Friday, February 19, 2010

TGIF, everyone!

It's Friday everyone! Thank God It's Friday!! (Now i can use that phrase without confusing anyone -TGIF bukak ke hari Selasa? hahaha)
Someone in my ofce asked me this stupid question : Why do you stay works with Proton after these years?
These years?? it has only been 4 years and 3 months! not like some Proton staff who have been so devoted with Proton, stay as Proton staff for 20 years!! (refer to Mr Husband-a loyal Proton staff since 1989!)
Well, i come to a conclusion :
1. Proton is an established company since 1989 - supported by Malaysian Government - and much much stable these days. Even our MD has just released a memo telling how good we are doing nowadays (i heard a kachinnnggg sound. is it bonus time? hehehe)
2.Currently i am loving what i'm doing. i love these jobs. although the works are piling up, but i like it, honestly. All the material testing, quality investigation and reports. No one in my department is doing this job. and i feel special..hehe
3.Stress-free job. that's what i can tell as long as you are doing your job according to your superior, following procedure and making sure that you're not exceeding your dateline (which you set it in the first place)
4.We can go back exactly at 5:30 pm, no one will force you to stay back, and no weekend job!

Not because i have my husband here, but because i love my job!

ok all, it's already 5:30 pm, got to go home!! yeay!
Have a good weekend everyone!



tgk mail dato' syed,terus ingat bonus aje kan..hehe..oklah tu dah 4yrs me..1 yr pun tak smp lagi..
neway,itshard for me at 1st time to suit with Proton culture,but yet I start love the people here..hehe..doesnt mean i hv o follow the culture.."changes start from me"..i luv this quote..

cant imgine if I's still a my old workplace..530pm sharp is impossible!

neway let us be loyal to dato'..eheh salah plak Proton!!

tgif..happy weekend!

~~rosman~aireen~~ said...

haha.. pandai pun nadia!
mula2 mmg tengah type for this entry, suddenly masuk plak email from dato' syed. ape lagi.. mcm terdengar2 je bunyi kacinnng, kesimpulannye : loyal to dato' syed, eh eh Proton..hehehe. agree sgt2 dgn nadia!

Yes, change start with me. even tho workplace environment not very convincing..we still manage to change those people ikut kita..yang penting, kerjasama! asalkan kita tak terbawa2 culture yg negative kan?

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