Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Success Story: From CFO to Businesswoman

Excited pagi2 lagi tengok an update from my mentor about this ex-CFO one corporate company. Just have a look at the title : Chief Finance Officer. Agak2 berapa byk gaji dia.. but she left her job, her title to be a businesswoman in our group. why? even though she has the money, but she didn't have time for her family and kids. Now, she has ample time for family and also financial freedom.
"Being accountants, cars are like investment for "besi buruk". Always a liability, hence for every money we earn, we prefer to stretch it for properties. But we love to enjoy the fast n furious life too, alhamdulillah with our financials uplift, this is the result! Afterall this will be our asset generating vehicle for the next property! Eagles, let's fetch our dreams!!! "- CDM  Jasmin Halim
We have multi backgrounds in our group. from housewife (like Hanis), engineer (like me?), teacher (like Hajah Rohana), doctors, lecturers, accountants, and many more.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Come contact me 


I'll be happy to share with you the biz plan. and together we achieve success.


adianiez AIDA said...

Tq singgah blog aida :-)
Aida da follow...

airin diana said...

You're welcome :)
suka baca entry Aida and tengok teletah anak2 Aida. cute!

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