Monday, September 25, 2017

Premium Beautiful Corset, the Basic Info

Hye all!
Been quite some time since my last post, rite? Been fully occupied with work lately. 

This time around i gotta chance to make a video about Premium Beautiful Corset and the basic info that you need to know.

You may watch the video here uploaded in Youtube :
Premium Beautiful Corset Video

Summary from the video :
1. Premium Beautiful corset has two range of type, Classic and Elegance. How to choose? You need to refer to ur PB Expert who can advise you. To simplify, PB Elegance has softer fabric.

2. Know your correct size before you own a PB Corset. Wrong size = Uncomfortable.

3. Premium Beautiful corset is very very comfortable & easy to wear - if you know HOW. Refer to ur PB Expert to know details.

If you're looking for a Premium Beautiful corset as your daily wear, you may contact me 017-6511966. 

I am your Premium Beautiful Corset.

Airin Diana

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