Monday, April 30, 2012

The reason why

Today i want to share a bit on the reason why we need to have side income and start Premium Beautiful Business. I extracted these from our top leader.
1. extra extra Money!! Starting from RM4500 and above, and up to six figures
2. Travel 3 times per year FOC!! dont worry, our company tak penah taja naik AA
3. Car Fund FOC - RM1000 onwards
4. we dont do repeat sale, only focus on one product for LIFETIME
5. Capital guaranteed
6. No restock product, no overhead
7. Free training provided
8. Product Superbrand with LIFETIME waranty, no expiry date
9. Can be done part time or full time
So those of you interested, just call me. I can elaborate more. You'll be very surprise to see how easy it is. we dont have to go from house to house. No specific target sales, no expiry points. very flexible. trust me. i first hesitate, but now, i'm so thankful that i join this. we also did this in group. so you'll be guided and dont have to worry to do it alone.
Nowadays, everything that we do, we need extra money.with our salary combined we dont have excess money.. i dont want to jeopardize our kids' education and opportunity. I want the best for them, and also for our family. plus, giving an opportunity to give extra money to my parents is one of my satisfaction when doing this. Let's together we strive for our best.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Foor For Our Soul : Tenang dan Ketenangan

I found an article that touched my heart deep down.
“Kalau kita benar-benar beriman kepada Allah, Allah akan bagi kita dua surga. Surga akhirat yang penuh kenikmatan dan surga dunia yang penuh ketenangan”
He quoted from a friend:
1. You have to find time to recite Al-quran everyday. baca tafsir and terjemahan sekali
2. Jangan lupa bangun malam.. solat tahajud.. solat taubat.. solat sunat.. mohon ampun pada Allah.. mohon redha Allah
3. Berkawan dengan orang yang baik-baik.. berkawan dengan ustaz.. berkawan dengan ulamak.. jangan sesekali ikut mereka yang suka enjoy nii
4. Amalkan puasa sunat.. isnin dan khamis.. sebab puasa baik untuk ibadah dan baik untuk kesihatan
5. Banyakkan zikir.. banyakkan ingat Allah.. mudah-mudahan Fizal tak jadi macam saya
InsyaAllah.. we can make a different starting today..for a better life.. dunia dan akhirat. amin

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Mode!

I am excited today! Im smiling while im writing this. my colleague and my subordinates must think that I've lost my mind. Why im this happy? it is because most of my clients' feedback this morning after wearing Premium Beautiful for few days/weeks showed a lot of improvement! Yeay!!
Client 1 : Background : First day wearing it (since 26th April 2012 =  today)
First day pakai, tak boleh nak gerak sangat. bukan sebab ketat ke ape bile pakai Premium Beautiful ni, tapi sebab seluar dah longgar. nanti terlondeh plak, pengsan nanti! siap bubuh pin lagi. (yes, Premium Beautiful showed an immediate result) yang penting Premium Beautiful ni backup blakang sbb lately mmg ade sakit pinggang and blakang, now tak rasa sakit dah.(Premium Beautiful supports our back bone and improve our body posture)
Client 2 : Background : Been wearing it for almost 2 weeks now.
Rasa macam dah kurus sket dah. Dari first day pakai, now definitely dah kurus. nanti nak timbang la tengok berat badan berapa.
Client 3 : Background : Mom of 5 kids. wearing it for 2 weeks now.
Rasa badan ade shape sekarang. dulu kembung sana sini. now dah mula ade shape. Husband pun tegur dah nampak cantik je bila pakai baju.
There have been a few testimonies that really made my day today. Insya Allah, there'll be more for us.
For me, yes, i did shed some of spare tyre here and there. it has just been 3 weeks. looking forward for more! Targeting Hari Raya a kebaya for me ;)
and dont forget to eat right! you dont have to control the amount of what u eat. Premium Beautiful will do it for you. honestly i still eat as much as i could cos i dont want my diet to affect the amount of milk im producing.
In addition, Premium Beautiful improves circulation of blood, increased oxygen level and that will lead to more milk produced.
InsyaAllah, i'll get back the momentum from Premium Beautiful to gain back my milk. Right now, i notice that the production every time i pumped an increased of 1-2 oz per session. Wishing for a greater increased. Pray for me :)
Note : Those who want to know more how to loose weight or how to generate extra side income, drop me an email at or message FB : Airin Diana or give me a call/sms 017-6511966.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My 1st year Graduation

Reading my title, you must be wondering, what am i graduated in? Havent i already got my degree? oh, no, i didnt pursue any post-grad, master or anything that has to do with more papers, study and exam, okay.. totally not interested..enuf studying all these years..hihihi (alasan pemalas nak baca buku)
What i graduated in/for? Yeah, it is my breastfeeding journey with my second baby, Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara. She's one year old last Saturday, 21st April. So it means that I have been breastfeeding her for one year, successfully without any help from any formula. Alhamdulillah..
Going for another step, it sure will be a tough journey. why? because the milk supply drops since she started solid. because i was too busy with my work that i disregard (undiscipline) my pumping schedule, instead of 3 times per day, i reduce it to twice, and sometimes once per day..because i was too tired every time i got back home - skipped my pumping session in the middle of nite..(aduii...too may excuses la..) i need to set back my mind! i have to make sure my ebm stock been topped up. yes, u can do it!! I am lucky though, Hanie consumed less than what i pumped daily. So i didnt have to get extra stock to top up daily usage for her..
Being a mom for Hanie was very easy. Hanie is an easy baby. Once she's full, she wont disturb you. she will play by herself, or sometimes sleep, without having to struggle to dodoi her or stuff like that. unless if there's something wrong with her stomach or something that makes her discomfort, she'll let you alone. She didnt suddenly cry out of no reason or wants to be pampered. That'll happen only with her grandma..hehe..
I'll get some time to write about our celebration with Hanie for her First birthday..need to go new boss's calling (oh, i love my new job!)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Proton Prevé : The Price and Highlight Features

Here is the some pricing guide and features for Proton Prevé:

Proton Prevé 1.6 Premium 
with turbo charged enginer (Campro CFE 1.6L)
max speed 190 km/h
max torque 205 Nm
Transmission 7-speed Protronic
Rim 16"
Proton Prevé 1.6 Executive (Manual)
max speed 180km/h
Max Torque 150 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual

Proton Prevé 1.6 Executive (CVT)
max speed 170km/h
Max Torque 150 Nm
Transmission 6-speed CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
Price ranges from RM59,990 to RM72,990.

All about Premium Beautiful that you have to know

Been a while since i updated about this product. And i thought i already wrote about the product itself cause it definitely one of the hottest item in the market. but after i looked through my blog entry, i couldnt find any of the product descriptions. my bad.. hehe..Just the assumption of everyone knows about this product,i should've been introduced it to people about the usage and functions.
What is Premium Beautiful?
Premium Beautiful is a number corset in Malaysia that has helped a lot of women to eliminate most of women's related illness and helping women to get the body shape, their beauty and confidence to the optimum level.
It is not a normal corset, but :
1. Focusing 70% towards inner and outer health, and 30% on body reshaping and definitely 100% confidence to a woman.
2. Help to improve blood circulation and to maximize body metabolism rate.
3. The best thing, it comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Meaning that it cover any damages. What you have to do is send it for repair and it is FOC!
4. Premium Beautiful is a SUPERBRANDS product awarded by Majlis Superbrand Malaysia. This means that this product is well-recognized by its high quality  and most renowned product in the market. 
5. It contains Far Infra Red Rays (FIR) – see further below to see the special functions.
6. Recommended by American Chiropractic Association
7. Received recognition from orthopaedic from USA, Cubec and Canada. 
8. A high quality fabric, aquatic and aquadyne material, equal material used for austronaut and scuba diver – to ensure stable body temperature. If outside temperature is high, PB cools our body. If outside temp is low, it can warm your body.
9. Removing body odor. No need extra perfume or deodorant for us ;)

What are the functions of Far Infa Red Rays (FIR)
1. Improves blood circulation

2. Increase body metabolism rate
3. Improve breathing circulation
4. Deteriorate bacterial growth
5. Decrease acid in body
6. Improve growth of body
7. Retain the body freshness
8. Eliminate body ache
9. Getting more relaxed and pleasant sleep
10. Remove body odour
11. Eliminate fungus
12. Retain body temperature
13. Prevent growth of cancer cell
14. Fix nerves in body automatically

Why Premium Beautiful is Expensive?
It is because of the high quality of the product itself (excellent quality of material : aquadyne and aquatic type) and the effectiveness of the product. 
To have a look on the other side, you can see that this product is a long term body investment. plus it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Once you give a try, you'll feel how good you feel right away,You'll feel very comfortable and once you wear it, you'll never leave home without it! trust me. i felt it myself.

So, enough for the long explanations.. 
If you want to know more, or even to give a try, i provide a FREE TRIAL. Feel free to contact me 017-6511966 or email at 
You dont have to worry on the payment term. We'll get to that once you try it.  

Quoted from my leader's blog.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : Lissa's School Story

Situation 1
Teacher Aqilah : Airin, Lissa now has a new name.
Mom : What is it?
Teacher Aqilah : It's Baby. These kids like to call her Baby and some of the boys looove to call her Baby with manja style.
Mom : Ha? No wonder la at home she throws tantrum whenever she didnt get what she wants. she used to get all the attentions and been pampered here..eish eish..
Me : (Smile - oh, signature smile - senget smile)
Situation 2
Nenek : Hari ni masa nenek pickup Lissa from school, she was playing outside. right when i came, this one boy held her hand and walked her to the front. 
Mom : Wah! kecik2 lagi dah ade boyfriend ye Lissa. (while turned to Lissa) Nama kawan kakak sape?
Me : (mumbling some name- actually mom doesnt get the name bcoz i want it to keep it as secret..hihihii)
Me with current and forever boyfriend

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Proton Prevé : Drive it To Believe it

Proton's first Global car launched yesterday.
Some of the pictures during the launching:

All three variants of the Preve the Executive, Executive CVT and the Premium priced between RM59,990 and RM72,990 come with a five-year or 150,000km warranty, whichever comes first.
The 1.6 Charged Fuel Efficiency (CFE) engine is Proton's first turbo-charged engine and has an economical 6.6 litre/100km fuel consumption rating and a 10,000km service interval.
Im going for a visit to Proton Edar to see it and probably drive it?? hehe

Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel for a working and breastfeeding mom

Hello mommies!
I have been so busy lately since i transfered to new department. Definitely it is a totally different from what I did previously. Before i used to deal with a lot of technical stuff, engineering and material methodology, which i did enjoy myself. The main reason i request for a transfer to another department is bcoz i need to upgrade myself..more prospect career more kachingg! Now, what i do is more towards non engineering background needed.. towards IT, software items. and more fun is i also deal with events. yeah yeah.. totally not what i studied, not what i used to practice..but i hope it is better in terms of career development :)
My first assignment last week was to attend a meeting about Youth of Pekan 2012 with a District Office of Pekan on Friday morning. I went there with my boss (the new one, of course) and my subordinate. Since my ebm stock were super duper red alarming, meaning almost reaches zero bottles, i arranged for my baby, Hanie to come along. I brought along my sister, who coincidently was on a semester break last 2 weeks. And i have to left Lissa with her Abah because she has the first school trip on Friday to KL Bird Park. I drove to Kuantan, brought along my sis and Hanie. Luckily my boss was okay with me bringing along the whole "askar"..He also has a son same age with Hanie. So he did understand when his wife needs to travel.
We stayed at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan for one night. The hotel looks nice, but the facilities werent at that 4 stars rate. They didnt have mineral/drinking water in the room. The TV didnt has most of entertaining channels. Also, since the hotel was fully booked, they only got me a twin bed room, which was quite small. We ended up asking for extra bed since we stayed for 3 adults.
Anyway, what i want to write is actually tips for a working mom who still breasfeeding her baby to be able to be ready anytime the work permits us to travel..and of course, without our baby :
1. The main thing is : Our EBM stock. is it enough?
2. The capable babysitter or people who wants to take care of our baby especially at night. Not someone who slept throughout the night without realizing the baby was screaming out her lung!
3. The Itinerary : Make sure our spouse or babysitter get the copy of our itinerary so that they know where we are in case of anything.
4. Trust your spouse or babysitter : We dont need to give a call every 5 minutes to check whats going on, okay. Schedule the call some time in the afternoon and maybe after dinner to check on them.
5. Always discipline with our pumping schedule to ensure our supply of milk doesnt depleted. Remember that supply = demands. more demand, more supply ;)
6. If you are away from country, always check with country's regulation for airport when we want to transport our ebm.
7. Stay focused during our working time. We cant be doing our job right if we keep on thinking of our baby at home.
8. Most importantly after we went back, set one time to be with our loved ones, including my hubby ;) (so that next time, he'll be okay we went away..)
By the way, reminder for me, to ensure stock for ebm reaches at least 3 days.. a new target for me.. yeah, working day and night to achieve this. wish me luck!!
More on breastfeeding, pumping and travel mom, visit babycenter here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First Bonus in business

Alhamdulillah.. today, not even one week since i joined the business, i received my first bonus ;)
Happy mode today :D
Anyone of you who wants to know how, dont feel any hesitation coz time is definitely money!
Today is my bonus day!
Cant wait to get the first bonus from my side income..
Anyone who wants to know about the business, contact me. Do not hesitate because the rebate will be until end of this month ;)
It is definitely an easy peasy side income generation.. trust me!

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Day of Work

Today is my first day at my new office. Still at Proton, but i requested to be transfered to another department to pursue a career dev opportuniy. I am not going to stay at the same department since i cant see any career development, especially for a female engineer like me. Why i said that? because i was the only female engineer left in that dept. And most of the bosses, especially the new boss, has his "own opinion" towards female engineer. So i rather left before my motivation to work drop to zero..which almost did. I even has a thought to resign and be a full time mom.. macam best je..kalau kaya takpela.. cari side income dulu through Premium Beautiful. senang aje ;)
I will tell what i went through in this new working environment in the other entry ;)
I'll try to upload some comparison my old desk vs new one.. u'll definitely notice the difference!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Premium Beautiful for Breastfeeding Moms

Hello Mommies out there!
As requested, some of breastfeeding mommies inquiry about the usage of this premium beautiful corset (PB) during breastfeeding. I have experienced it. For the second day wearing it yesterday, going back, Hanie, as usual cried asking to be fed. and easily i bf her, while laying down in front of tv. easy peasy ;) since this PB material is very very is easy to"peel off"
Thanks to shaliza aziz blog
Also, for pumping session, i can easily place the pump and proceed with my pumping session.
Moreover, by wearing PB, breastfeeding moms can get benefits such as:
1. Increase in milk production
2. No more usage of breastpad since PB is design to support any leakage from our breast whenever we delayed our pumping session (eh, delay? haip! jgn malas pump ye.. nanti mommy nadia aka my ultimate mentor marah..takutt)
3. No more engorgement on breast
4. No "bengkak susu" or swelling
These benefits came from improved blood circulation and advantages from FIR effect (or Far Infra Red). Quotes from my leader's entry :
This F.I.R. will penetrates deep within the soft tissues of the breast area, helping to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and most importantly enhance the lymphatic drainage process. Not only that, F.I.R. will actually stimulates and speeds up the circulation in the breast. Increasing circulation on every level is the key to a healthy cells. F.I.R. dilates the tiny blood vessels and capillaries relieving swelling, pain and speeding the lymphatic drainage process through the lymph nodes. F.I.R. also stimulates metabolic changes in living cells. This helps to produce energy for vital processes, and assist with the elimination of waste particles generated from the metabolic process. F.I.R. is good for the breast tissues and will help reduce any stagnant or pooling of lymph fluid in and around the cells.
The milk produced also will have btter quality since our body has gone through detoxifact.
So anyone of you who wants to know more, feel free to contact me, a breastfeeding mom for almost a year now ;)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Premium Beautiful by Airin Diana

Today marked the second day i wear Premium Beautiful Corset. Surprisingly since yesterday,i didnt feel any heat from wearing it.Just imagine my working environment in a foundry factory (foundry = melting steel scrap at 1500°C)..I didnt feel hot at all! Thanks to the material..same as people who go scuba diving and astronaut. Maybe it sounds so cheesy,but the fact is it is true.  im telling it from my experience.

Why i wear it?

Many reasons why.. but mainly becoz i want to reshape back my body figure which has gone sooo out-of-shape after my second baby.

Secondly, after wearing IUCD last 2 weeks,I keeps on having v.discharged. Since I heard this PB can reduce it, i really want to see the result.

Though people would claim that this corset is too are some of facts that we need to keep in mind..

first,this product is lifetime warranty! u can wear it til lifetime. if u r about to get married,yes reshaping ur body is like the absolute objective.using this pb,definitely can help u.then u can wear it through ur berpantang more bengkung lilit jawa yg sgt seksa tu (trust me, it was a terrible experience!)

so if u need further not hesitate to contact me. i can be reached through:

email :

facebook : airindiana

cellphone : 017-6511966

You can also browsed through my leader Shaliza Aziz's website for more info.

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