Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Mode!

I am excited today! Im smiling while im writing this. my colleague and my subordinates must think that I've lost my mind. Why im this happy? it is because most of my clients' feedback this morning after wearing Premium Beautiful for few days/weeks showed a lot of improvement! Yeay!!
Client 1 : Background : First day wearing it (since 26th April 2012 =  today)
First day pakai, tak boleh nak gerak sangat. bukan sebab ketat ke ape bile pakai Premium Beautiful ni, tapi sebab seluar dah longgar. nanti terlondeh plak, pengsan nanti! siap bubuh pin lagi. (yes, Premium Beautiful showed an immediate result) yang penting Premium Beautiful ni backup blakang sbb lately mmg ade sakit pinggang and blakang, now tak rasa sakit dah.(Premium Beautiful supports our back bone and improve our body posture)
Client 2 : Background : Been wearing it for almost 2 weeks now.
Rasa macam dah kurus sket dah. Dari first day pakai, now definitely dah kurus. nanti nak timbang la tengok berat badan berapa.
Client 3 : Background : Mom of 5 kids. wearing it for 2 weeks now.
Rasa badan ade shape sekarang. dulu kembung sana sini. now dah mula ade shape. Husband pun tegur dah nampak cantik je bila pakai baju.
There have been a few testimonies that really made my day today. Insya Allah, there'll be more for us.
For me, yes, i did shed some of spare tyre here and there. it has just been 3 weeks. looking forward for more! Targeting Hari Raya a kebaya for me ;)
and dont forget to eat right! you dont have to control the amount of what u eat. Premium Beautiful will do it for you. honestly i still eat as much as i could cos i dont want my diet to affect the amount of milk im producing.
In addition, Premium Beautiful improves circulation of blood, increased oxygen level and that will lead to more milk produced.
InsyaAllah, i'll get back the momentum from Premium Beautiful to gain back my milk. Right now, i notice that the production every time i pumped an increased of 1-2 oz per session. Wishing for a greater increased. Pray for me :)
Note : Those who want to know more how to loose weight or how to generate extra side income, drop me an email at or message FB : Airin Diana or give me a call/sms 017-6511966.


~dila~ said...

meh aku tolong promote untuk ko... testimonial ikhlas dari hati...

wahai pembaca blog 'a new beginning', kalo u olls nk tau, i pun salah sorg pengguna PB, much2 before airin.. since 2009 masa anak dua, masih pakai sampai skrg dah anak 3... PB really can helps in shaping our body after delivery.... kalo belum bersalin pun boleh... saya mmg puas hati dan masih setia dgn PB, cuma xde masa nk join buat biz ajer... hehehe

airin diana said...

Wah thanks dila for the testimony ;)
honestly memang x penah lagi dengar pemakai PB complaint. those yg dh pakai, memang akan pakai everyday sbb akan rs tak lengkap kalau sehari tak pakai. badan rs sedap and fit. yg paling penting reshaping our body yg dah kembang nak kuncup tak bleh..hehe.
aku mcm ko gak dila, takde extra masa nak buat bisnes. tp nak buat bisnes PB tak amik masa lama pun, thru online sejam-dua jam sehari je.. jom buat sama2. buat dgn kawan2 lagi seronok tau.

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