Friday, April 6, 2012

Premium Beautiful for Breastfeeding Moms

Hello Mommies out there!
As requested, some of breastfeeding mommies inquiry about the usage of this premium beautiful corset (PB) during breastfeeding. I have experienced it. For the second day wearing it yesterday, going back, Hanie, as usual cried asking to be fed. and easily i bf her, while laying down in front of tv. easy peasy ;) since this PB material is very very is easy to"peel off"
Thanks to shaliza aziz blog
Also, for pumping session, i can easily place the pump and proceed with my pumping session.
Moreover, by wearing PB, breastfeeding moms can get benefits such as:
1. Increase in milk production
2. No more usage of breastpad since PB is design to support any leakage from our breast whenever we delayed our pumping session (eh, delay? haip! jgn malas pump ye.. nanti mommy nadia aka my ultimate mentor marah..takutt)
3. No more engorgement on breast
4. No "bengkak susu" or swelling
These benefits came from improved blood circulation and advantages from FIR effect (or Far Infra Red). Quotes from my leader's entry :
This F.I.R. will penetrates deep within the soft tissues of the breast area, helping to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and most importantly enhance the lymphatic drainage process. Not only that, F.I.R. will actually stimulates and speeds up the circulation in the breast. Increasing circulation on every level is the key to a healthy cells. F.I.R. dilates the tiny blood vessels and capillaries relieving swelling, pain and speeding the lymphatic drainage process through the lymph nodes. F.I.R. also stimulates metabolic changes in living cells. This helps to produce energy for vital processes, and assist with the elimination of waste particles generated from the metabolic process. F.I.R. is good for the breast tissues and will help reduce any stagnant or pooling of lymph fluid in and around the cells.
The milk produced also will have btter quality since our body has gone through detoxifact.
So anyone of you who wants to know more, feel free to contact me, a breastfeeding mom for almost a year now ;)

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