Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Whining Entry

This is one hell of an entry.
because i'm in a very very bad condition.
let me give u a list..
  • Lissa still has her coughing every now and then. plus a runny nose.. pity her.. cant help her much. felt so bad!
  • My own bad health conditions (suddenly song by MOH ringing inside my head "Tak tahan tak tahan..Sabarku tak tertahan..Melayan sikapmu perawan..lalalalala)
    • Stuffy and runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • A Garau voice (i tot it'll turn out to be a sexy Ella voice. i guess i was wrong!)
    • A bad and twisted stomachache (unknown cause, has been for quite a week)
  • A very messy home = A very messy mind
Oh, come on! the list could go on and on..
ni mesti bahana melawan cakap suami ni - my lil notie thoughts kept on saying that.
last nite, i was arguing with my husband (not scaring-screaming-serious argument, but teasing type argument) about how a wife should be treated like a queen by her husband. but he kept on saying that a wife should treat her husband like a king. i asked him which hadith said that, as far as i'm concern, a hadith mentioned about a wife should be in a bedroom for her husband. every other things have to be prepared by her husband - food, clothes, almost everything. That's what my husband argue, he already prepared all those things (which is sooo true - admit senyap2 je)..he even teased me "dalam blog bukan main lagi cita² nak jadi isteri mithali la" hahaha.. sengih sudahhhh...
What i could do now to ease the pain? Like my husband said "semua yang jadi ade hikmahnya" so, redha and tawakal! (i already plan for a long break starting tomorrow! need a long nice rest..nak minta mc 2 hari dgn doc..hehe)
Oh, Before i end this entry for today, a special note to my husband if you're reading this :
I love you and no matter what you said, i still love you!
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