Monday, November 15, 2010

My first update about..

Officially, this is my first update about my 2nd pregnancy.
A lot have been going on actually, but i guess due to this pregnancy, i seemed to be so lazy to update my blog lately.. especially with my nausea and morning sickness syndrome.
Ok, enuff complaining.. let's update on my pregnancy.

For ur info, this second pregnancy can be categorized as an "accident" pregnancy.. haha... but however, come to think of it as a blessing, we received the news with a very happy and joyous heart. everything happened for a reason, rite? people said, setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. and even before i've been feeling a bit sad watching lissa has to play on her own. i myself didnt have time to spend it with her. so i'm slightly relieved to know that Lissa's going to have a partner after this.

I knew about the pregnancy somewhere in September. the symptoms were sort of obvious. but initially, i wondered why each time i pumped for Lissa, it was getting less and less. i thought that i was so tired with daily work, plus with a new project coming, my bm lessen. then, my nausea and lack of appetite showed. that was when i knew something was up. with a not-helping-indication-of-my-inconsistent-menstrual-schedule, i was sort of confused. my menstrual wasnt being faithful with me since i breastfed. it usually came within a 2-month gap. and at that time, i was more than 2 months late. i asked my husband to buy me a home pregnancy test kit. i tried it and it showed a very fade 2 lines. i was nervous. the test kit wasnt the one i'm familiar with. so i bought another one with a 99% sure. and.. it was two obvious lines, with no doubt, i am officially pregnant.

So nervous, yet surprised with my husband's reaction. He was happy. i thought that he would be somehow surprised and me..

We went for a checkup with doctor, and the doctor confirmed that i'm pregnant. however, she couldnt tell my exact due date, and how many weeks i was. we need to wait for another checkup. after a month, she told us that my due date will be some time in May 2011. Lissa will be one year and seven months at that time. i guess she'll be old enuff to understand and accept her new partner.

I believe now i'll be somewhere in my 14th week pregnancy.
In the pregnancy updates, i'm officially off the hook for the nausea and morning sickness syndrome, with my energy level going up. i felt it a lil, but still, i felt slightly lack of appetite, a lil nausea in the morning. i lost about 3 kg from my normal, unpregnant weight. i only can eat non-rice food, opt for bread and pizza and fish and chips. mcm mengader2 tapi nak wat caner..guna ayat standard : pembawakan budak... hihi


nurul azida ahmad said...

gegege~accident?! hihihi

airin diana said...

ahem ahemm....
raya haji balik johor ke zieda?

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