Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lissa and Makcik

The title makcik wasnt refering to any of her aunties, okay. so Mak Ngah, Mak Teh and Mak Su can relax. jgn perasan..hehe

I dont know where she learned this, but lately she keeps on saying "Makcik" in every words.
Saying to Hanie : "Eh, jangan macam tu lah Makcik"
Saying to me : "Kakak nak susu lah, makcik"
Saying to her Abah : "Makcik! tanaklah!"
I know those words uttered by her as a way of her joking about it.. but lately it was too much, til one day i make my point to her not to say any "makcik" word.
and she agreed.
Now she changes "makcik" to...."nenek"!

Mode : Geraaammm!
tunjuk muka comel plak
kanak2 kegembiraan dapat baloon sorang satu

Lissa : mcm ni lah Hanie, makcik!

Masing2 pura2 baik dlm kereta

Click this and here and there and all over!


suria said...

Hehe,mesti bljr dr kwn2 sekolah

airin diana said...

ha tu la su
sabar je la tau

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