Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Promotion 2016 Set Kurus Bajet

Hello All
Another Great News for Set Kurus Bajet!
FREE POSTAGE (worth RM12 per set) from today until end of January 2016.
To those yang tak tahu lagi ape set kurus bajet, Set kurus bajet consists of :
  1. Mineral Coffee
    Boleh bantu tahan lapar, bagi tenaga, kurangkan gigil2 kelaparan ;)
  2. Garlic
    Boleh bakar lemak2, turunkan kadar kolestrol, buang angina
  3. BV Alfalfa
    Boleh bantu provide energy, buang toxin dalam badan, absorb lemak2.
Antara testimonies yang Berjaya turunkan berat badan after consume Set Kurus Bajet :
1 kg dalam masa seminggu!

Lelaki pun boleh tau.
Yang penting, set kurus bajet ni, all NATURAL! takde macam pil kurus yg ade chemicals tu. takde  side effect tak elok. Side Effect ketara is KURUS dgn sihat ;)
Uols boleh checkout this link untuk list of testimonies untuk set kurus bajet ni

Cara makan? senang je, mcm daily consume je, boleh tengok & baca link cara makan set kurus bajet
Harga untuk satu set?
Only RM150 with FREE POSTAGE.
Harga mampu milik. semua orang pun boleh. even students. yang penting, sihat & turun berat badan melampau tu :D

Tunggu ape lagi? cepat2 order before stock habis ye. Nak Free consultation cara-cara untuk kurus skali? Order from me ye 0176511966

Ps : Now open for dropship. If ada yang berminat boleh inform ye.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Peluang Online Bisnes 2016

Hye All

Perasan tak ekonomi Negara makin tak stabil? Perasan tak nilai mata wang di tangan kita macam air? Perasan tak if pergi Tesco ke giant ke, RM50 worth nothing?

Dalam keadaan ekonomi Negara, ekonomi keluarga kita makin merosot, ini masa untuk kita step up.

Ramai jugak yang nak mulakan business secara online. Banyak yang kita tengok bisnes online naik bagai cendawan kan? Ada yang jual pakaian, tudung, makanan, produk kecantikan & kesihatan macam2 ada. So kalau kita nak mulakan business, nak jual ape? Pening kan nak pikey.

Dah pilih jenis ape, nak pikey modal pulak kan? Berapa banyak nak keluarkan modal? Perlu ke korek tabung simpanan or buat pinjaman dengan bank sampai beratus ribu?

Dah ada modal, kena pulak pikey strategy pemasaran. nak iklan mcmn. nak sponsor artis mana pulak nak promote product baru kita.

Eh macam-macam kan? Last-last give up sebab susah benor nak start bisnes ni.

Ok, why not, uols start business online with me.

Products? - products well-known, senang jual, berkesan, banyak bukti & testimonies.

Marketing? - posters, mcmn nak market through Facebook, instagram, blog online - boleh diajar

Modal? - sangat-sangat flexible. Even student or housewife boleh mula bisnes

senang kan?

tinggal lagi buat je.

Meh text airin at 017-6511966

Insya Allah. di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. Berniaga kan sunnah Rasullulah.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Jadilah Seperti Rashid

Eh? dah jadi trending and viral kat Malaysia ni : Jadilah Seperti Rashid

For me, for whatever it is, nak jadi seperti siapa pun, follow & contohi orang yang baik2.

Tapi, kalau nak jadi sihat, jadilah seperti Airin. LOL!



Thursday, January 14, 2016

Promotion 2016 Premium Beautiful Corset

Hello all!

How's your 2016 so far? Great? Let me add up to the happiness of new year 2016 by announcing extra promotion for Premium Beautiful Corset.

For any purchase of Premium Beautiful corset, you will be getting additional rebate of RM150 per set, or RM350 for 2 sets.

And not only that, you will receive additional discounts up to RM400.  so in total discount from RM550 additional saving!!

So what are you waiting for? This is the right time to start your new year resolution to be healthy, be slimmer.

If you notice, lot of women did not notice how they wear their "tummy" daily. We don't want case like Selfie Perut going around. malu kot :'(
 Check out your tummy type :
 All can be solved by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset.

Let's battle together berat terlebih this year! Towards a healthy life

I can be contacted by whatsapp 0176511966 or email airindiana@gmail.com


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pictureless Wednesday : #2kerja

Hye all

It has been a highlighted issue when a minister suggested people to start taking second job to cover own expenses and monthly commitments.

As for me, I have been doing #2kerja since like, forever, with different reasons, of course.

As an undergrad student, with a monthly pocket money of USD670 given by government, yes, it was enough. just enough. Enough to cover monthly rent of USD300 & duit makan (if homecook - definitely not enough if eat out). If calculated, exactly USD12 per day for 30 days. If nak jalan2 especially during Summer or Winter break, no way! So since I love travelling and couldn't stand the stress living at one place after hectic studying all semester, I need to earn more to save up for the travelling; and once or twice for air ticket back to Malaysia. I worked part time at the campus cafĂ©; sometimes basuh pinggan, sometimes buat pizza, jaga salad bar and among others. Quite interesting (and also tiring) but it did give me exposure, knowing lot of people, and dealing with multi level of people; ie supervisor,  customers etc.
After about 2-3 semesters doing that, I changed to a data entering job. Helping administrative department to a data entering job. Mentally tiring, of course! 2-3 hours in front of a computer running Microsoft Access. doing that about a semester and half I guess, then I quit.
Went off to become a grader for one of industrial engineering subjects which I loved. Being a grader, yes the pay was awesome, and the jobscope was not that tiring. It just required late hours of working; ie being examiners, monitoring students while in exams, then right after the exam, stayed up with lecturer to score the papers. We stayed up late until complete marking, which can be up to 2 am! but the pay? great!!
With all the part time jobs, I managed to save for travelling every Summer and Winter for the whole 4 years studying. Alhamdulillah, visiting the places in States were my dreams came true. New York City, Niagara Falls, Miami, Orlando (Disneyworld and Universal Studio Orlando were the best theme park ever!), San Fran, LA, Vegas and among other states.
So for me, doing 2 jobs or even multiple jobs, was soo worth it with the experience "tengok tempat orang"

When I started working, I have so many hours to spare. Going back at 5:30 pm, reaching home by 6:00 pm, duduk bujang, with nothing much to do other than eat, watch tv and sleep, I felt bored. I started to look for second job just to fulfill my free time.
I was offered to become a tuition teacher in one of the tuition centers nearby my house. I taught Standard Five students Science subject, Form Four and Form Five Math and Science for SPM. It was challenging but interesting. I learned a lot from these students. I think my forte is teaching :) - and was thinking to start teaching soon ;) Been a tuition teacher for 2 years and I found it a bit tiring afterwards, especially when my primary job required much hours, where I just need my pillow and bed when I got back from work. Then I quit after 2 years of teaching.

When I got married & have two kids, I started to feel the pressure of commitments. With current salary, with not so much of upgrading, I felt it was just enough for daily routine and monthly commitments. No jalan-jalan or watching movies or any other extra expenses. When my eldest started pre-school at 3 years old, I felt the need to have extra money, especially to other extra thingy including the education expenses. Signing up for kids at weekly playclass, or registration of kindie required a lot of kaching! That was when I met my ex-schoolmate, Shaliza Aziz when she shared with me an opportunity to do second job, online! It was really important to me that I can do it without having to spend a lot of time; since I have to work during weekdays, being a mom of two kids (that time I was a full-time breastfeed mom of the 1 year-old Hanie).
Doing it online (while facebooking) was so much of convenience. So, that was when I started being an online entrepreneur. Yeah, why not facebooking and u get paid, right?
Alhamdulillah, as of today, 3 years plus journey have given me more than I ever expected. With rising living cost in Klang Valley, toll and fuel; my second income helps me a lot (Dapat dua kali gaji sebulan tau) I am not only getting second income as extra money, I also got to travel for free (so far to Seoul, Gold Coast, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh all expenses paid, for me and husband), I learned a lot about personal appearance, image, boost-up my confidence, know a lot of people and meet lots of friends. And apart from it, I get to teach people the skill and knowledge I learnt from business. Yes, again, my forte memang teaching and coaching :) especially bila dapat good students; ie good business partners. It will be my satisfaction to see their improvements and their kaching improved! Alhamdulillah. What else I could ask for?

So there you go, my #2kerja since student (part time basuh pinggan, serve people food, data entering job & grader) just to travel; since start working (part time tuition teacher) just to spare extra free time; since married with two kids just to have extra extra income.

If you are looking for extra income, why not? Plus business part-time through FB and IG, wont require lots of hours to spare. unless la uols buka business in a shop. That'll require lot of hours! Virtual shop, anytime, anywhere :) Let me know if you are looking for an opportunity. I can share with you how I do it, conveniently :D

drop me an email at airindiana@gmail.com or text me at 017-6511966


Thursday, January 7, 2016

11 Sebab Kenapa Pasangan Suka Travel Punyai Hubungan Lebih Erat

Terbaca Kak Filla punya entry about travelling boleh eratkan hubungan antara husband and wife. (Click here for her entry)

Tiru cam kak Filla - Gambar Sekadar Hiasan ;)
(Traveled to Seoul, Han River Cruise)
So let's do my version of 11 sebab Kenapa Pasangan Suka Travel Punyai Hubungan Lebih Erat.

1. Trust

Apabila pasangan bersama-sama di tempat asing, inilah peluang untuk mereka mengenali 'diri mereka' yang sebenar dengan lebih dekat dan saling percaya antara satu sama lain. Melihat dunia luar membuatkan mereka saling bergantung antara satu sama lain, lantas membangunkan rasa percaya yang tinggi. 
Setuju. Bila di tempat asing, trust paling penting. Memanglah bila dah kahwin tu kena trust one another. tapi ni mcm trust yg dibina perlu diasah. If kt rumah, daily routine, hari2 pun kita tau it's almost gonna be the same kan?
Contoh terbaik, masa kat Gold Coast Movie World. I know husband jenis yang gayat and takut tempat tinggi, apatah lagi roller coaster. So masa tu, en rosman trust me so much, that we went on a roller coaster ride of Scooby Doo. Those yang penah naik, this indoor ride memang terbaek!! berpatah balik ke belakang la, turun jatuh la ape la. memang syok, for me. but mr husband, pucat dah muka dia. so masa tu, I know, he trusted me sooo well bila I cakap ride ni train budak2 je, train cartoon. and dia percaya. sorry en husband.hehe. now I tau u trust me 100% (eh ke dah kurang sbb kejadian ini?)

2. Hormat Kelemahan Dan Kekuatan Masing-Masing

Bila nak pergi travel, tentu banyak persediaan yang diperlukan sebelum dan sewaktu perjalanan. Di sinilah mereka belajar untuk menggunakan kekuatan dan mengatasi kelemahan pasangan. Contoh, pasangan yang berani akan memberi moral support kepada pasangan yang ingin memcuba sesuatu yang baru, menyimpan barangan pasangan yang cepat pelupa dan banyak lagi.


For us, my husband memang tak berani tempat tinggi or naik rollercoaster. Disebabkan itew, maka, saya respect keputusan dia untuk menjadi penjaga bag yg setia + tukang amik gambar masa saya dan kawan2 yg tak berapa ramai yg berani naik rollercoaster. (Superman Roller coaster in Movie World Gold Coast memang terbaek!)

3. Romantik

Mengembara bersama, mandi air terjun, melihat bintang di langit atau pun melihat matahari terbenam, makan malam bersama, namakan apa saja aktiviti, kamu akan menjadi orang yang paling romantik di mata pasangan masing-masing.


Romantic, my husband yes, a bit romantic (or let me rephrase it with my own word : "manja") lebih dari myself. Sejak dah anak dua ni, kalu jalan, iols memang jalan laju, dah kena sound dgn husband sendiri, sebab menonong tinggalkan kekasihku di belakang. hehe. So if romantic tak berapa sangat la, tapi more like trip refreshes our relationship.

4. Keluar Dari 'Comfort Zone'

Setiap perjalanan menjanjikan pengalaman baru. Kamu keluar dari melakukan sesuatu yang rutin dari kehidupan kamu berdua dan meneroka tempat-tempat baru bersama-sama dengan selesa, kerana dia ada di sisi kamu.


Oh ni memang betul. I love to read maps and also organize and plan stuff. Usually if going for a trip, my husband ikut je (secara membuta tuli) sebab usually I plan and set everything. from hotel, to itinerary to what to eat, what to do next. All in. eish, macam control freak plak kan? hahaha. Biar la, asalkan as per my plan. hehehe
So bila pergi tempat baru, everything lain dari kebiasaan. masa tu nak try adapt. tengok peel and perangai orang luar. Belajar budaya kat sana; ie Korean sangat mementingkan masa. diorg tau nak cepat je. if uols berada di laluan diorg, confirm berlanggar bahu. xde masa nak elak kot.
Australian plak relax and cool. boleh je borak2 or Tanya khabar. kalu dapat migrate kat gold coast, kan best? kan? eh lari topic plak.

5. Nafas Baharu Dalam Perhubungan

Ini adalah peluang kepada kamu untuk memulihkan semula hubungan yang dingin atau menguatkan lagi rasa sayang antara satu sama lain. Travel memberi peluang kepada kamu untuk meluangkan masa berdua tanpa gangguan sesiapa. 


Like I mentioned earlier, yes, trip refreshes our relationship. kadang2 daily routine memang tak sempat nak borak2 sangat, either sebab busy or penat. tp bila pegi trip, of course dpt spend more time together (more time bergaduh? hehe)

6. Belajar Berkongsi Tanggungjawab

Tentu kamu membahagikan tugasan dan tanggungjawab supaya dapat meringankan beban masing-masing. Melalui cara ini, kamu dapat menjadikan pengembaraan lebih menyeronokkan dan mudah. Hal ini pasti akan menjadi kebiasaan dan diaplikasi dalam hubungan kamu dalam rumah tangga.


Bahagi tugas? my husband usually tugas dia : Driving.
Me? other than that. huhuhu.

7. Rasa Selesa Antara Satu Sama Lain

Selain dapat tengok perangai yang sebenar, kamu dapat melihat diri 'sebenar' pasangan yang keluar dari kehidupan yang formal. Melihat 'muka busuk' waktu bangun pagi, tak gosok gigi atau kehabisan sabun, minyak wangi, masa inilah untuk kamu luangkan bersama dia dengan selesa.


Hmm ni betul. once kita travel with people, we will know their own perangai and peel. Alhamdulillah, husband ok with me yg control freak ni kan? if travel ramai2 pun boleh tahu perangai kawan2 kita, mana yg bertolak ansur, mana yg berkira, mana yg selfish.

8. Berkongsi Minat Yang Sama

Siapa yang tak suka travel kan? Selain hobi yang lain, tentunya travel 'minat' yang paling mudah dan paling sernok untuk dikongsikan bersama pasangan. Apatah lagi jika kamu dan pasangan seorang food lover, tentu banyak tempat dan makanan yang nak kamu redah sepanjang perjalanan nanti.


Minat? Of course makan! shopping depends. tapi makan tu nombor satu lah. other than that, scenery. suka sangat tgk tempat cantik2 ni. dulu2 dia suka bebel asek kena snap my pix je. now dia dah terbiasa and willingly to be my official photographer.hehe

9. Ada Untuk Satu Sama Lain

Walaupun di tengah-tengah sekumpulan orang yang tidak dikenali, kamu masih mempunyai antara satu sama lain. Tidak kira di mana kamu berada, kamu sentiasa mempunyai satu sama lain untuk membuat kamu merasa diterima dan disayangi. Sweet kan?


G toilet pun suh dia tunggu luar pintu. scary kot kalu ade orang jahat ke, mana kita tau kan?

10. Bukan Sekadar Pasangan, Tapi Kawan Baik!

Berkongsi pendapat, ketawa, bercakap, dan bersenang-senang dengannya atau mungkin bergaduh, kamu bagaikan kawan karib yang tak boleh berpisah. Di sinilah kamu akan mendapati bahawa hubungan itu bukanlah sekadar tanggungjawab, bahkan dia adalah segala-galanya buat kamu.


Since married, he has been my bestfriend. memang segala bende pun nak share details.

11. Menghargai Masa Bersama

Kamu akan menghargai setiap detik bersama-sama. Menunggu bas selama 12 jam boleh berakhir perasaan seperti lima minit. Bahkan masa dirasakan berlalu dengan pantas dan tak pernah puas walaupun 24 jam dan 7 hari bersama si dia.


Masa? Im a time keeper kot. kalau lambat, kena bebel. bazir masa ni.. byk tempat len nak pegi. that's why if shopping, my husband ok je. coz I bila shopping x lama memilih. tgk ok je, rembat. tak yah pikey lama2. if x bley pilih mana satu, amik je both. hehehe. ade tak rasa sesak napas shopping dgn I? hehehe
Kesimpulannya, trip memang a must! if tak dapat g ober the sea pun, pergi la ober the road. hiks. Even stay in hotel in KL pun ok, asalkan dpt refreshing trip :)
Looking forward for the next trip with Hai-O. fully sponsored, senang, all provided. tinggal nak enjoy the trip and bw duit shopping jew jew..

Sape nak ikut? FREE all in tau! Text me to qualify next trip.

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