Thursday, September 29, 2016

Eziclean, Sabun Pemutih Ajaib : Function & testimonies

Hye all

Lately ramai betul cari sabun Eziclean.
Secara tiba2 viral plak sabun ni because ramai yg guna, especially ibu2, rendam je baju sekolah anak, tak perlu sental, baju putih. Happy kan??

Nak tahu apa eziclean ni & mcmn ia function?
Here you go..

Concentrated laundry compound is formulated with unique and biodegradable laundry detergent system.

It contains rust inhibitor and anti- redepositing agent.

This product contains sodium tripolyphosphate, 3 enzymes, optical brighteners, concentrated and low suds besides no fillers and Caustic Soda.

Teknology enzime! So tak perlu risau baju reput mcm guna peluntur biasa. Baju lebih terjaga compared kalau guna normal detergent yg byk chemical content.

Let me share you few testimonies from our customers :

Even periuk pun boleh bersih!!

Tak perlu risau kalau baju berwarna. Memang warna maintain, kotoran hilang

This is one of the customers, steward. Selalu memang takda masa nak membasuh kan? Apatah lagi nak sental. So rendam je dgn eziclean.

Kasut sekolah paling famous! Ramai ibu2 yg tak lalu tengok kasut anak2 comot sangat kan.

Baju memang boleh putih

Kolat baju pun cerah semula. Cuma perlu gosok manja je.

Another kuali experiment. Memang hilang kerak

Ade mangkuk putih yg dh lama, ada kaler yellowish kan? Rendam je dgn eziclean.

This is my routine now. Anak2 je basuh kasut sendiri. Xperlu susah payah dah

Sayangkan kalu beli brand Tupperware and then dah ade stain mcm tu kan? No more worries

Another kasut testimony

Ye, betul.jimat sangat2!! Murah plak tu kan :)
Yang nak cuba, boleh contact airin 017-6511966. If area shah alam ke, free cod kay

1 kg per pack at only RM23. Murah sangat!

Selamat mencuba


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Set Kurus Bajet : 15 testimonies *hot from oven*

Morning all!

Previously i've shared sets of testimonies for our hot demand Set Kurus Bajet. You might want to visit again HERE

Now we've more and more hot from the oven, New Testimonies for this set kurus bajet.

Here you go..
Those who have problem to go to toilet, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to try this set kurus bajet. More lawas.

Once you consume this set, you will feel full and of course can diet! 

Breastfeeding? No worries. It will be good for baby too! No perut kembung or colic.

Usually if migraine or headache, we will take painkiller, right? Which is not good. Try this set, with the bamboo salt, no more headache.

Again, more kenyang. Can diet!

Usually those people who want to go for a diet mode, they'll feel hungry and tired. But with this, ur diet plan will not be ruined!

Also buang angin dlm badan.

True, if follow correctly, your perut will be flat

Impressive!! Berat reduce by 12 kg!! And in healthy way. 

Again, cepat kenyang

Rasa kenyang, then no need for rice or carbo

Lebih segar & not sleepy

Badan mengecil with set kurus bajet

Everyone is talking about perut kempis now

Yup, true, 1 box as a starter, you'll get the result.

Nak cuba? Only RM160 per set; inclusive of Min Kaffe (Kopi Garam Buluh), Garlic and BV Alfalfa (this bv alfalfa canbe consumed up to 3 months!)

Text me 017-6511966


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Maharani : The Latest Testimonies!

Good morning all

Today i'd like to share new and latest testimonies for one of our hot lakukeras products, Herba Maharani.

Another testimony for Memikat Suami. Maharani provides energy and stable the hormon. So definitely our husband will smile extra long ;)

Period not stable? By consuming this Maharani, your period will be stable again. Cant imagine those who have not yet have period for more than 10 months!

Milk booster? Yes, i bet! Susu bertambah

Period pain? No more with maharani.
So basically, if you look at the testimonies, it focuses on women's inner health, mainly on our rahim & hormon wise.

One box at only RM98 for one month supply.

Text me 0176511966 to order.
*ask for special gift*

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