Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah

This is gonna be one of important entry ever.
because it's her birthday!!
Time run so fast! I'd never imagine you'll be so grown up as today (okay, baru 3 years old, but the attitude shows more!)
She knows how to amuse her baby sister
She taught her baby sister stuff
"Hanie, Number 1!"
Act all diva
Manja with her mama
Anak kesayangan Abah
Popular with her senyum senget
All grown up now with her skool friends
Love to act as a princess
buat gaya ala2 princess pusing2 while dancing
Love all pinky stuff (sampai air pun nak order sirap bandung, okay!
Manja dengan Nenek
(tengah tunjuk cara butterfly)
Butterfly mcm ni la Mama
Suka buli adik
Ngade2 dgn Che Sa dia (dulu sebut Checha, sib baik x cicak)
Super Manja dengan Maksu (dulu sebut Acu)
Buah Hati pelayan Adik (bile tak bgaduh)
Looking back, She's no more a baby
Once upon a time..
Messy hair
Toothless smile
A botak chin
A baby, no more! (look at her muncung..remain til now!)

My baby girl, Baby Lissa, Baby Sara (Maksu & Makteh suka teased Lissa with this name), Kakak, Tatak (as what hanie called you)..
May you be healthy and happy. May you be a solehah girl..
May you always be our pride and joy..
We love you with all our heart and soul..
Happy Birthday, sayang

Mama, Abah and Hanie


mommyNadia said...

Happy Birthday Lissa!! ;)

airin diana said...

Thank you Auntie Nadia :)

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