Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mineral Coffee Rebranding for International Market : Min Kaffe

Same Taste, New Look!

Introducing Min Kaffe, a rebranding of Mineral Coffee for international market

Min Kaffe coverage by Buletin 1:30 TV3

Benefits of Min Kaffe

Last call for the price of RM30 per box. Starting next month, Min Kaffe at RM33 per box.
Contact me for details and to order at +6017-6511966


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Diamond Night 2016 - Teaser!

Hye All

Let's have some sneak peak on some of pictures from the Diamond Night 2016 event happened last Saturday, while waiting for more pictures from our official photographer.

My lovely business partners. Love you guys  & girls!!
My ootn
Our table, havoc bila berkumpul ramai2 like this
Diamonds of The Diamond Circle
Stay tuned for the updates...

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