Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 1 Nights Out

Continuation from previous Entry of Day 1 at Paradise Country Farm

Right after we checked in to Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel, we took a short nap, berendam in bath tub and getting ready for dinner.

It was still early, about 6:30 pm. The tour guide said the restaurant that we were going to have dinner was just a short walk from the hotel. Off we go from the hotel walking hand in hand :)

we are bestfriend forever.
Me and business partner Afizah for good and for bad

Ala Hollywood Celebrity. Please Dont take my pictures, paparazzi.

There are so many souvenir shops along the street from the Hotel to the Restaurant. You can find many attractions shop.

Passed by this 7D movie theater, terus plan for our visit in one of the night at Surfers Paradise

About 5 to 10 minutes walk, we reached the Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise.

Wasnt a big store but enough to get us the Hard Rock T-Shirt ;)
There was a very super duper funny story about this 7D movie. Stay tuned for updates on Day 3 Nights Out ;) Lama lagi kot.hehehe

The scenery along the road

Beautiful buildings

and tower

Kalut melintas, padahal it was all red for pedestrians 

Can you spot the Condom Store? LOL!
This is one of the shopping mall. I couldnt recall the name. Usually the mall here closed approximately 5-6 pm

We passed through this hotel. Not bad!

Hello handsome Red!

Vegas pun ade kat Gold Coast, okay

The beautiful buildings

Then we arrived at the malaysian restaurant, Halal food in gold coast, called Golden Legends.

the three of us, kelaparan okay!

Masing2 excited tunggu lauk. Nasi dah sampai satu thumbler
I was looking at the discount cards we received. Any purchase at this one souvenir store will receive 20% off. Best!

The fish. cooked perfectly, but i have no idea what fish is this. anyone?

This is not a plain omelette, but it was full of shimp! yums!!

And the eating process begun.

I think this was tofu. im not really sure how they cook it, but it was delicious
This was when the chicken and the rest of the dish were not yet arrived.

Dig in!!

The curry squid. soo yummy!!

After eating we went out to visit the souvenir shop, had some window shopping

Taking picture nearby Mantra Hotel
Then we went to the flea market along the Surfers Paradise beach

It was more of handcraft market rather than normal night market in KL.

The price range approximately around AUS10 above

The mat and minah saleh

Enjoying the night view. and luckily i was wearing the new Australian slipper bought earlier. so no blister!

Creative drawings

Sangat tere this pakcik create different pattern using the melting glass

Just look at the different shapes and design

and i was supposed to buy this sludge, non toxic and non sticky. tapi terlupa! menyesal sampai sekarang

The view. even though it is almost 11 pm, people, especially tourists, like us are still walking around and having fun
The beautiful beach, the seagulls and the bright moon

Trying to use different filter for the camera

I am Tuners ;)

The shiny bright moon

WEEE! Taxi stand is nearby, but we prefer walk

Merenung masa depan. hihi

If you notice, kat belakang tu, ramai lagi org berjalan-jalan tepi pantai

The kids playing sand. sangat cute!

The wave

Our shadows
Masa mcm ni, teringat at lissa and hanie. i bet both of them would enjoy to play the sand. One day insyaAllah kalau diberi kesempatan, we want to bring the kids here

Kenapa kah badan ku jadi begitu?

Hello new slipper.

Both of us with new Australian slipper

Love at first sight

The seagulls

It was very difficult to walk since the sand is very soft and silky

Catching the seagulls. Macam la boleh kan?

So called jinak-jinak merpati. dekat je, terus terbang

The walkway. special for pedestrian and cyclists
These were two adventure rides.
One is you are stripe to the ropes and being shot to the sky, called the slingshot.
Another is a propeller called Vomatron
This is the slingshot, travelling 50m in 1 second and experiencing a force of 6 G's, travel at 150m height

This is the Vomatron can best be described as a giant propeller with seats on each end! Similar to the centrifuge used by astronauts to simulate rocket acceleration except it is mounted vertically. It is powered by 2 huge electric motors that rotate the giant 40 meter arm at speeds of more than 120 kilometers per hour, throwing the capsules into extreme spins putting 4gs of force upon its unwary passages. 
Oh, i didnt ride any of it. and now rasa menyesal pulak. it was really close to our hotel about 2 minutes walk.
My husband siap cakap lagi, giler ke nak naik.. but now i terpikey, gile ke tak naik?? aaa.. nyesal!

Then we went for the delicious Kebab at Gold coast

Besar kan? mmg kena share berdua

Bawa balik hotel and makan sampai kenyang
and betul la apa kata famous blogger, Filla, kebab GC memang terbaek!! TQ filla for the tips :)

Selepas kekenyangan makan kebab, it is now time for sleep.
Good night Gold Coast
We'll meet on Day 2 to Paradise Jet Boating and SeaWorld!!


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