Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm closer than I was yesterday

A quote from my leader's entry, Shaliza Aziz aka ieja.. a great mentor of mine.. a friend of mine when we were in MRSM.
She's definitely correct. "I may be not there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday"
betul tu, sebab kita dah take the first step, rather than not taking any..
My own experience. First time when Ieja shared with me her business plan, i was a bit sceptical. all the negatives thoughts came in. the more i think, the worse scenarios one could imagine. Then i read through her blog. i read through Green Leader's blog (hanis haizi, once a housewife, now a millionaire). i admire their determination to be successful, to have the freedom of time and financial. That's when i decided to join the business. plus, the product is a well-known and marketable product. 
Just have a look at these two ladies, who were a housewives before :
agak-agak, kalau they all tak ambik the first step, boleh ke diorg ke tahap mcm sekarang?
Ieja pulak, very determine to follow her leaders. From i met her the first time early this year driving a Perodua MyVi, now driving a BMW 3 series, and it was after 1 year in the business! 
memang mudah, memang senang.. insyaAllah, i will follow their steps.. bile ade kemahuan, di situ ada jalan kan? Bile dah ade peluang depan mata, grab the chance. sebab peluang selalunya datang sekali seumur hidup. jika kita kata nak tunggu dan lihat, tunggu dah lihat saje bile setahun kemudian kawan kita sudah pun berada di puncak. dah ade freedom of time dengan family. dah boleh relax2...

For those of you who are still looking for side incomes.. you can start from part time.. i will share how. every step will be guided.

Among other things you'll achieve will doing this business are :
1. Potential income from 4 to 6 digits monthly
2. Free 5-stars trip to overseas 3x per year
3. Car allowance starting from RM1000 above
4. Business that can be continued to our kids
and many mores..

Business yang mudah, plan yang senang. ade mentor, ade team untuk guide and help us. Everyone starts from zero in this business. Dont worry. you'll be guided.

Bak kata Ieja : 
"Nak berjaya follow yang berjaya, Yg gagal kita jadikan pedoman" ..

Give me a call / sms / whatsapp : 017-6511966
or email
or FB : Airin Diana

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