Friday, March 25, 2011

Jakarta & Bandung, here we come!!!

Honestly, can't wait for the trip. Our flight will be today at 6:55 pm from KUL. Reaching Jakarta by 7:55 pm local time. Everything has been me. yes, by me alone! everyone in my family leave it to me to decide. At first, it was so hard getting the right price, especially for transportation and driver's price. heard that we have to "hard" nego, luckily i learnt from the expert, ibu afizah (my colleague at Proton, who has declared Bandung as her hometown for shopping..haha). Just imagine, price offered starting Rp 4 million reduced to Rp 2.5 million, within 2 days negotiation! Now, I can apply to be in Procurement Department and achieved 5 points for negotiation skill..hehe
Pray for us that this trip will be as smooth as we wish.. it will a 7-day trip, 4 days at Jakarta and 3 days at Bandung.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A show that i missed

Oh, i missed the show yesterday. only know about it this morning when one of my friends told me. From my last post, me and my husband went for a breastfeeding class-preparation during pregnant. it was a very fun and informative class. hopefully i could get to attend more classes like this..
well.. watch me and mr hubby act during the shooting..

get the youtube link from Sarakids' blog here

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stressful day.. and the therapy to ease it

Today is the most stressful day - i'd say in my life - oh, correction, in my working life.
All of the materials' shipment for our project trials at Japan were delayed. and it's all out of my control! damn damn!! and now my boss looked at me as i was the reason for the delayed. plus with the tsunami and earthquake at Japan, i am pretty sure that my materials stucked somewhere in the port.
fuhhh...! grrrrrr........
i have to calm myself down..
then with new history will be created today : my husband taking care of Lissa alone at home..!
i'm so damn worried. he just got back from night shift, now has to babysit Lissa for three days in a row. her babysitter went back to her hometown 3 days during school break. how i wish i could be at home now... seriously, with all these tensions and stress, which i believe somehow will affect my pregnancy, i really hope i could run back and see how things are right now. i hope my husband will be able to manage Lissa...oh fyi, this is actually the first time he bbsits Lissa alone. before he never actually bother to prepare Lissa's milk or dress Lissa or bath her.. i couldnt remember when is the last time.
eish.. macammana la agaknye...
as usual, to ease all my worried mind and cool down my mood, looking at Lissa's pix does help me a lot. this type of therapy has been working out since i hd her. of course, previously looking at our wedding pix will do the trick..;) sorry babe, lissa took the 1st place in the therapy list.. hehe..
she loves drinking yogurt drink nowadays

"hey, i'm a new mechanic in town!"

"Come visit me, and i'll give you a discount - i guess when ur car is succesfully fixed. hehe.. did i mentioned im new?"
"i love sleeping on mama's belly, though i know my lil sis keeps on kicking mama's belly to chase me away.sorry, no way!"
"where am i now? last time i recall, i was sleeping on mama's belly"
"oh, i know! i'm at McD Nilai, along with mama, nenek and atuk.i like!!"
"and this is my reward.. yummy yummy hashbrowns"
"whenever mama said: sape budak pandai? i would raise up my hand like this"
"everybody, this is my passport pix. mama kept it in her purse next to my parents nikah's card"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My New Ball Tent!

I'm having fun day after day ever since my mama and abah bought me a ball tent last weekend! i did enjoy it so much that i did almost everything inside my new "house". drank milk, slept, read books, play my teddy bears and even watched tv from inside! my mama told me that she was very very happy and extremely relieved when i spent most of the time playing inside the house. i dont understand why. but i do realize that my mama got to finish a lot of house chores when i'm inside.
this is me, watching tv
my mama took it from the top. i was smiling not because of mama's taking picture, but because she almost tumbled crushing my tent house..haha
look at all the colorful balls! i like. i'm still learning the colors, though.
Everybody, here is my new house. come visit me!!

Let's Get Lost in .. The Lost World of Tambun! (Episode 1)

Last 2 weeks we went for a trip to the lost of tambun, perak. we as in my mom, my dad, my grandmom, my grandpa and my aunt-to-be, maklang. The trip was actualy for my grandpa's department family days. It was a long trip that i slept all way long..

Hello! I'm charming!

Wow! i'm amazed!
Look at me doing the stunt
yes yes! i'm amazed-double!! (and i dont care about all the unknown people around me)
Let's go Longkang Fishing!
This is my grandma
and my grandpa
and of course, my lovely parents (oh,just look at mama's bump.. so big!!)
i dont want to go home, yet (though everybody's leaving me behind, i'm turning back to this amazing petting zoo)
yes, i know my way ;)
let's sit and enjoy the view
ok, now i have to follow them. afraid i might get lost!
now, enjoy the drink
we were waiting to check in at the tower regency hotel and apartment. nice hotel!
the living room
the view

the bedroom
my mom and i during the dinner. nice food (i ate a lot!)
my stomach was full.. now is time to sleep..
the best thing is i got to sleep on abah's shoulder. the most comfort place eva!!
In conclusion, this trip was amazing. though i was screaming my lung out during the swimming session, i did enjoy myself at petting zoo.. i hope i got more pix from maklang and abah afterwards. mama was so heavy and lazy to take picture of me feeding the birds and screaming at racoon.

Note : Maklang, please give mama more pictures! Let's wait for the 2nd version of the entry ;)
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