Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good News everyone!

You know why i'm this happy?
After waiting for more than a year, at last!!
no, not another promotion
no, not yet move out of my apartment
yes, yes...!
waiting for this late teethers : Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah at last showed some teeth last night
I was so surprise when she took my fingers and bite it (which is the common thing she does to me) and i felt the pain.. finally! She is now 14 months+, and only now she showed the sign of teething.
I looked up in the website and found this article about Early and late teethers.

It's worth remembering that babies do vary. Some children have no teeth at a year and a very few are born with a tooth or two. The rate at which your baby’s teeth come through will depend on his 'genetic blueprint'. In other words, if one or both of his parents were very late or very early teethers, there is a strong chance that he will be too. (yes, i was a late teethers, around 14 months+ only i showed sign of teeting. sorry lissa, it was bcos of your mama..hehehe) Unlike his body growth, the appearance of your baby's first teeth is not influenced by how well he eats or how healthy he is. Teeth appear when they are ready.

It is quite normal for some babies still to be toothless on their first birthday. This does not mean they are backward! (phewww!) In this event, a visit to your dentist may reassure you that your baby's teeth are present in his jaw and will emerge in their own time .
The order of milk tooth growth (molars before canines) means that your baby’s smile will be a bit gappy at first. This is normal and he will soon have an even set of teeth.
These few weeks i saw her munching and biting her fingers. not that she does have any teether around the house, but she refused to use it. she prefers it the natural way: her fingers, my elbow, her abah's chin, my arm..
In this website, it explain a lil bit about the symptoms :

The symptoms most likely to trouble a teether include:

•Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
•Gum swelling and sensitivity
•Irritability or fussiness (this depends on her mood. sometimes so happy, laughing and running around. the other times suddenly she'll cry)

•Biting behavior (oh she loves all the keropok and kerepek, even rempeyek i got from kampung)

•Refusing food (this has been going on since last month. she'll eat a few bites, then refused-cooking wasnt my priority now :D )

•Sleep problems (oh, tell me about it! lack of sleep for almost 2 weeks now. late night she would suddenly scream and cry without opening her eyes. i assumed she had a bad dream-cat dies, or sad stuff like that..hehe)
how to cope with her discomfort?
You may need to give your baby lots of extra cuddles and attention when he is teething.Try some of the following:
  • Offer him a dry, unsweetened rusk to chew on (a big solution!)
  • Give a clean, gel-filled teething ring, cooled in the fridge to relieve his tingling gums. Do not place the ring in the freezer or dip it in honey (she refused to)
  • Use a barrier cream on his chin, to help prevent soreness from continual dribbling (good idea)
  • Apply a teething gel with a clean finger. This may numb the gum and give temporary relief. The disadvantage of such gels is that their application may introduce infection into baby’s mouth and some babies may be allergic to the local anaesthetic they contain (i read that bonjela might help. have you tried?)
  • Try regular sips of cooled, boiled water
  • If your baby is restless or fretful from teething, give him a dose of a sugar-free paracetamol suspension suitable for babies .If this doesn't soothe him, talk to your GP or health visitor as your baby may be unwell for another reason
so what's next? Cleaning her tooth!! it will be such a challenge!!
after this, no more this toothless smile.. (rindu la plak nanti...)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday, my dear!

I managed to pull out a surprise party for him last saturday. though so many many obstacles along the way. thanks to my sisters and my beloved friends who were the backbones for this event.

I have to update the details later on.
for now, what i can say to him is :
*Happy birthday, dear
*May God bless you with health and wealth
*Semoga Allah panjangkan umur, murahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kebahagiaan dunia akhirat..

Notes : A lot going on, but so lil time..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Missing her

Alamak.. dah bersawang rupanye blog ni..
I have to update more often.
Lately have a lot of datelines to cover.. now only i hv slightly extra time to update the blog. itupun sebab ternampak gambar2 lissa yang lama inside this pc..
yes, i do miss her. cant wait to get off work and meet her.
Lissa @ 7 months and botak
this bucuk² definitely my fav of the year!
She has progressing a lot. Lately, she can imitate people. it doesn't matter if you talk, or laugh, or even cough. she'll immediately imitate you. so funny and cute..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Great Trip (Part I)

Hi everyone! Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..oh, a bit late..sorry :D 
I guess everyone's pumped up after quite a long holiday, like me! especially with the long rest provided by company, and also with my hubby present by my side the whole time (luckily our factory was definitely closed, if not, he'll be working his ass off for all the OT provided..) sorry mr hubby, u r not allowed to work during this holiday ;)
what we did for this break?
what do you think interesting that we should do?
yes yes!
a trip to Cameron Highlands!
here lissa so excited in her car seat on our way up to Cameron Highlands..but wait for the surprise!
oh yes, forgot to mention, of course, trip balik kampung for the Raya Korban.
This Raya Korban, for the 2nd year in a row, we went back Batu Pahat, since my mother-in-laws told us that they made a korban this year for my husband and his siblings.
We planned for a two-day-one-night stay since we hv another plan on the other day. we went back on Tuesday evening, arrived around 8 pm, right on time for dinner!
The next day, getting up earlier was my only option since everyone in the house already woken up by the time i'm about to wash my face..hehehe.. a bit tak senonoh. but i hv my own reason. hv to wake up a few times for lissa at night.. ;)
Lissa playing with her "laptop" the whole morning while we waited for others to get back from Solat Sunat Aidiladha.
(yes, again, i hv to wait alone with lissa)

Lissa with her cousin
again, playing laptop, though wearing baju kurung, just look at where her legs were.
Look at Lissa's abah. Right after the korban, he fell asleep through the day..eish eish
(now i noticed, i wasnt in the pictures anywhere)
The Cameron Highlands Story
Now, we come to the exciting story..
the cheeky girl

the handsome driver..hihihi
then, fell asleep all the way up to Cameron Highlands

the naked girl after she throwed up..(yes she throwed up after a long nap)

excited on her own bed - watching TV

very very excited on her own bed

look at her, sooo excited
 alrite..enuff with a very quick update. i'll update later on the 2nd episode ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lissa's new updates

Well.. well..
this girl has been testing our patience each day..
she now knows how to throw tantrum (in real, throw her body, usually backward whenever her wish was not fulfilled)
mr hubby also been so mad with her when she tried to pull off the laptop's power supply whenever she has the chance.
me? trying so hard not to raise my voice, especially when she "kemas" anything she could. let it be newspaper, our letters, my pots and also a few of the glass jugs went phewww... gone!
just look at behind her.. all the clothes and her toys were scattered all over the floor. and i was so mad that i put her pants on top of the head..hehehe..padan muka 
this is my favourite jug that she somehow took from the cabinet and purposely let it go.. 
playing with her artificial laptop from my mom 
whenever she has some "tricky" idea, she'll make this face - so beware! 
her ooppps face 
busy "helping" her abah installed her new ride 
and without wearing any shirt - actually i was removing her shirt to get her to take bath, but she was excited to help her abah rather than playing water
other updates :
* she expertly knows how to walk
* will walk faster when you want to catch her
* will walk even faster when she got something on her mind
* will scream as loud as she could to indicate frustration
* will sing along any song - especially the kit kat ad "wea oh wah.."
* will clap her hand rapidly and move her body according to any songs played
* will talk and give speech explaining stuff - the most famous word "ilu ilu!" with high pitch volume
* will talk back to you especially when she was angry with you
* will throw her bottle when the milk is finished
* know how to react when i say :
   - "kish" -> she'll pat a kiss (depends on ur luck - wet or dry)
   - "hug" -> she'll hug you and pat your back
   - "gimme five" -> stretch her hand towards yours
   - "buat muka" -> will do a very very funny face
up to now, we were very happy and yet trying to gain our patience with her behavior. Alhamdulillah, no cubit-ing or slapping or punching yet.. and we pray to God that we'll never have to employ that method.. and with our 2nd lil one's coming, more and more patience needed...

our new house

Today i've got plenty of mood to update, and also quite some free time to write since everyone in the office is in Raya Haji mode, most of the meetings were cut short (especially when im incharged) :) So here it is.. my 2nd update for today..
I want to update on our new house. last time we went to have a  look, the kitchen cabinet were all installed. Previously, our grill were completed.
grill for the sliding door 
from outside the house 
from inside the house - looking at the porch 
the kitchen's window 
the flower for the grill that my husband's draft earlier 
our kitchen cabinet with concrete top, come with kitchen hob and hood 
So basically, the most important items were installed and ready. Next project would be the awning and concrete wall at the back, the extra store under the stairs, the wardrobe for rooms and of course to install lights/lamp and fans for the whole house. Luckily we already bought all the lamps. we just need to buy some fans and airconds.
wah.. a lot of money to be spent afterwards. now for only 2 items installed almost rm10k flown away... after this? another 10k? 20k? damn, no more spa for me...!

My first update about..

Officially, this is my first update about my 2nd pregnancy.
A lot have been going on actually, but i guess due to this pregnancy, i seemed to be so lazy to update my blog lately.. especially with my nausea and morning sickness syndrome.
Ok, enuff complaining.. let's update on my pregnancy.

For ur info, this second pregnancy can be categorized as an "accident" pregnancy.. haha... but however, come to think of it as a blessing, we received the news with a very happy and joyous heart. everything happened for a reason, rite? people said, setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. and even before i've been feeling a bit sad watching lissa has to play on her own. i myself didnt have time to spend it with her. so i'm slightly relieved to know that Lissa's going to have a partner after this.

I knew about the pregnancy somewhere in September. the symptoms were sort of obvious. but initially, i wondered why each time i pumped for Lissa, it was getting less and less. i thought that i was so tired with daily work, plus with a new project coming, my bm lessen. then, my nausea and lack of appetite showed. that was when i knew something was up. with a not-helping-indication-of-my-inconsistent-menstrual-schedule, i was sort of confused. my menstrual wasnt being faithful with me since i breastfed. it usually came within a 2-month gap. and at that time, i was more than 2 months late. i asked my husband to buy me a home pregnancy test kit. i tried it and it showed a very fade 2 lines. i was nervous. the test kit wasnt the one i'm familiar with. so i bought another one with a 99% sure. and.. it was two obvious lines, with no doubt, i am officially pregnant.

So nervous, yet surprised with my husband's reaction. He was happy. i thought that he would be somehow surprised and me..

We went for a checkup with doctor, and the doctor confirmed that i'm pregnant. however, she couldnt tell my exact due date, and how many weeks i was. we need to wait for another checkup. after a month, she told us that my due date will be some time in May 2011. Lissa will be one year and seven months at that time. i guess she'll be old enuff to understand and accept her new partner.

I believe now i'll be somewhere in my 14th week pregnancy.
In the pregnancy updates, i'm officially off the hook for the nausea and morning sickness syndrome, with my energy level going up. i felt it a lil, but still, i felt slightly lack of appetite, a lil nausea in the morning. i lost about 3 kg from my normal, unpregnant weight. i only can eat non-rice food, opt for bread and pizza and fish and chips. mcm mengader2 tapi nak wat caner..guna ayat standard : pembawakan budak... hihi

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday and Weekend

Wah, already Friday!
Cant wait to go home..
relax and attend more birthday parties this weekend!

yeay! it's Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lissa's New Obsessed

Yes. I know. I couldn't find free time to update this blog.
Many reasons and excuses behind it ;)
And thanks to those who are still waiting for my new updates. A lot actually!
But first let me lay it out before i forgot, and somehow didn't hv time (hehe)
1. Coverage on Lissa's Birthday Party
2. Lissa's new progress
3. Lissa's new obsessed
4. My pregnancy progress
5. My new house progress
6. My new job task and moving to a new office

But today, i will choose on one topic out of those. (mcm zaman sekolah masa jawab BM Karangan plak..)
Topic No 3 : Lissa's new Obsessed
Everyone, Meet Mr Pinky!
Lissa just got it -fresh- last night.
We went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie (uhuh, 2nd movie for Lissa)
We got there around 9:20 pm.
But since the movie started on 10:15 pm, we went for a short walk going to some of the toys' stores.
We were supposed to buy present for Adam (Nadia's handsome boy) for his birthday party this weekend.
While I was looking at those toys (with a voice inside my head telling me "if Adam were a girl, it will be much much easier for me to choose..hehe"), Lissa and her abah went to other section.
I was quite nervous when I noticed that they'd gone. After looking aisle by aisle, i finally spotted them near baby's clothing area.
My husband was trying to fit Lissa into a pair of shoes. funny, but it was a pink shoe. after wearing the shoe, my husband said, ok, lets pay. then i said, that's it? nope, he showed me what was Lissa's holding to. the pink teddy bear was so cute with Lissa hugging it. hai.. bertuah la anak mama ni. baru pegang, abah belikan.
This is actually the first time i saw Lissa hanging on to something longer than a breath, which made me ponder, will this mr pinky be her bantal busuk, especially when she received new family member afterwards?
Now, lets enjoy looking at Lissa's picture, while dozing off last night.
(alamak, sila abaikan gambar kaki lissa ye..sungguh kurang sopan) 

sleep well, dear..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Lissa..

Happy Birthday, Lissa..
Sorry mama couldnt update your birthday party report earlier.
Now mama can only illustrate a lil bit around your 1st birthday party (oh, i just hope i could have more time)

First of all, i would like to say big thanks to my friends who were able to squeeze their busy schedule of attending all the open houses to attend Lissa's party.
Secondly, i would like to convey gratitude to my family, especially my mom and my lovely sis for working so hard to make sure the event was successfully launched.
Thirdly, of course to my beloved hubby, or i could say my banker for the day, who had been splashing it all for our daughter's first birthday.

Still, i havent upload pix from my camcorder to the pc. these are the only 2 pix i got from my friends :)

Sing along, dear.. Happy Birthday to me!
(oh the angel wing was abah's idea, not mama's, ok?)

with her friend, Anas (my officemate's son, Dayang)

I'll update later on, when i have the opportunity..

To my baby, Lissa..
i always pray for your health, for your safety, to be a good and solehah daughter's to mama and abah.
always, always, be a good girl, and insyaAllah, will be a good elder sister to ur coming soon adik ;)
ur mama~

Monday, October 11, 2010


I know i have to update more often. it has been..what.. a month, since my last update. Aside from my busy working routine, a new project, plus with the no access to internet (yes, we do have the maxis broadband, but my husband tends to conquer it..and i dont want to open my laptop at home. rather spending time with my lil one) so when is the time to update? only during my free working hour, which seemed to be very scarce lately.
I will update on Lissa's Birthday celebration later. The preparation was very last minute, and i missed quite a few number of people to invite. since the party was held at my parents' at Nilai, i couldnt prepare the decoration early on. Never mind, this is my first event to plan, the next birthday for Lissa, will be much much well-prepared, i hope so.. and to most of mommies bloggers, i'm sorry i couldnt invite you guys because of the timing. we'll do it next year, ok? Even the birthday cake, i totally forgot to book ahead. So we went to King's at Nilai that saturday morning to buy the cake. can you imagine how my prep was sooo out of line? i haven't uploaded yet Lissa's pix. i tried to, but couldnt get through. not sure either it is due to the connection, or this blogger error. got to go.. we'll talk later, then! da~

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fasting Month.pictureless entry.

Little that we notice, Ramadhan almost over. This year was the shortest ramadhan feeling i ever felt. Today we are already in 24th Ramadhan. Another 6 days, we'll be celebrating Eid.
The thing that excites me this month is up to now, i am able to fast, never miss even 1 day.  That's one of my azam this Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, God fulfill my wish. Hopefully until eid. I believe this is due to my fully breastfeeding status.
Lately I didnt cook at home. Not only i have little time, but also because the cooking gas already finished. Funny story, i was cooking sahur for my husband, udang masak lemak cili api. I just poured coconut milk when suddenly the fire shuts off. Feeling nervous, i tried to switch it on, but failed. and it was 12 am, i bet no shop open that late. My husband approached me and said : Guna la rice cooker. What a brilliant idea that i never thought off that minute! So there i was, cooking udang for almost 2 hours...such a long time! but finally lauk for sahur is ready to be eaten.
Well enough of my mumbling about nothing. just like to wish everyone "semoga berjaya memenuhkan puasa anda" May we manage to gather our strength to fulfill our responsibility as a muslim/muslimah.. amin..

Note: Cant wait for berbuka today. Will berbuka together with my 2 sis.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 11th month Birthday, Lissa!!

To my baby girl

today you are 11th month
another month, you'll be leaving your baby stage and moves to toddler
how fast time flies
i still can recall your crying in the labor room
still can recall our first session together
how i missed those days
but looking forward, you are almost a big girl now
May Allah blessed you with health and wealth
May you be a solehah girl
Next month, we'll celebrate together your 1st birthday..insyaAllah..

mama & abah

Updates updates..

Last week was the week of fulfilling invitation for berbuka puasa.
and another session of meeting new contractor for quotation for house renovation, kitchen cabinet and grill.
it was tiring, with the hot weather and puasa.
but stuff that needs to be done, has to be done.
This is one of the house that has completed their grill
(can u see?)
choices of color for the kitchen cabinet
not yet decide which one, most likely will choose with the darker shade

On Tuesday night, we went to break fast with my bestfriend, shahida (if u still recall the entry about my bestfriend i made previously here)
We went to section 9 shah alam. we were supposed to eat at one of the cafe, but unfortunately that night they were closed. we chose to eat at Nasi King Restaurant. The food was one of the best nasi beriani gam i ever had, but the service...oh my... we got our drink after 7:40 pm (which was way passed our berbuka time), we got our nasi around 8 pm..
Afterwards, we went to Sha's condo nearby. Since my husband went off to work and sha's husband went for terawih, we spent lepak2 at her condo. it was nice catching up.. her daughter, aira (whom is 3 days younger than Lissa) now has 4 teeth and able to step by herself. i was impressed. Lissa doesnt have any tooth, and isnt able to stand by herself. never mind lissa, you'll catch up later, k?
Top view (Lissa playing by herself)

Muahs muahhsss
Let's wrestle!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We were excited watching them, forgot to take pictures..

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Ramadhan Miracle

A sad thing happened lately. in fact it happened in front of my eyes!

Yesterday, my husband and i were in a car after our lil shopping at bazaar ramadhan at shah alam stadium. it was almost 7 pm, near berbuka puasa time. we stopped at the traffic light near my previously rented apt, Brunsfield Apartment. We were surprised to see multiple police cars stopped on the side of the road. we saw a package covered with something looked like plastic bag. We were guessing it's either a body or a baby.
This morning i came across an article in the harian metro, it was a baby. and luckily he is still alive! alhamdulillah.. what a ramadhan miracle. how could a mother left her baby, hanging on the papan tanda next to a road? i just couldnt believe how she has the heart to do it.. luckily somebody found it and called the police, right on time. i couldnt imagine what would happen if no one found the baby..and it was almost raining that time...
my heart prays for this baby..
Full article

Friday, August 27, 2010

Great Friday

I am so happy today!
The fact that the road was empty today really lights up my day
since today is the public holiday for Selangor, Nuzul Quran, the road was empty! we had to work since the holiday will be brought forward to hari raya break.

we had a great time berbuka puasa this week. i could say our schedule was fully booked until this saturday. the great experience was we had to see different surrounding of people especially when we went to KLGCC (Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club) at bukit kiara. It is a wellknown club for rich and richest people. a ferrari and a posh are no longer an usual sight. but, instead of the nice surrounding and view, the food was not good. the food was plain, and ordinary. nothing taste good except for the curry mee and the sirap bandung. well, since it was all free, i didnt feel very bad. eat a few, and chat a lot! Enjoy the pix!

My ofcemate, Saniah, bullied by Lissa.. eish eish!
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