Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Premium Beautiful Business : Halal or Not?

Hello readers

Today I would like write about Premium Beautiful product marketed by Hai-O Marketing as a shariah-compliant company. It has been approved by Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) :
So now, you don't have to worry whether the business is Halal or not. It already got approval as a Halal business; not a financial services based on riba/interest. Hai-O listed under category of Trading/Services. Hai-O also received award for "PERNIAGAAN PALING BERETIKA" by KEMENTERIAN PERDAGANGAN DALAM NEGERI.
OK, now look at where we work right now. Is it Shariah-Compliant?
The company gives opportunity in business for anyone. Anyone can start this business, with a low risk and low investment.
Anyone of you wants to know more, call me 017-6511966 or email or FB ID: Airin Diana

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