Friday, June 29, 2012

Monthly Expenses

Hello all
Today I would like to tabulate our typical monthly expenses versus our average monthly fixed income salary
Does our average income of RM4000 ~ RM5000 enough these days? May be.. how bout saving? saving for emergency car breakdown. that's when the credit card and personal loan come, right? No, we shud stop that. that's not the easy way, by keep on building debts. That is why we need side cover the extra expenses and to top up our savings. 
Past 8, 10 years back, with RM100 can buy a lot of things (ie at tesco or giant). but now, just get 2 bottles of detergent and 1 refill pack of fabric softener, and maybe a pack of chipsmore. and that's it. consumer products keep on increasing, but does our salary too? 
If you want to know how to make extra income from 4 to 6 figures monthly, pm me. I'll share how. :)

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