Monday, October 8, 2012

Advantages of Premium Beautiful : The Actual Testimony

What is all about this modern infra-red corset? Why everyone is talking about it?
Here are some testimonials (actual) from my customers :

Customer No 1:
This friend of mine wears Premium Beautiful and target to be slim. But without she expected, the Premium Beautiful effects was way above being slim and kurus. It also focused 70% on our health. During the first few days she wore the Premium Beautiful Corset, she kept on passing gas (PB removes gas from our body) and she had terrible v. discharged (PB removes toxic and nasty things from our uterus). Her sleep at night also improved. And a plus, within 2 months wearing it, she lost 4 kg! And i shud give her some token, because since wearing it, everyone in her office noticed that she lost weight and becomes slimmer. Now, everyone's looking for Premium Beautiful corset. There was even this person who was so negative about this product, kept on asking about it from my biz partner, Fiza

Customer No 2:
She was a big size person. She had a very low self confidence. She refused to go out much open. Now, after wearing Premium Beautiful for four months, her face lights up. Her facebook profile no longer a face of cat, flower or a beach. Now her smiley face lights up as full page in the Facebook. You can see the differences.. she is now losing weight and getting healthier. Thanks to Premium Beautiful. Me, on the other side, was so happy to see the positive effect. While wearing Premium Beautiful, she loses weight, she lives a healthier life, she gains extra confidence which shows through her lighted up smiles.

Customer No 3:
A customer of my biz partner. Her first few days :
     Asek berulang pegi toilet je..membuang. Discharged banyak sangat. 
It is the effect from detoxification out of our body. See, how many toxins that we've been keeping in our body throughout these years. By wearing PB, it removes unwanted things out of our body. That's some of the effect from Far Infra-red. 

Other effects are:
1. Membetulkan aliran darah dalam badan
2. Meningkatkan kadar metabolisme
3. Memperbetulkan dan memulihkan sistem pernafasan
4. Mengelakkan pertumbuhan bakteria
5. Mengeluarkan peluh asid
6. Menggalakkan tumbesaran lebih teratur
7. Mengekalkan kesegaran badan
8. Mengurangkan kandungan asid dalam darah
9. Menghilangkan kesakitan pada tubuh badan atau tempat yang sakit
10. Tidur lebih selesa dan nyenyak
11. Menghilangkan bau badan
12. Menghilangkan kulat dan fungus
13. Membersihkan udara dalam badan
14. Mengekalkan kepanasan suhu badan
15. Menghalang pembiakan sel kanser dalam badan
16. Membetulkan sistem urat saraf dalam badan secara automatik

Everyone who wore it knows and feels the benefits.
Comes with lifetime warranty.
350 degrees elasticity 

Those who are interested to know about the product, come contact me. I offer FREE trial and FREE consultation. Flexible payments are available.
Those who wants to start a business and wants a flexible and minimal working hours (2 hours per day), I will share how you can make it a part time income. from 4 to 6 figures income, luxury car fund, Free oversea trip 3 times per year and many more.
I can be reached at:
FB Id : Airin Diana


saniah said...

1st testimony mcm kenal je sape...but i totally agreed on tht...chayouuu...

airin diana said...

ahemm.. you know who you are la ye :)
But i am happy that people around be become more happy, healthier and more confidence :) Glad to do that

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