Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good News everyone!

You know why i'm this happy?
After waiting for more than a year, at last!!
no, not another promotion
no, not yet move out of my apartment
yes, yes...!
waiting for this late teethers : Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah at last showed some teeth last night
I was so surprise when she took my fingers and bite it (which is the common thing she does to me) and i felt the pain.. finally! She is now 14 months+, and only now she showed the sign of teething.
I looked up in the website and found this article about Early and late teethers.

It's worth remembering that babies do vary. Some children have no teeth at a year and a very few are born with a tooth or two. The rate at which your baby’s teeth come through will depend on his 'genetic blueprint'. In other words, if one or both of his parents were very late or very early teethers, there is a strong chance that he will be too. (yes, i was a late teethers, around 14 months+ only i showed sign of teeting. sorry lissa, it was bcos of your mama..hehehe) Unlike his body growth, the appearance of your baby's first teeth is not influenced by how well he eats or how healthy he is. Teeth appear when they are ready.

It is quite normal for some babies still to be toothless on their first birthday. This does not mean they are backward! (phewww!) In this event, a visit to your dentist may reassure you that your baby's teeth are present in his jaw and will emerge in their own time .
The order of milk tooth growth (molars before canines) means that your baby’s smile will be a bit gappy at first. This is normal and he will soon have an even set of teeth.
These few weeks i saw her munching and biting her fingers. not that she does have any teether around the house, but she refused to use it. she prefers it the natural way: her fingers, my elbow, her abah's chin, my arm..
In this website, it explain a lil bit about the symptoms :

The symptoms most likely to trouble a teether include:

•Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
•Gum swelling and sensitivity
•Irritability or fussiness (this depends on her mood. sometimes so happy, laughing and running around. the other times suddenly she'll cry)

•Biting behavior (oh she loves all the keropok and kerepek, even rempeyek i got from kampung)

•Refusing food (this has been going on since last month. she'll eat a few bites, then refused-cooking wasnt my priority now :D )

•Sleep problems (oh, tell me about it! lack of sleep for almost 2 weeks now. late night she would suddenly scream and cry without opening her eyes. i assumed she had a bad dream-cat dies, or sad stuff like that..hehe)
how to cope with her discomfort?
You may need to give your baby lots of extra cuddles and attention when he is teething.Try some of the following:
  • Offer him a dry, unsweetened rusk to chew on (a big solution!)
  • Give a clean, gel-filled teething ring, cooled in the fridge to relieve his tingling gums. Do not place the ring in the freezer or dip it in honey (she refused to)
  • Use a barrier cream on his chin, to help prevent soreness from continual dribbling (good idea)
  • Apply a teething gel with a clean finger. This may numb the gum and give temporary relief. The disadvantage of such gels is that their application may introduce infection into baby’s mouth and some babies may be allergic to the local anaesthetic they contain (i read that bonjela might help. have you tried?)
  • Try regular sips of cooled, boiled water
  • If your baby is restless or fretful from teething, give him a dose of a sugar-free paracetamol suspension suitable for babies .If this doesn't soothe him, talk to your GP or health visitor as your baby may be unwell for another reason
so what's next? Cleaning her tooth!! it will be such a challenge!!
after this, no more this toothless smile.. (rindu la plak nanti...)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday, my dear!

I managed to pull out a surprise party for him last saturday. though so many many obstacles along the way. thanks to my sisters and my beloved friends who were the backbones for this event.

I have to update the details later on.
for now, what i can say to him is :
*Happy birthday, dear
*May God bless you with health and wealth
*Semoga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kebahagiaan dunia akhirat..

Notes : A lot going on, but so lil time..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Missing her

Alamak.. dah bersawang rupanye blog ni..
I have to update more often.
Lately have a lot of datelines to cover.. now only i hv slightly extra time to update the blog. itupun sebab ternampak gambar2 lissa yang lama inside this pc..
yes, i do miss her. cant wait to get off work and meet her.
Lissa @ 7 months and botak
this bucuk² definitely my fav of the year!
She has progressing a lot. Lately, she can imitate people. it doesn't matter if you talk, or laugh, or even cough. she'll immediately imitate you. so funny and cute..
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