Friday, October 4, 2013

Her Dream Cake

Lissa Maisarah is no longer a baby.

She's now a 4 year old kid who knows what she wants.
She already told me on her birthday she wants a cake.

A Princess cake

When I told her that last 2 years she already had a princess cake, she changed to Mickey mouse.
and then suddenly changed to Minnie Mouse, reason being Mickey mouse is for boys.
oh, also she specifically told me that she wants strawberry on the cake. Banyak banyak! lol!

It was so funny when she said that she loves birthday. she loves birthday party especially at school just because she gets the goody bags, she gets the candy and chocolates.

And so..
i started to place order with my favorite baker, Dwen Ujang who owned Pretty Yummy Things by Dwen Ujang
Telling him to do it minnie mouse theme cake.
with lots of strawberries
oh,it is real strawberry fruits, not the fondant.

and he gets what i mean.

He showed me the previous cake he did with the minnie mouse theme:
and i am super impressed.

But since it is for school celebration, and 2-tier cake will be messy for kids, i asked him to prepare for the 1-tier.

Cant wait for the result!!

Will update you once it is done.


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