Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Premium Beautiful: A cancer detector

Is it true that by wearing this Premium Beautiful modern corset can detect a cancer? what is the relation as in wearing something to prevent cancer?

It is true. Believe it or not. Women should take note on wearing lingerie, especially without the correct size does effect our breast. Without we realizing it, we wore a wrong size bra. By wearing a bra cup with a wire can decrease the oxygen supply from blood to our breast. and cancer cell can become active when the part of our body is lack of oxygen and fatty.
A study done by a Malaysian doctor claimed that among all races in Malaysia, Malay, Chinese, Indian and the native orang Asli, the lowest percentage people having breast cancer is Orang Asli. Why? Because most of them doesn't wear bra. But, is that the best prevention method? Though we can prevent the cancer, but the earth gravity won! heee.. that's not the option, right?

From Carif
So the only option left is to wear a good quality bra. A Superbrand Lingerie complete with Far Infra Red (FIR) which proven scientifically can make water molecules moves and bergetar. This getaran can creates heat and causes our blood vessels increased in size. When our blood vessels increased, definitely our blood circulation improves. And Oxygen supply increased, especially to our breast and the area.

Is it a Guarantee that by wearing Premium Beautiful we are cancer free?

It is not a guarantee. But there were many testimonies out there are proven. At least we take a preventive actions. Prevent is better than cure, right?
There was testimony showed that when she wore Premium Beautiful, one day her nipple secreted a yellowish discharged. She was not pregnant or breastfeeding. When refering to a specialist, they detected an early stage breast cancer.
Another testimony on cervic cancer. The Premium Beautiful wearer washed the corset and the water turned red. When checked, she was diagnosed with the 1st stage cervice cancer.
Thank God that this corset gives us warning ahead.

This is a sharing thoughts. It wasn't all about the money. but sharing based on the benefits for women's health. The option to wear Premium Beautiful is on your hand. But just remember, we, women are not like cars. Cars have spareparts, but we dont.
Sharing is caring :)

Some info for Premium Beautiful wearers out there

After wearing Premium Beautiful, please perform a selfcheck on your breast. As early as 2 weeks after wearing, monitors these signs and changes:

1. Skin Texture on breast
The longer you wear Premium Beautiful, your skin will become more smooth (mulus dan halus).
Rough skin texture -> will become smoother. skin pores decreased.
Stretch mark -> lessen
Skin tone -> more even

2. The firmness
Your breast will be more firmed. To those who had babies, the breast will be firmer when you wear premium beautiful. those who had so called lembik breast, will become pejal and keras ;)
3. The cleavage
It will show! trust me.

4. The breast size
Compared first time wearing it, your breast will be fuller (ade ke ayat tu?) in the cup.

*penuh tapi lembik----> penuh , terletak & semakin pejal
*1/2cup--->semakin masuk dan menjadi full cup
(kes ni terjadi kepada mereka yang ingin mengecilkan breast tapi sepadan dengan badan..cth E---> D cup. Pakai D cup, memang penuh dan sedikit keluar isi-isinya, tapi lama kelamaan isi masuk cantik, terletak dan firm dalam cup)

*kurang penuh----> semakin penuh dan breast wow terbentuk!
(kes ni terjadi kepada mereka yang ingin membesarkan breast tapi sepadan dengan badan..cth A---> B cup. Pakai B cup, memang tampak kosong sikit dan hampir tidak kelihatan isi breast, tapi lama kelamaan isi semakin ada seumpama tumbuh jadi breast, ya payudara terbentuk) - masa pakai memang kene tarik betul sempurna lemak dari belakang, bawah ketiak dan bawah lengan. Kalau tidak berapa faham sila hubungi saya :)

* Jika sediakala breast cantik ----> lagilah semakin pejal, terletak dan uplift. (masih nampak perbezaan tau)

5. The nipple
*Tak bermaya (hitam, gelap, layu)--> seperti hidup semula kemerah2an
*warna bertukar (kehitaman/gelap)---> semakin pink2 /cerah beza dari warna sebelumnya
*Warna gelap circle keliling nipple juga sama---> akan semakin cerah dan semangat warnanya seperti hidup semula
* puting keras---> semakin lembut
*Puting tunduk dan layu---> akan semakin tegang menaik(up-lift)
6. To Breastfeeding moms *Less milk supply -> milk supply increased.
*To those who has stopped breastfeeding -> There'll be signs around your nipple, whitish liquids.
7. To those who has breast lumps
It will lessen and diminished, InsyaAllah..

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