Monday, October 7, 2013

Seoul, Here we come : Day 2 Part 2 Lotte World Theme Park

Our 2nd day continued..

Right after we went to the Paju Factory Outlet and watching the Amethyst til afternoon (you can catch up on the story HERE), we were brought to Lotte World Theme Park.

We dont have to queue in line. The tickets are all ready for us by our tour guide.
Yeay!! Im here finally
The C2 bus
The excitement was at the top of my heart right after i saw a roller coaster!

Apa aje lah yang Yong cakap tu, sehinggakan semua menoleh dan ketawa!
Am looking at the chart and plan where to go
Overlooking the ice rink
Look at the mascots! soo cute. tapi tak nak beratur to take picture sebab!
Quickly choose a ride which we thought was an air ballon ride. And suddenly the person in charged chase us and asked us to quickly move inside. 
And we came into a big platform
We were brought to the underwater, and experienced the bombing and fighting of an air balloon to survive
..and we finally arrived at the Theme Park safely..and that's it?? ingatkan naik the real air balloon, rupanye just the 3D.
If you are a fan of Korean series, i bet you've watched this series titled Stairways to Heaven. and if you still remember, this scene?
Yeah, it was shoot exactly here!! at the Lotte World Theme Park, Seoul!
Rasa sangat bertuah sampai kat sini. It was soo great as i was the fan of that series.

And we are, again :)
and this sweet couple.
This was the Air Balloon ride that we're supposed to go. but when we arrived at the queue line said 45 minutes wait from the point... frustrated..
we sat at one place and started to strategize our next ride.
while taking pictures after pictures..
We arrived at the 3D museum
Tear this!!
again!! and again!!
Yang, the person was asking for a toilet paper. i dont think an angpow will do the justice.
"Wake Up!!!"
Come take my hand..
And we are parted..
Release me from here!
Oh, i need water
Thank you for the generosity
Hey dont run!!
I'm the angle who'll safe you
and bring you higher!
or catch you whenever you're falling
Ok, enough of acting and posing..haha
The 3D musuem was equipped with instruction where to take pix and how to act.
Then off we go to the Magic Island, the Outdoor Park

Snap pix and actually there were many kids lining up to take pix here. and i was one of them!! ngeee
Off we go to the magic island
A Spanish Restaurant i believe, Lapa ker? lol!
He's excited to get on the ride! are you ready??
We stopped by to buy ice cream from the Turkish Ice cream stall
They did the trick and presentation with the ice cream.
Group Photo!! in front of the castle
Lovely moment
The man of my life. I am so Thankful to have a very supportive husband like him.
Am glad been given the opportunity to be here for free. by only this business, when you achieve, you were given a reward that cant be exchanged with money. It was the experience that is priceless.
GOLD COAST!! that will be our next destination!
He was the happiest person. He wasnt a camera type of guy and also not a "model" type of person.
I was surprised when he was sporting enough to take pix during the trip
Wehuu!! look at the people on the ride
Tak dapat naik ride due to the long q, dapat amik gambar pun jadi lah.. lol!
Two of our leaders. Both dedicated. both friendly. both helpful. CDM Razali Zain and Soon to be DDM Ridhuan
The Love of my life
Both CDM Razali and my husband. both golfer buddy now.
Us, again
(jangan muak tengok, sudah..hehe)
This happened when we were queuing for this one ride..
This ride. The Guro Spin
Ride yang kononnya paling sempoi and not that scary
But only those who were on the ride knew..
This was and will never be my choice of ride.
and this one, lagilah. macam nak bunuh diri. It's suicidal!!! trust me
Amik gambar je, naiknya tidak!
This swing also has a looong Q. and we skipped
Say "Kimchi!" instead of "Cheese", that is the korean way
Queuing and camwhoring
and more..
and more.. This occurred during the 90 mins waiting
Duduk kejap sebab kaki lenguh
Took turns
From left, Ieja, Faeza (motif?? - her fav word) and urs truly
And the Q
Macam pasar malam pulak
and met this good looking staff. This pix took by my husband ok. x jeles kot.hehe
This korean girl was the center of attention that day
Right after the ride, off we go for a dinner buffet. 
Good Night Magic Island! and you are magic, indeed
Our Dinner Buffet
The Iron Bull.
We have requested they served only Halal food,
They even displayed the Halal certificate on each of the meat next to the serving tray.
The lovely setting
The Salad booth
They served Western food and Japanese food 
The Iron Bull. Highly recommended
Nak balik dah..
The crowd
and the sweetest couple. holding hands
Finally, we arrived at the hotel
Our feet were sore.
It's a wrap!!!
 We had fun.
It was a long Day 2!
Will continue on Day 3 as we go for a lunch cruise on board at the Han River.
Stay Tuned!!



anak Wan Salleh said...

gambar cermin berdua tu menarik airin!!

Airin Diana Anuar said...

hehe mira, thank you

actually takde cermin pun. kena berlakon macam ade cermin.hehee

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