Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Trick, Lissa?

Look at her! New trick : Sucking toes!!

After I made some "haip!" sound, there you go! A big smile! Naughty smile..

I've been delaying time to update this blog. I should've posted this entry last week, but i was caught up in a 2-day working day last week. on monday and thursday i took emergency leave. lissa was having mild fever. her body temperature suddenly went up. it was 2 am in the morning, i was in a deep sleep, when my husband woke me up. he was just about to get to bed after watching some midnight movies (i went to bed early during weekdays. got exhausted during the day) when he wanted to give a gudnite kiss to Lissa, he felt that her forehead was quite warm. he woke me up, and with a really sleepy head, i touched Lissa and told she was fine.  Later around 10 mins, i guess, i came to my sense when i felt she was freakingly hot! She was fully asleep when we put the wet towel on her head. After i nursed her and gave her a small amount of paracetamol, around 3 am she was wide awake and started talking. and to my surprise, she pooped quite a lot. changed her diapers and i was fully freshed and couldnt go back to sleep. took her picture and decided not to go to work the next day. My husband gave me a greenlight, and I pull my blanket..really nice not to have to go to work. yeay!!
The next day, thursday 25th feb, dayang, my colleague texted me telling me that she wasnt going to work also. Her son, anas, who is also in the same nursery as Lissa, had a fever and cough. We went to clinic together that day. Klinik Medi Utama at Section 13 since her paed, Dr Tan still on CNY leave.
There was quite a queue when we arrived at 10.30 after we filled up necessary forms, we went to the nearby restaurant and had roti canai. Lissa was excited looking at people in the mamak stall and tire herself. she suddenly just fell asleep. with her chubby face, she really looks like sinchan's sister.hehe..
This is my colleague, Dayang with her son aka Lissa's roommate, Anas Zufar.Alhamdulillah, Lissa had her fever for that day only. Most likely because of the weather. I have to admit, the unstable weather due to global warming really can affect us, especially baby.
Since Lissa was back to her normal state (no fever, no cough, no cold) and as a reward to me for being a devoted-and-stay-at-home-mom, my husband brought us to one of our fav rest, Pan Bakery located at Subang Jaya, near Subang Parade,McDonald and Masjid Subang Jaya for dinner on Friday night.

 This is for abah, tomyam. and he also had prawn fried rice,which was delicious. And pardon me, i totally forgot to take picture of my Sirloin Steak - too hungry that  i ate it all before i managed to get the picture.hehe..
And Lissa, too busy watching the tv showing ice-hockey game. Just look at her leg!! I have to put her seat inclined-she was crying when she was lying flat. Once her seat was up, she didn't bother us anymore. Good one, Lissa! Now, learn how to seat properly, okay?

Here are mama and abah, kekenyangan. hehe.. time to go home and sleep..hehe.. bad, bad  habit!

The next day, saturday 27th feb, we went to my brother's girlfriend's brother's wedding at Rembau. This is the second wedding we went. Last year, December, we went for her sister's wedding. Lissa was a doll. Everyone at her house wanted to hold her and she remained silent as she is. This picture was taken before we arrived. Lissa was awake the whole trip. She fell asleep only for less than 30 mins during the journey back to Shah Alam.
This weekend was one of the best week. We've got to spend our quality time as a family and got to do stuff together.

i love these pictures!!

These two precious person in my life
Mama love you both so much!
May Allah bless our family


MOMMY NADIA said... tua cakap kalau bb dah boley masuk kaki kat mulu dah nak dapat adik baru..camane tuh..
Adam tak boleh,kaki gemok tak sampai..selalu dia yg masukkan dalam mulut Nadia..hishhish..

p/s:now tgh musim la..Nadia pun mc..demam..then pass kat Adam kali ni dia demam suam2 ubat ok..hope tak melarat..abis cuti huhuhu

~~rosman~aireen~~ said...

eish eish nadia.. tu kepercayaan karut tuh..hehehe(gelak nervous)
sbnrnye ade gak org cakap macam tu..arap2 tak lagi la.. yg sorang ni pun tak terjaga.huuhuu! dah la sensor out (since pregnant tak penah lagi dtg bulan) normal ker?


ok lah tu..means u tk subur dunt worry ..kalau dah period br nak kena berhati2!..:)

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