedded room fully occupied. my hubby n lissa couldnt stay...sahur alone
! oh sooo sad.. luckily we got upgraded to single bedded tonite..and expected to discharge some time between monday or tuesday, once the antibiotic course over. so i would consider this as "break time". having nurses and paed around, mke things a lot easier for me rather than alone, trying my very best to take good care of hanie.
lets pray for hanie's fast recovery..insyaAllah, everything will be fine for all of us :)

(from left) visit from atok,maksu,mkteh,kakak & nenek today for berbuka puasa together

while waiting for room

first day, hanie cried almost all day

Monday, July 16, 2012

Obesity and Business

Hello All!

Getting the idea from Shaliza aziz's entry in her blog:
Why doing Premium Beautiful business is easy?

1. Because we are provided with FREE personal coaching, FREE training class, FREE guidance.. It gives us chance to outshine our talent. and everyone in this business starting from ZERO. They learned it and grabbed the chance to be success.

2.TEAMWORK. Like i said, we do it in group. we move in a group. So you wont be left alone. Malay saying : Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh. When we do this business alone, we are not getting enough motivations. but when we do it together, we support one another. All the hard works will be easier if we go through it together.

3. High DEMAND products. Every women will spend when it comes to beauty, and moreover on health! that's why more and more slimming centre emerge into markets nowadays. slimming products also increasing day after day. Premium Beautiful should be worn by every woman, not only for beauty, but 70% towards health. So, dont worry, there'll be a big market for us to reach.

4. Our Quality of health is a big topic now. the quality in decreasing day by day. youngster getting a lot of sickness, obesity and this is when Premium Beautiful with its effectiveness take over. Preventing is a lot better than curing, right?

Obesity is now a major concern in Malaysia, quoted from MCOM (Majlis Cegah Obesiti Malaysia| Malaysian Council For Obesity Prevention) Believe it or not, Malaysia does have that council! proven how serious malaysian's obesity issue.
Overall in ASEAN, Malaysia ranked first on highest percentage of obesity people!
Kadar obesiti di Malaysia tertinggi di kalangan negara ASEAN

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia menduduki tempat pertama di kalangan negara ASEAN dari segi paling ramai rakyatnya memiliki obesiti dan tempat keenam di kalangan negara Asia Pasifik, Dewan Rakyat diberitahu hari ini.
Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, berkata perkara ini perlu diberi perhatian semua pihak. "Kita serius diancam dengan pengambilan gula berlebihan yang menyebabkan pelbagai penyakit termasuklah diabetes," katanya semasa menjawab soalan Dr Tan Seng Giaw (DAP-Kepong).
Dr Tan ingin tahu tahap penggunaan gula berlebihan di Malaysia berbanding negara lain dan tindakan yang diambil kepada sesiapa yang melanggar peraturan yang ditetapkan.
Rosnah berkata, kadar pengambilan gula di kalangan rakyat Malaysia adalah terlalu tinggi iaitu purata 51 gram, melebihi saranan yang ditetapkan oleh Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) iaitu 50 gram.
Katanya, sebanyak 1,266 sampel makanan dianalisis pada 2009 untuk bahan pemanis di mana 7.3 peratus atau 92 sampel didapati melanggar standard yang ditetapkan.
"Manakala pada 2010 sebanyak 2,004 sampel makanan dianalisis di mana 5.4 peratus bersamaan dengan 108 sampel didapati melanggar standard ditetapkan," katanya.
Mengenai tindakan, beliau berkata, selain tindakan mahkamah yang diambil terhadap pihak industri, kerajaan juga mengeluarkan amaran kepada seluruh negara untuk memaklumkan produk yang melanggar Peraturan-peraturan Makanan 1985 yang tidak dibenarkan.
"Tindakan pihak kementerian adalah dengan melaksanakan pengambilan sampel dari semasa ke semasa untuk memastikan makanan yang dijual di pasaran adalah terdiri daripada makanan yang selamat dimakan," katanya. - BERNAMA
Rather than sitting around without anything to do, why not we transform ourselve for a better me, physically fit (healthier) and also mentally positive and more kaching!
Doing part time business while being healthy and being wealthy :)
2 hours per day can generate 4-6 figures income (compared to our current main salary 8 hours per day..and how many figure income is it...)
Come pm me at airindiana@gmail.com ; call me at 017-6511966 ; FB me at Airin Diana
and you can change your world - no one can do it, except you

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider Man Movie Review

Thanks to Nuffnang, I received 2 free tickets for the Premier show of The Amazing Spider Man last night. (you can read the previous entry here and the related selected blog entry here). The great thing is that we got to watch it before other malaysians ;) The show will officially launch in Malaysia on 5th of July 2012. 
The show started at 9:00 pm at TGV Sunway Pyramid. We arrived just in time during the tickets distribution. I brought along my lovely husband (of coz la kan..) and Lissa (she kept on saying "nak tengok spider").
What do I think of the movie?
Two thumbs up!! (if i have extra hand, i'll raise more!!)
Seriously? Yeah, I like it so much. In fact, I give more than the maximum stars ever. The movie plot was well written, the rolls were well played. This is just my personal opinion. other people might find it was just ok. but for me, the jokes and how playful the spiderman character gets into are so good. 
There was a scene where the spiderman was waiting for the enemy aka Lizard in the tunnel while playing the Bubble games with his cellphone! how hilarious. And there was also a scene where he has completely dressed up as spiderman, but wearing his backpack where suddenly his auntie May called to order eggs, and it is organic eggs, okay! There were more scenes good for laughs. but when it came to a serious scene after he rescued a boy where he watched the father-son moment, it was a bit teary..
Now let me write the storyline a bit. 
Warning : This entry might contains spoilers
The movie started off with Peter Parker (played by Andrew Garfield) as a boy, been sent away by his parents to stay with his uncle Ben and Aunt May. His mother, in tears had to let go off her son and went away with his father, in hurry. His father was a scientist, working in some sort of classified projects about the DNA crossing, to improve humankind. 
Growing up as teenagers, Peter wasn't a favourite at his school. He was known as a cameraman who was a target for bully by his schoolmates, namely Flash (played by Chris Zylka - catchy for eyes, ladies!) And then there was this young sweet lady, Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) whom Peter fell for. He even has her picture as wallpaper background of his Pc at home.
Her voice is soooo sexy!
He somehow found out that his father was a scientist.and has a partner,whom at the moment working for one big company, working on the same project, for almost 15 years but never find the ultimate solution. The partner, Dr Connor has one arm only, has intention to grow his other arm, just like a lizard grew their tails.
Then somehow, Peter went for a visit to the doctor's lab, and managed to slip through inside one of the lab, which developing spider's "potion", and he got bitten by a spider.
Going home, he was so afraid and surprised on his sensitivity of his senses. These are the scenes where everything were so funny; his hands stuck to everything that he held; he was so powerful that closing a door will actually break the glass..and many more that will definitely bring a good laughs to the audience.
The scene when his hand stuck to the train's pole
Peter later encountered with arguments when he came back late to home. Uncle Ben was so furious with his attitude. Peter stormed out of the house. Uncle Ben tried to reach him by phone, left a very moving voice mail. 
Uncle Ben got shot while he was looking for Peter. Peter was very upset, and designed himself a great outfit to make sure no one recognized him. He looked everywhere in New York city for his uncle ben's killer. He somehow helped NY policemen arrested burglars and thieves.
Later on, Dr Connor got very desperate, he injected himself with the potion and felt really good when woke up. His hand finally grew.. but only for a few minutes, later he was so swollen and getting bigger, turned out to be one big giant lizard.
What's next?

Yeah, you've got to watch it to know the plot :) gotcha!
and how Peter's relation bloomed with Gwen..and her father is the Chief of NYPD who has made a point that spiderman is someone to be catched!
Anyway, it is a great movie to catch. I did enjoy it, more, compared to the previous version of spiderman movies. Love it, love it!! sorry if the way i write the review seemed not so convincing, but trust me. you wont be disappointed with this new version of Spider Man.
Notes : Pictures taken from www.imdb.com 
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