Monday, November 15, 2010

our new house

Today i've got plenty of mood to update, and also quite some free time to write since everyone in the office is in Raya Haji mode, most of the meetings were cut short (especially when im incharged) :) So here it is.. my 2nd update for today..
I want to update on our new house. last time we went to have a  look, the kitchen cabinet were all installed. Previously, our grill were completed.
grill for the sliding door 
from outside the house 
from inside the house - looking at the porch 
the kitchen's window 
the flower for the grill that my husband's draft earlier 
our kitchen cabinet with concrete top, come with kitchen hob and hood 
So basically, the most important items were installed and ready. Next project would be the awning and concrete wall at the back, the extra store under the stairs, the wardrobe for rooms and of course to install lights/lamp and fans for the whole house. Luckily we already bought all the lamps. we just need to buy some fans and airconds.
wah.. a lot of money to be spent afterwards. now for only 2 items installed almost rm10k flown away... after this? another 10k? 20k? damn, no more spa for me...!


suria said...

house looks spacious :) Airin beli rmh kat mana?

airin diana said...

Bolehla su.takut nanti x tbela nk myapu ke,mop ke.huhu.airin beli area puncak perdana,bandar nusarhu.shah alam gak.

m@Ri@ said...

bestnya,,.dah ada rumah sendiri..maria masih mencari..

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