Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 2 Gala Dinner Outrigger Surfers Paradise

Hi all!

Continuation on Day 2 trip to SeaWorld (read here for flashback)

Once we bought the beach hat for the Hawaian theme of the Gala Dinner, we rushed to the hotel to get ready.
My beach hat

This is the shop where we bought our hats. borong terus!

Couple selfie from the hotel's room

Okay, selfie again dalam lift plak

My partner ready for the dinner.

The event was held on the second floor of the Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel.
Okay, muka lapar!!haha

The delicious food


lauk banyak!

Couple picture
Some presentation from the other group
All glampreneurs later on were invited in front to dance our signature dance, Goyang Duyu. We had so much fun!!!
Partners in ups and downs.

Yeay!! we won!
There have a few games and some lucky draw.

Mula nyanyi2

Aksi gedik!
The couples. we were having such a blast Free Honeymoon to Gold Coast!!

It is all from our husband's support.

Bertiga ni kalau dah sama2, memang macam2!

Right after the dinner, i changed my pants to jeans (more comfortable) and we planned to go to the beach

Aktiviti wajib bergambar dengan celebrity teacher, Farouk Harun and the famous and fun blogger, Rawlin Haiqal

Ok, now we r preparing for another star jump under the Surfers Paradise Beach moon

Test 1

Test 2

Percubaan menggantikan 4U2C. haha

And under the moon, about 11 pm that night..
singing songs together, sambil ditemani angin pantai sepoi sepoi bahasa. memang cool!

We had our heart to heart session
Alhamdulillah. Since this trip, we have become so close together. Cry and laugh together.
May our relationship be blessed by Allah.

Stay tuned for our Day 3 at Gold Coast in the next entry.
It's gonna be fun. Movie World!!



Fatin Zaini said...

gonna miss this moments! gold coast memang best :)

nak pergi sendiri memang tak mampu.. alhamdulilah rezeki buat biz nie...

Maryam Khairudin said...

Hyeee, I'm enjoying your Gold Coast trip blog entry and is wondering where is your entry to the movie world? FYI, I'll be going honeymooning there as well in September ^^

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Hi Maryam

Thanks for reading my humble blog :)
Still looking for time to update my movie world entry. will try to do so soonest possible.

Wow! i bet youre gonna enjoy ur trip and honeymoon there.
Book those hotels facing Surfers Paradise beach and u'll be blown by the morning view of the sandy beach.
I love staying at Outriggers. the room is spacious, very convenient to go anywhere, either walking or by the beca. really nice.

Once i update the entry to movie world, i'll buzz u okay! ;)

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