Friday, December 28, 2012

Meet Us at Karnival Sayangi Selangor 2012

Me and my business partners will be having a booth for our products this coming Sunday, 30th December 2012.

Come Meet us at :

Karnival Sayangi Selangor 2012

30th December 2012
i-City, Section 7, Shah Alam

Orang ramai khususnya di Selangor berpeluang meluangkan masa bersama keluarga secara percuma di i-City sempena Karnival Sayangi Selangor anjuran Barisan Nasional (BN) negeri selama empat hari bermula 29 Disember ini. (click here for full article)
We will be having a PROMOTION of BB Plus, Lactolite, Garam Buluh, Premium Beautiful Corset and Biozone.

We will also be having a demo for BIOZONE and attend any customers inquiries regarding Premium Beautiful and BIOzone Food Purifier.

Special price package and flexible payment is offered. 

COME visit us!

Book your appointment with us 

Note : Sangat excited okay! First time nak berniaga la katakan..hehehe

Friday, December 21, 2012

What is Multi Media Marketing (MLM)?

Everyone is asking me this. What is MLM? Why people said bad stuff about it?
I stumbled into this good article. 
He is a simple guy who previously stucked in real estate investor. He had worked in corporate America and just hated the idea of working year after year for someone else without building equity into something he actually owned so he wanted to own his own business. The only problem was he didn’t have a ton of money to rent commercial space and he certainly didn’t know what he would even do for a business.
So the idea of MLM is you can start your own business, working from home, without a huge upfront cost and the company will help you achieve success.

Extracted from his page : (click here)

What is MLM?MLM is Multi Level Marketing and it was a way for someone to start their own home based business to create additional income without having a lot of start up money. This is true for our business. small capital money.
Good marketing should NOT be what something is but rather what it does. MLM is a way for you to have your own home based business without paying for product research, buying a ton of inventory, dealing with expensive software, paying a huge franchise fee, worrying about employees, or being stuck with trying to figure out your own marketing plan. Yes, you have a good product. A Free Lifetime warranty product. A superbrand.

How MLM is Different Than a Standard Small Business

The biggest problem of a standard small business is the business usually ends up owning you, not the other way around. Meaning, you leave corporate America to start your own business and trade working 9-5 for working 9-9. On top of that, small businesses require a lot of capital usually and usually owners are stuck in the doing and away from the marketing and locating new customers, which, is a formula for disaster.
With multi level marketing you don’t have to worry about the doing, ALL you have to work on IS the marketing and locating new customers. The company handles the shipping, customer support, product research and development and all YOU have to do is get the word out.
And the best part is, you have someone (your upline) dedicated to helping you learn how best to get the word out. This too is different than a standard small business in that you usually cannot find simple support to help you market your business. Correct! Our Hanis Haizi always there to support and guide us. The Green Leader Academy Malaysia has been established for our discussion. and it is all FOC

There you go.

Small capital.
Less Effort.
Existing and well established products.
BIG Bonus.
Free 5-stars Trips (3 times a year)
Great Award.
More Time with family :)

As long as it is syariah compliance. Halal. why not we have a try?

People who refuse to struggle in the early year (tak lama pun, 2 years max) and then failed,  claimed this business is wrong because he/she didnt get the RICH factor, is a FAIlure himself.

People who make time in the early year, and achieve success after success, is people who we should follow. 

After all, i want to ditch this 8-6 work, spend more time with family and get the freedom of money and time.
Our rebate is ending soon.
Do contact me for business plan sharing.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Stuff.. Cant Hardly wait!

What's that?
You wonder... (eh ade ke org nak wonder..hehe)

During the Home Deco Carnival held at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam last weekend, we went out and splurge for our house
Yes, i mean splurge!! A BIG one! (aduh, garu kapla!)
We felt in looove with the Elizabeth Mattress by Dunlopillo  
It is a 14" thick mattress..with a very comfortable feeling!
Like the Dunlopillo said : (click here)
After a long day, your body deserves to be rewarded with the Royale Collection by Dunlopillo. The Elizabeth range presents 34cm of support and comfort for the discerning individual who desires the best.

The bed frame is by Hatch (sorry, totally forgot to take pix of this bedframe!)
It was very stylish and elegant plus, i choose RED color for the frame!! 
Like my husband said to the tokeh kedai, "ini kaler red aarr..utk org muda macam dia. bukan saya. saya sudah tua"
HAHA funny la tu ek.. :P
I dont know why this year's theme is RED!

Another purchase...
The Recliner!
The unofficial duta, Ms Saniah! haha!
Yes, FOUR seater. puas hati sket sumer org bleh duduk sambil baring2 tengok movie.. yeay!!
(right now baru terpikey, where im gonna put the existing 2-seater and 3-seater and another 3-seater sofa? aiyayaya)
Oh, this recliner also in RED color.. what do you think? pelik tak nanti? Tiba2 rs mcm awkward plak living room if one sofa in Red.

Both of the furnitures cost us RMxx,xxx.. so, no more furniture shopping next yr ek! Either raya ke tak raya ke... no no!

Expecting some time next month for the delivery.. Cant hardly Wait!!!

PS : Bile dah ade extra side income ni, baru la boleh pikey nak beli brg2 extra mewah sket. klu dulu harap gaji je, agak la sukarrr..hihihi

Focus & Target ..GO!

My Focus are:
Of course la family come number one. Although how important or how big the meeting would be, ade PC ke, ade Morning meeting with Director ke, if something happen to my kids or hubby, say Lissa demam or Hanie suddenly vomitting ke, haruslah amik Emergency Leave. 


It's either like it or not, this is the main contribution to number 1. without work, i dont have money. without money (YES, everything now needs money), i cant have happy family. Since now i have two in WORK category, i have to work smart. Main work, delegate and time management. Part time, definitely during free time, (yeah, i got the leisure of doing it online...which is anytime!) The GREAT thing is that I have now two incomes every month! tu yg penting..hehe

What i want in LIFE?
1. Quality Time
-yes, with family.


-with money, i can spend almost anything..
-sape kata duit tak penting tu, tipu yer.. dlm Islam, pegi Haji pun kena mampu dan berduit kan

3. Trip aka jalan-jalan

-Next year, insyaAllah, Shanghai will be on the list babeh!

With this part time business, i can get:
1. EXTRA extra MONEY
from 4 figures to 6 figures income. You can get 6 figures income within 2 years (vs my main work, 7 years...yet, separuh ke 5 figures pun jgn harap la...)
Semua pun boleh buat. In our group, we have professionals (made of 90% of us), we have ex clerk, we have ex housewife (our leader was a full time housewife, now after 4 years are millionaires with RMxxx,xxx monthly income. We are talking about Hanis Haizi)

2. FREE Holidayyy

Next year, Free fully sponsored 5 stars trip to SHANGHAI! (oh, kena cepat2 google Shanghai ni)
Jom, sape nak ikut :)
3. Dream CAR
InsyaAllah within 2 years dream car will arrive.
ahemm dah usha2 sket price and inspiration

4. Quality TIME

with kids and chenta hati.. targeting within 2 years, I'll be doing this business full time. insyaAllah!
Just imagine how much time we spent outside working and how much extra time I'll have once I do the biz fulltime.

Why this biz?
1. The stable company
HAI-O Marketing is a well established company with Halal and syariah compliance

2. Great leader

To lead and show tips on how she did it and success within 2 years in biz.

3. Well established and well know products
Premium Beautiful SuperBRand product since 2007 with LIFETIME warranty
BIOZone Food Purifier effective product
and many more great products

4. Easy for Achievement
It's all done in GROUP. Senang naik pangkat, senang achieve bonus besar :)

Who is Hanis Haizi?
Our CDM Celebrity
Within 4 years in business, achieve RMxxx,xxx monthly income.
Very determined
Great leader - sharing tips and open academy for us, newbies (Green Leader Academy Malaysia)
featured in Safiyya TV9 and Bella NTV7 this month
In Radzuan Radziwil dress
Read it here for full version
Interviewed by NTV7 Bella Crew
In Safiyya, showing her shoes collection, handbags and designer dresses
In conclusion, anyone would envy her. But now is the time to take actions and follow her guide on how she did it!

Our rebate ends this month. Get extra RM1500 to RM3500 first bonus ended this month. Grab it now!
Contact me for details.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lissa and Daycare

She came out to me the other morning and said..
Lissa : Mama, xnak g daycare. Kakak nak g skool (the school close now since it is school holiday)
Me  : Nape tanak gi daycare?
Lissa  : Tak ebesh (read : Tak best)
Me  : Nape tak best?
Lissa  : Friend xde. Skool ebesh
Me  : Nape skool best?
Lissa  : Sebab skool ade cut and paste. Ade draw. ade kaler. daycare takde. kakak asek tengok tv je. pastu sleep. boring tau
Me  : Ermmmmmm..speechless

Talking about her development in her school, she can now read A to Z and very well count from 1 to 54 (i guess). She recognized most of colors, ESPECIALLY PINK! everything nak pink, jenuh mak dia..(including drink, okay! Sirap Bandung please!) She also now knows how to demand from her parents. Whenever she wants something, she knows that she has to do something in return. 

To my surprise, she knows how to use scissor. terkejut i bila tengok dia tengah potong2 kertas..she's a lefthanded person,so mmg pelik la tgk potong kertas pakai tangan kiri dgn jayanye! Thanks to her teacher for all the arts class. 

She loves dancing and singing especially the Oh My English song. siap ade gelek and lompat2 lengkap!

On other department, the spiritual portion, yes, she knows alif ba ta quite well. even her grandmother (my husband's mom) surprised with that. she now teaches kids at home mengaji and all. but she never encounter any kids below 4 can read the iqra well.. Alhamdulillah.. she also knows solat and wudu'. 

Talking about the potty train, which I've rambled and nagged in previous post (read here), she now is much much independent and well-managed. Usually she refused to wear any diaper during the day and when go for poo poo, she knows that I am very strict and she has to go on the toilet bowl, instead of toilet floor.

So, seeing these tremendous developments, we decided to continue enrolling her with the same school, My Little Impian Playhouse in the same class, when it is now it's her time : The "4 year old" class for next year.
*Alamak,. tiba2 teringat tak upload concert day Lissa! Will do in the next entry!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Happy Birthday My Love!
We love you with all our heart!
Happy Birthday to you, Abah!
Yeppii Be-dey, babah!
Thanks for having time playing pool with us
And spending time feeding rabbit
And together-gether color with kakak
and showing how to use this machine
and without fail provide your warmth
and love
and sweet smile
and bringing us for a vacation
Love ya so much!
May all your dreams and wishes come true
May your happiness and health and wealth be with you
We love you very much!

Mama, Lissa & Hanie

Friday, December 14, 2012

About Me : Graduation Day 2005

I stumbled into a few pictures during my graduation... years ago! terasa baru jeik, tp dah 7 years + dah pun
I graduated from Purdue University in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in Summer 2005. The weather was very very nice. luckily I didnt graduate end of Fall. Confirm ketaq lutut, merah hidung, berbalut2 bagai..the temperature can go down as low as minus 20 degree Celcius during winter.
My parents came to my campus 2 weeks earlier. They stayed in the States for almost 1 month and I managed to get them tour all over US.. we managed to go to Chicago (which was very near to my school, a 3-hr drive), then we drove off to Buffalo to witness the beauty of Niagara Falls (near? ahemm 9 hour drive, okay!), then to New York (another 8 hr drive) then to Washington DC (anoth 3 hr drive), back to West Lafayette, Indiana through Maryland (almost 11 hr drive). That was the East coast tour. After my graduation, we fly to LA for a West coast tour. Hollywood, then to San Francisco (nice cool weather), to Yosemite National Park (Soooo beautiful!!), to Las Vegas (imagine going to vegas with parents! hehe.. of course the nights out without parents, ok!), to Grand Canyon (also very very nice....!!!) then back to LA to enjoy Hollywood scenery..
Since all of the pictures were in the hard copy format.. it was quite difficult and frustrating to see the quality when i scanned it. When i look at it, the picture mcm dah masuk Instagram program. hahaha.. takde maknanye. This is the original version, okay!
Never mind then. I will try my best to find more pix with better scanner resolutions :)
Anyway, enjoy pix from my graduation day of Summer 2005
Sempat jugak my dad snapped picture yg kat atas pentas tu..hehehe
Agak bersungguh la kan pakai baju kurung songket..haha.. all those girls are wearing gowns :)
Mudanye my dad..
Oh, buruknye and skemanye diriku ini.. sib bek gambar tak clear sgt..hahaha

The Purdue Fountain..
I still remember people telling ghost story about this fountain.. malam2 je ade "bende" lepak kat situ.. Scray kan?

Me, very nerd mode..wahahaha
Next, i will try to scan more pictures.. tapi agak kecewa la seeing on the quality.. aiyayayaya

Monday, December 10, 2012

HELP! My Toddler is a Picky Eater.

Just when you've finally found a food you can count on your toddler eating they begin to reject it. That's typical for a toddler, but mealtimes can become a real ordeal when your toddler is fussy. Stress and frustrated when it comes to feed her. When i tot she loves spaghetti, out of sudden, she despite it. aduyai.. penat dah nak pikey ape fav food, or the IT food.
Approximately half of all toddlers have fussy eating habits, which means there's a one in two chance of yours becoming a picky eater. So remember this is normal - and you're not alone! These tips might help you through these 'trying' times! okay then..Lissa is normal! 

Here are tips that I gather from Dumex. You can read the full version here.

• Initially, organise your toddler’s meals around the times of the day they are hungry. A natural pattern will develop which you can then begin to set a routine to. The problem is tak sempat lapar, dah minta susu.. i think almost 3 bottles right before lunch. Kalau tak bagi, she'll be mengamuk and scream and "berzikir" as what my mom said, til she got the milk.

• Let your child eat at their own pace and don’t try and insist that the plate is cleared. Rushing your toddler through a meal puts pressure on them which can reduce their appetite and come across as fussiness. Masalahnye dah setengah jam tak abih2 satu suap tu..kita plak dah penat menunggu

• If your toddler has refused a food once, don’t give up. You can try reintroducing it again in a few days time. Some new foods need up to 15 tries before they’re accepted. Erm.. Fried rice, fried mee, porridge (u name it, i've tried all kind, chicken porridge, fish porridge etc), Spaghetti, meat balls, pizza (oh, this one she, not the pizza, but the pineapple on it!), breadsticks, muffin, chicken rice, and many more failed, usually in the preliminary trial!

• Make sure their eating environment is kept calm and they’re concentrating on their meal – so no TV! Good luck with this! She'll sit on the chair at dining room for 2 seconds, and get up just to say, "Mama, Cartoon!" or "I want toystory, pleaseee" yeah, she knew the magic word "please". Dangg!

• Stick with small portions to start with and only give more if they’re still hungry. Yeah, as small as 1 spoon bite. and that's it.

• A vegetable aversion is one of the most common food fads in toddlers - and one that causes parents a lot of stress. One quick fix is to ensure that you include lots of different fruit in their diet. Terbalik kot with Lissa. she'll scream "kakak nak sayur!" and eat all the tomatoes, the cucumber and salads..leaving the rice or whatever the main course is...

• Having family meals with your toddler can really help if their natural hunger pattern co-insides with your regular mealtimes. Even though every toddler is different, some young children copy the behaviour of other people, so if you are enjoying a healthy meal, your toddler may well watch and learn from what you’re doing. Tak berapa nak makan saman la.. haha

• Give your toddler praise when they finish a meal or enjoy a healthy snack. It’s also a good idea to talk about the food you enjoy. Things like ‘yum yum this apple is gorgeous’ or ‘this spinach is great’ to emphasise the foods you’d like them to enjoy. Oh, dah bergelen2 praise and stickers as reward.. 
The most important thing is to try to be patient! It might seem like your toddler’s tastes are changing by the day, but it’s important to persevere and make sure they get a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet.
Yes, patient is the KEY WORD! So, airin, from now on, silalah bersabar sket ye...
Budak yang banyak songeh!

Friday, December 7, 2012

BBPlus Collagen Model in the making

Let me introduce this new anti-aging product
I am officially the model of this product distributed by my mom
The BBPllus Colagen
Now on SALE! 
Kulit muka lebih cantik dan anjal ;)
Muka lebih ceria dan berseri
Eventho my sister looked so envy and jealous at me
Now, she's trying to consume this BBPlus Collagen
Oh yeah, Hanie, you definitely look much younger and cuter!
Tapi tak boleh lawan kakak, lagi ceria!
Now, Tidur pun lebih lena
My Abah said, my mom looks much younger now with very minimal or no makeup at all!
Thank you mom for giving me chance to appear in the ad for BBPlus Colagen!
Now I'm more confident and feel young (erk, younger than 3 years old? haha)

The Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung has launched the new exciting product
Yeah, i am one of the excited people when i saw the ad on TV the other day. You can snap a pix, then immediately upload and share it on FB, twitter, instagram.

It's a point-and-shoot digital camera, with the back side replaced by a smartphone-sized tablet. It's a smartphone that can't make voice calls, and has a big camera lens sticking out of the back. It's the Samsung Galaxy Camera, and it combines the equivalent of a digital camera with the Android OS and hardware performance of Samsung's Galaxy SIII smartphone.

On the Android side, it's powered by a quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 running at 1.4 GHz. It has a 4.8" SC-LCD screen, packing a resolution of 1280x720. It comes with a full gig of RAM, and weighs in at a hefty 305 grams. On the camera side, the Galaxy Camera features a 16 MP BSI CMOS sensor. It also features a 28-48 mm (35mm equivalent) optical zoom lens.

Tertarik already?


The megapixel is great at 16 MP, the weight is 300 g only, it has four colors Black, White, Pink, Orange (not sure all ranges available in Malaysia or not)
dekat harga satu Premium Beautiful..hehe

But is it worth?
Let's wait and see til the second batch out..hehehe

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Layout People!

Yeah, new layout!
*perasan bagus plak*
Ni namanye layout instant, okay!
While waiting for a totally new layout for makeover, im gonna use this ready-to-use template by blogger. very simple and nice to look *ayat budget perasan lagi*
So, til the new official layout comes out, just enjoy this layout till it last *ala promo jusco plak..hikhik
While waiting, jom layan gambar kanak2 comel dan mak nye yg mmg comel *perasan mode
Chakk!!! sambil tunjuk gigi dua batang
Ensem boy. eh, boy?
Honeymoon time, once upon a time, Kundasang Kota Kinabalu kaki gunung

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