Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Trick, Lissa?

Look at her! New trick : Sucking toes!!

After I made some "haip!" sound, there you go! A big smile! Naughty smile..

I've been delaying time to update this blog. I should've posted this entry last week, but i was caught up in a 2-day working day last week. on monday and thursday i took emergency leave. lissa was having mild fever. her body temperature suddenly went up. it was 2 am in the morning, i was in a deep sleep, when my husband woke me up. he was just about to get to bed after watching some midnight movies (i went to bed early during weekdays. got exhausted during the day) when he wanted to give a gudnite kiss to Lissa, he felt that her forehead was quite warm. he woke me up, and with a really sleepy head, i touched Lissa and told she was fine.  Later around 10 mins, i guess, i came to my sense when i felt she was freakingly hot! She was fully asleep when we put the wet towel on her head. After i nursed her and gave her a small amount of paracetamol, around 3 am she was wide awake and started talking. and to my surprise, she pooped quite a lot. changed her diapers and i was fully freshed and couldnt go back to sleep. took her picture and decided not to go to work the next day. My husband gave me a greenlight, and I pull my blanket..really nice not to have to go to work. yeay!!
The next day, thursday 25th feb, dayang, my colleague texted me telling me that she wasnt going to work also. Her son, anas, who is also in the same nursery as Lissa, had a fever and cough. We went to clinic together that day. Klinik Medi Utama at Section 13 since her paed, Dr Tan still on CNY leave.
There was quite a queue when we arrived at 10.30 after we filled up necessary forms, we went to the nearby restaurant and had roti canai. Lissa was excited looking at people in the mamak stall and tire herself. she suddenly just fell asleep. with her chubby face, she really looks like sinchan's sister.hehe..
This is my colleague, Dayang with her son aka Lissa's roommate, Anas Zufar.Alhamdulillah, Lissa had her fever for that day only. Most likely because of the weather. I have to admit, the unstable weather due to global warming really can affect us, especially baby.
Since Lissa was back to her normal state (no fever, no cough, no cold) and as a reward to me for being a devoted-and-stay-at-home-mom, my husband brought us to one of our fav rest, Pan Bakery located at Subang Jaya, near Subang Parade,McDonald and Masjid Subang Jaya for dinner on Friday night.

 This is for abah, tomyam. and he also had prawn fried rice,which was delicious. And pardon me, i totally forgot to take picture of my Sirloin Steak - too hungry that  i ate it all before i managed to get the picture.hehe..
And Lissa, too busy watching the tv showing ice-hockey game. Just look at her leg!! I have to put her seat inclined-she was crying when she was lying flat. Once her seat was up, she didn't bother us anymore. Good one, Lissa! Now, learn how to seat properly, okay?

Here are mama and abah, kekenyangan. hehe.. time to go home and sleep..hehe.. bad, bad  habit!

The next day, saturday 27th feb, we went to my brother's girlfriend's brother's wedding at Rembau. This is the second wedding we went. Last year, December, we went for her sister's wedding. Lissa was a doll. Everyone at her house wanted to hold her and she remained silent as she is. This picture was taken before we arrived. Lissa was awake the whole trip. She fell asleep only for less than 30 mins during the journey back to Shah Alam.
This weekend was one of the best week. We've got to spend our quality time as a family and got to do stuff together.

i love these pictures!!

These two precious person in my life
Mama love you both so much!
May Allah bless our family

Friday, February 19, 2010

TGIF, everyone!

It's Friday everyone! Thank God It's Friday!! (Now i can use that phrase without confusing anyone -TGIF bukak ke hari Selasa? hahaha)
Someone in my ofce asked me this stupid question : Why do you stay works with Proton after these years?
These years?? it has only been 4 years and 3 months! not like some Proton staff who have been so devoted with Proton, stay as Proton staff for 20 years!! (refer to Mr Husband-a loyal Proton staff since 1989!)
Well, i come to a conclusion :
1. Proton is an established company since 1989 - supported by Malaysian Government - and much much stable these days. Even our MD has just released a memo telling how good we are doing nowadays (i heard a kachinnnggg sound. is it bonus time? hehehe)
2.Currently i am loving what i'm doing. i love these jobs. although the works are piling up, but i like it, honestly. All the material testing, quality investigation and reports. No one in my department is doing this job. and i feel special..hehe
3.Stress-free job. that's what i can tell as long as you are doing your job according to your superior, following procedure and making sure that you're not exceeding your dateline (which you set it in the first place)
4.We can go back exactly at 5:30 pm, no one will force you to stay back, and no weekend job!

Not because i have my husband here, but because i love my job!

ok all, it's already 5:30 pm, got to go home!! yeay!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

For the Love of Mommy

A quote i found in the website today : A day away from you is a long time for your baby
While there’s no practical way for you to make up for the time you’re spending away from your child, it’s important that you find some middle ground. Separate work time from time with your child. Make sure that whenever you’re with the baby, you’re with him 100 percent. Forget the phone, the computer, the newspapers, or the TV. You can do all those things after the baby goes to sleep, before he wakes up, or while he’s busy nursing. You also might want to explore some different scheduling options for your office: getting into work an hour or two early might give you and your baby a few relaxed hours together in the afternoons.i wish i could do this at Proton. Sadly, no.. And telecommuting to work one day a week allows you to spend your commute time reading your son a book instead of sitting in traffic. how lucky if i could..

Thinking about how little time we spent with our lil one made me feel so bad. if only we have so much money and asset that we didnt have to go to work..
but nevermind, i try my best to spend every single free time with her.. to make her realize how important she is in our life..

I found this article which i want to share with all of you. very interesting!

For most of you being a mother is one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences that you will have in your life. (sooo true!) It can also be a time when you feel lost and out of touch with who you are outside of being a “mommy”. Maintaining an identity outside of your children is vitally important, not just for you, but for your family as well. So here are ten strategies that not only keep you connected with you, but also have the added bonus of being an important life skill to teach your children.

1. Be present – Often when we spend time with our children we are thinking about the things that we should be doing or we multi task and we are not really present with them. Then, when we are not with them, we feel guilty. (betul-betul!! always feel like that.) Make the decision that when you spend time with your child to just be there for them, enjoy them, listen to them, and focus on them 100%. Spending this type of quality time with your child will lessen the guilt and help you focus on other activities with the same 100% attention. Added Bonus: Teaches your child to focus on and enjoy the moment.

2. Take care of yourself – This is a big one for most women since we get so busy caring for others we tend to forget about ourselves. (almost forgot what is 'take care of yourself' definition.. didnt have time anymore..sad sad..) Define what taking care of yourself means to you and develop a schedule to do it. Keep tweaking your schedule until you are actually fitting taking care of yourself into the day. Taking care of yourself helps to replenish your spirit, it helps you to relax, and it helps you to feel good about yourself. Added Bonus: Teaches your child to develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. (exercise will do, rite? oh, dah lamanye tak jogging. last time i remember went to gym was before i got married..more than a year!!) .

3. Connect with you partner – It is so easy to get wrapped up in the kids and in everyday life that you forget about your relationship with your partner. (yup! kesian my hubby) Connect with your partner as often as you can, make a point to sit down over coffee on a Sunday morning and just talk about anything and everything, but the kids. It can be silly or profound, just make sure you connect with each other as a couple. Added Bonus: Teaches your child how to maintain a healthy relationship.

4. Get involved – Get involved in some activity that is only for you. It can be work, volunteering, a class, or a book club. Just get involved in some regular activity where you are not a wife or a mommy, you are just you. (i dont think i manage to find extra free time for this) Added Bonus: Encourages your child to participate in outside activities.

5. Have meaningful conversations – Sometimes when you have children your day gets so caught up with “kid stuff” that you can’t remember the last time you had a meaningful adult conversation. Have you ever felt frustrated, aggravated and on edge and then gone out to a long dinner with a friend and felt like a new woman at the end of the night? That is why it is important to have meaningful conversations. (can't wait to meet up with my friends-most of them are married, and like me, stuck with baby stuff and adapting to married life plus new mommy thing) Added Bonus: Teaches your child to get their needs met by more than one person.

6. Read – Who has time to read? We all do. It doesn’t have to be a long time, and reading is a great way to be intellectually stimulated. It exposes us to different subjects and new ideas, even when it is a light and fluffy read. Staying intellectually stimulated is important because it keeps us in touch with what we find exciting and gets those brain cells snapping. (nak baca paper kat ofce pun x sempat..eish eish.. excuses...)Added Bonus: Teaches your child to seek out and appreciate knowledge.

7. Take time for just you – Make sure you get some get some quality time for just you. It can be anything you want from spending time with a friend, to getting a manicure, or just being by yourself. Just do something that is only for you, it will fill you up and refresh you. You will feel like a new woman after you are done. (really like to try this. salon, anyone?)Added Bonus: Encourages your child to be independent.

8. Remember that you have needs too – We have needs, and it is our responsibility to get them met. If you’re feeling frustrated, or unappreciated, instead of walking around feeling angry and misunderstood, figure out a way to get those needs met. Talk about them, ask for support, and be specific. And remember most people can’t read minds so you have to communicate with them to get those needs met. (luckily i have a husband that i could pour every stupid and silly stuff to him..sorry yang..have to listen to all the whinings) Added Bonus: Teaches your child how to effectively meet their own needs.

9. Give yourself permission – Why do we feel like bad mothers for wanting to do something for ourselves? Every woman who I have ever talked to that wants to express an unhappiness about being a mother feels the need to qualify it by saying “Well, of course I love my child more than anything in the world but…”. Of course you do, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be unhappy about the way something is going or how you feel. This is how you feel right now, there is nothing wrong with that, you’re a normal mother. Give yourself permission to feel the way you do and do something for yourself to feel better. Even if that means stepping back from your child for a couple of hours. (yes, yes.. stick that inside your mind, airin!) Added Bonus: Teaches your child to recognize and healthily deal with their emotions.

10. Be a role model – When you ask most parents what they want most for their children they say that they want them to be happy and successful contributing adults. The very best way to ensure that comes true for your child is to be a role model. If you want your child to be confident, get their needs met, be sure of who they are, and happy with their life, just remember that they learn that from you. (aha, need to set some good example.. New year resolution #6 : To be a dedicated worker to Proton Holdings, which means better grade, better salary, successful person - erm, wait! Doesn't that means better grade = better salary = successful person = a lot of money??? hehe.. bad bad example..materialistic, huh?) Added Bonus: Teaches your child to act with integrity.

Being a mother in today’s modern world is tricky business. We are bombarded all day long with messages of what makes a “good mother”. Just forget all that, and be true to you. Being joyful, present, and authentically you is the very best gift you can give to yourself and your child. (good one! dont pressure ourselves with all those good mother stuff. just being you enough for them, rite?)

Love of mommy? Yes, unconditional and priceless!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A post about fatherhood and update for the week

I've heard that a lot of fathers leave their wife to take care of the baby-which is a habit they shouldn't get into (and if you notice yourself doing this, there’s still time to stop). I have a story that totally a contradiction to that statement.
To be given a 2-day medical leave by my doctor on last thursday and friday due to my sore throat, heavy coughs and cold, made me spending loads of time with my baby. Since my husband was working all week, I kind of let him slipped from our bonding time. Feeling guilty for not including time with him, me being a wonderful mom, a bit as a bully, on Monday, i woke up and as guilty free as i was, forced my husband in a very smooth way, asked him to take Lissa for a morning bath. He was sooo sleepy that he babbled his way out of the room, carrying Lissa. To my surprise, Lissa poo-poo that morning and he was able to clean her succesfully! I was so proud of him and until now, i am VERY VERY PROUD of him!! Lissa is so lucky to have a father that could take care of her, without any assistance from her mom.
Last Saturday we took Lissa to see her paed, Dr Tan for her Rotavirus shot. Just look at her kesian face she put on. with her coughing going on, she was given antibiotic and medicine to reduce her phlegm.
To our surprise, she cried when her doc tried to look into her mouth. She usually was so calm inside the doc's room. My guess, the crying might be because of her not-feeling-well condition.
Every time she coughed, her legs were raised up. Imagine how hard and severe the coughs were. Thank God, by today, no more coughing, especially at night. She even lost almost 100 grams of weight during the period. Kesian anak mama ni..

Here is picture of Lissa and me. "Apelah mama ni, kat klinik pun nak posing2." Agaknye that's what going on Lissa's mind while waiting for our turn to meet the doc.

Since both of us not feeling ok, we spent the whole week at my mom's. Just got back from KL last night.
I thought for the whole CNY break, i could spend some time to clean up the house, do some laundry and house chores.. but.. harapan tinggal impian..nampaknya kena la cari some other time to do it. (cuti maulidur rasul kan ade - some thoughts might come out from my husband, i guess..tak bley la cari alasan lagi..hehehe)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Lucky my loving husband is my valentine

To My Man ..the love of my life

I would give up everything
Before I'd separate myself from you
After so much suffering
I've finally found a man that's true
I was all by myself for the longest time
So cold inside
And the hurt from the heart it would not subside
I felt like dying
Until you saved my life

Thank God I found you
I was lost without you
My every wish and every dream
Somehow became reality
When you brought the sunlight
Completed my whole life
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
Cause baby I'm so thankful
I found you

I would give you everything
There's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
To ensure your happiness
I'll cherish every part of you
Because without you beside me I can't survive
I don't wanna try
If you're keeping me warm each and every night
I'll be all right
Cause I need you in my life

See I was so desolate
Before you came to me
Looking back I guess it shows
that we were destined to shine
After the rain to appreciate
And care for what we have
And I'd go through it all over again
To be able to feel this way

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude
My baby I'm so thankful I found you

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Whining Entry

This is one hell of an entry.
because i'm in a very very bad condition.
let me give u a list..
  • Lissa still has her coughing every now and then. plus a runny nose.. pity her.. cant help her much. felt so bad!
  • My own bad health conditions (suddenly song by MOH ringing inside my head "Tak tahan tak tahan..Sabarku tak tertahan..Melayan sikapmu perawan..lalalalala)
    • Stuffy and runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • A Garau voice (i tot it'll turn out to be a sexy Ella voice. i guess i was wrong!)
    • A bad and twisted stomachache (unknown cause, has been for quite a week)
  • A very messy home = A very messy mind
Oh, come on! the list could go on and on..
ni mesti bahana melawan cakap suami ni - my lil notie thoughts kept on saying that.
last nite, i was arguing with my husband (not scaring-screaming-serious argument, but teasing type argument) about how a wife should be treated like a queen by her husband. but he kept on saying that a wife should treat her husband like a king. i asked him which hadith said that, as far as i'm concern, a hadith mentioned about a wife should be in a bedroom for her husband. every other things have to be prepared by her husband - food, clothes, almost everything. That's what my husband argue, he already prepared all those things (which is sooo true - admit senyap2 je)..he even teased me "dalam blog bukan main lagi cita² nak jadi isteri mithali la" hahaha.. sengih sudahhhh...
What i could do now to ease the pain? Like my husband said "semua yang jadi ade hikmahnya" so, redha and tawakal! (i already plan for a long break starting tomorrow! need a long nice rest..nak minta mc 2 hari dgn doc..hehe)
Oh, Before i end this entry for today, a special note to my husband if you're reading this :
I love you and no matter what you said, i still love you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Madness Weekend!

It has been a madness weekend last week. with Lissa coughing every hour, with me having a runny nose, with my husband not having enough sleep..with the apt has multiple dirty dishes inside the sink, jumble of cloth to be was chaotic!

Nvm, let's start with a really good story.
Lissa started to learn a new stuff from her friend (i guess). biting her lower lips.. all day after coming back from school, she was biting her lips, eventhough during smiling or talking!

This pix was taken on Friday at 3 am. i couldnt sleep all nite. she was coughing and coughing. her head felt quite warm, and i took her temperature. 37.4! That can be considered as 'on the verge of fever'. I was terrified! Luckily, we kept some cool fever in the fridge. cut in half to fit her forehead.

 We went to Dr Tan's Clinic on Saturday morning - to get first dose of Rotavirus.Dr Tan also gave us cough syrup and very low dose of antibiotic for her cough. He told us to come back to him if she wasnt ok by wednesday. She was quite ok by Sunday morning.we decided to go to OU since they have Audrey mega sale!

So after I did some clean up, we went to OU to buy some of stuff in my to-buy-thing list.

And one of things in my list was Lissa's first reading book. i bought 2 instead.but introduced only one for the first time. she put a lot of interest on the pictures (plus with my reading incorporated with silly sound of vroomm vroomm and chuggg chuggg).

(sempat posing lagi!)
After quite some time, she got upset. i guess coz she couldnt eat the book..!

Well, by Monday morning, around 2 am, she kept on coughing continuously. i gave her cough syrup got from Dr Tan. and took EL to take care of her. Monday evening, we went back to my parents at KL so that during the day, my sis could take care of her. still couldnt trust her nursery - too many kids - less attention, rite?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny article

I came across this article about bf where it really made me smile throughout the day.

"New mothers may have some inhibitions about transforming themselves from being a desirable woman into a milk-producing mammal."

So coincidence with my situation right now. Even my friends told me that I've progressed to build a milk factory with a brand Marigold looming large outside the building.

"NEW mums and mums-to-be may find themselves swirling in a bowl of alphabet soup where the nutritional needs of their babies are concerned. DHA, ARA, EFA, LCP, etc, seem to be the latest lingo. Looking back, I guess the good old days must have been much easier for our grandmothers and mothers had only one choice: breast milk – free and easily available." Yes, definitely true!! Mothers nowadays have too many options to skip the breastfeeding part (along with nipple soreness & bleeding & engorgement and the list goes on and on..)

The writer also emphasized on how she observed new mums during her visit at hospital :

When I was there, I observed that all new mums were enthusiastic about nursing their newborns. However, after a few days at home, many of them returned to report that their babies were on formula milk. What happened to the enthusiastic mums who were aware of the goodness of human milk, yet failed to breastfeed their babies?
Well well... let's think and evaluate..
Here are pictures of Lissa-after school..

Lissa : trying to tell mama what happened at school today..
Mama : Erm..pandai nye Lissa cakap Jerman ye.. or maybe French-Bonjour? Comment allez vous? Je m'apelle Lissa et Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah.. (huhuhu..awal-awal lagi ajar baby to speak French. je t'aime!!!)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Baby Lissa!

It has been a wonderful 4 months spending time with you and mama looks forward to spend another..say..thousands of years with you..
May Allah bless you, bless us as a family..
May Allah answer to my pray day and night for you to be happy, be anak solehah, be a clever and good girl to both of us, mama and abah..
Remember that we love u no matter what.
Your mama and abah, and forever will be,
~~Mama & Abah~~

Is Your Marriage Babyproof?

I did this quiz in babyzone : Is Your Marriage Babyproof?
I got back the result, luckily as Type 2 :You are on your way to super parent status! Your relationship is one of compromise and collaboration. Keep up the good work!
Hopefully, it will turn out true!! As for now, we are happy, in addition to a family really makes us super happy! Alhamdulillah.. May God bless us with happiness - sampai akhirat..aminnnn

A New post for Year 2010 (at last)

I guess it wasn't too late for me to wish everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (though we are already in February)
A mixed feeling going on my mind on that new year's eve. Happy, Melancholy, Excited and Satisfied? I couldn't find the exact word to describe what I felt.


Looking back at what I have gone thru, what have I accomplished.. I can conclude that Year 2009 was a wonderful, sweet and most memorable year for me.

Listed below are all those happy, sweet memories for me and my husband along 2009 :


January 2009

From the beginning, my tittle evolved from Ms to Mrs. Being a wife to someone was easy. But being a good and solehah wife to someone wasn't easy. Just imagine to have to share a room with other person, even have to share bed and bathroom. Have to prepare food, tidy up the room and house, clean bathroom, wash and arrange clean cloth. But I managed to enjoy every moment spent with him. To wake up next to someone I love, to go back from work to a home we shared together, to get to do stuff with the person I cherish, were much much worth it!


During the first few weeks of January, we went for our honeymoon. Those serenity and peaceful surroundings were what we need that time. After those tiring days and weeks preparation for our wedding, we finally could get some relaxing moment, together. Alhamdulillah, everything went smooth. Even though lack of planning for place to stay, we were able to find the most comfortable place to stay. Thanks to Zen Garden Resort, Kundasang! We had a wonderful time there.

The most wonderful time was when we woke up as early as 530 am, just to watch kinabalu mount. words can describe what we felt at that time. The most breathtaking scenery we've ever seen!!

A walk to the jungle and forest,visiting the Canopy Walk, enjoying every moment with fresh air and numerous tall trees soothed our mind.

Although the trekking up hill made us shot of breath, it was worth it!


After 3 days 2 nights of astonishing stay at Kundasang, we went back to Kota Kinabalu town and continue our jalan2 cari makan. The reason I said that was because of the seafood. I cant express how fresh and cheap the crabs, prawn, squid and fish over there. We had a full stomach for the whole visit!


By the end of January, multiple events filled our life already. And it was just a beginning of 2009. Yet, good news not over.I found out that I was pregnant by the end of the month. 24th January to be exact. I was late, and I knew that we're going to be parents. He was overwhelmed with the news. Felt like on top of the world!


24th January to 2nd October

The timeline has marked a new start for both of us. Lucky and fortunate, I didn't have any morning sickness or alergy throughout my pregnancy. And he has been the best husband I've ever wanted. Care for me and fulfill my emotion and basic needs. Just say whatever I want, he'll give it. Alhamdulillah, my labor was also easy and smooth, never thought that bringing a child to a world was that easy. Berkat doa every night dan semangat from my husband and family, Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah binti Rosman was born healthy.

Lissa with her abah

Lissa's first bath with nenek

Lissa and mama

Lissa with Atuk

Lissa with Nenek

Lissa with Nyang Nyang (Great grandfather)


April 2009

We moved to our first owned apartment after almost 4 months staying at rented 1 bedroom apt at Brunsfield Apartment. Pangsapuri Indahria. At last! I bought the apartment with a downpayment for only RM500 in 2006. The first property owned by me. However, we didn't want to make any renovation for the apartment since we are going to move to our landed house by either end of 2010 or early 2011. so, the apt stays as it is



So, new year, new resolution, I guess?
  • To be a better wife to Mr Rosman - amin
  • To be the best mom to Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah - amin
  • To successfully breastfeed Lissa as long as til she reaches 2 years old - InsyaAllah
  • To be a good daughter to my mom, dad and in-laws
  • To be a good sis to my sisters and brother
  • To be a dedicated worker to Proton Holdings
  • To buy a new car - long term resolution-dateline 2011??

 After all said and done, I better start planning for the whole year 2010. Wish me luck!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend updates

Last night, I learnt a new phrase from my husband. He said to me: " Kebahagiaan tu bukan milik mutlak kita. Sedangkan duit dalam poket kita ni pun bukan hak kita, bila-bila masa Tuhan boleh ambil balik." It made me realized it's true. Doa doa and doa..and tawakal to Allah that we will be always be blessed with happiness. And of course we need to berusaha. Ikhtiar so that we could stay happy forever. Walaupun badai melanda.. cewah.. berfalsafah plak.. (wink!)

Lissa sakit mata. I don’t know how she got it. But her watery and sometimes reddish eyes made me miserable since Thursday.. I recalled that she used to get any infection every Thursday.. then for the whole weekend suffering, Monday, ready and fresh to be infected again.. so sad that she has to face these kind of sickness..

After dropping some of bm inside her eyes (like my mom said, antibiotic contained inside our bm), the sore begun to reduce and no more reddish eyes!

Though those multiple events, we went for another sushi time last Friday


Sushi for Abah and Mama..

Lissa slept from the time we got there til we went back!

I don’t know what it’s called. Spicy Miso soup based with Udon and Scallop? But it’s for Abah. Mama cant eat it, too hot!!
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