Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apartment for Sale at Shah Alam

I took quite some time to decide. Finally, having to close one of my mortgage and sell my apartment is one of the biggest decision i've ever made. Though the rental monthly paid on time (sometimes in advance!Thanks to the tenant) and i dont have to pay extra to bank and maintenance, i was thinking to have extra money for better future investment.
The Apartment : Indahria Apartment at Batu Tiga Shah Alam 
Details of the apartment:
-Have 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-Built up area 1008 sq.f
Living Room facing balcony
-On the 13th floor, facing Federal Highway (nice view during day and night)
Pictures i took during the massive traffic congestion from KL to Klang at Federal Highway last year
The swimming pool
15 minute walk to KTM Batu Tiga
- Easy access to Tesco, Giant, Stadium Shah Alam(very convenient-i missed it very much!)
- Nearby to MSU & PTPL College
* 1 Carpark
* Lights & Fans (all rooms & living hall)
* Curtain Railings (all rooms & living hall)
* Door & Window Grill
- Available by December 2012 (tenancy agreement will end by Dec 12)

I couldnt find proper picture of this apartment. Maybe later once I want to make an ad about this.
But it definitely holds a bunch of sweet memories of us. This was actually the first property i bought since i started work. I was one of the first to purchase it that time and the fifth to move in. I moved in with my husband during the first year of our marriage, when i was 4 month preggy with Lissa. We raised Lissa together til i had Hanie. We moved out to Nusarhu when Hanie was almost 6 month old.
Lissa made use of the apartment, being a "mechanic" for her push car, running around while bumped into me or her abah..Those were memories that we'll cherish.
The thing that I love with this apartment is it is so near to almost everything. I can just drive for about 5 mins and reach Tesco Extra, or Giant. and of course the apt is near to my office in Glenmarie. I can get up to work right before 7 am (subuh gajah je slalu..eish...tak baik) and start driving some time at 7:20 am and reach my ofce at 7:40 am. I just have to note that after 7:35 am at the junction will be congested.

So, if any of you interested to have a look or to make an offer, feel free to contact me : airindiana@gmail.com
Ok. Do not hesitate to make an offer. It's negotiable :)


Nadine said...

menarik. we all pun tgh cari apartment to invest. nnti i let my hubby know ;)

airin diana said...

Ok Nad. Let me know if u r interested :)



mcm good offer.... harga nego kan? hmmmmm.....


airin diana said...

hi dorawantan
sure..make ur offer..and we'll c how ok

shashi kumar sandhakumarin said...

apartment still ada tak? i interested...pls email me at kireken3797@gmail.com

shashi kumar sandhakumarin said...

i am very interested
is it still available
pls email me

shashi kumar sandhakumarin said...

i am interested
is it still available
pls email me ata kireken3797@gmail.com

Mira Marlena Abdul said...

Assalamualaikum Pn Airin,

Saya pun mempunyai satu unit apartment yang saya nak jual (10th floor) di Indahria Apartment.

Bolehkah kita terus post advertisement atau kena inform management office sebelum berbuat demikian?

Sekian,terima kasih.

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Waalaikumsalam ms mira

Boleh terus post ad without knowledge of mgmt sbb apt tu hak kita. But if inorm, better..sbb nanti kalau ade org asking around apt yg kosong, they can recommend yours.

mahesh said...

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