Monday, June 30, 2014

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan


I'd like to wish all muslims out there, Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak and Selamat Berpuasa.

Today is the second day of fasting. How do you find it?
As i shared previously, tips berpuasa & macam mana nak menghadapi bulan puasa, how to stay fresh and healthy (you can CLICK HERE if you missed it)

My secret of staying fresh now? Mineral Coffee. It will keep you away from hunger, feel fresh and healthy.

Oh by the way, Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, or GLAM in short, will held a GLAM Iftar together with GLAM family and friends at JW Marriot KL this coming 12th July 2014.

You are more than welcomed to join us if you'd love to.

Do contact me to attend 017-6511966

Selamat Berpuasa.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hunting for RTW Baju Raya

Oh My!!

This year banyak betul RTW from famous designers, especially in

Mulalah rambang mata ni.

Oh, ade yg tak tau ape RTW? It is Ready-To-Wear. Baju dah siap, tinggal pakai je.hehe

Last year I wore RTW from Jovian Mandagie.

This year kononnye the whole family nak kaler purple.

ok, jom tengok kaler purple ape yang ade

This one from Jovian Mandagie RTW
Cantik kan? simple and tak heavy sangat.

Syomir Izwa. Your design catched my eyes!
Can this be consider purple?? boleh laaaa

tiba-tiba, ternampak this design. Adui! cant help to eye on this.
Rizalman for zalora. memang drooling!
So can you help me choose which one??

the hunting continues...


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Teaser : The Diamond Night 2014

Last Saturday was a great day, a day to remember for the rest of my life.

An award recognition for my hard work.

Some teaser for you before I tell you further.

Stay tuned for the updates!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ashraff Zainal, the Talented Fashion Designer and The Red Carpet Event

Who is Ashraff Zainal, some wonders.

Ashraff Zainal is another up-and-coming talented fashion designer who has designed many of renowned Malaysian celebs lately, Betty Rahmad, Umi Aida, Hanis Zalikha, Nora Danish and Erra Fazira, just to name a few.
Umie Aida in Ashraff Zainal's

Betty Rahmad in Ashraff Zainal's Lebaran Collection

Hanis Zalikha

Nora Danish for ABPBH
Erra Fazira for Primadona
Both Betty Rahmad and Umie Aida

This year for our red carpet event, the Diamond Night Celebration, I will be getting an award by the company for my ranked in business. I am now on the third ranked out of 5 ranks. Alhamdulillah, I am a Diamond now.
Will be receiving the reward and it's gonna be a celebration to be remembered.
Thus, i chose to make a designer dress for the event.
Since Ashraff Zainal is so famous nowadays and looking at his fabulous designs, i decided to get his talent for this event to remember.
On the day i had the appointment, my husband drove me to Ashraff Zainal's boutique which located at Sentul East D7.
On the back of my mind, i have aimed this Classy look dress with simple design like this.
But once arrived, Ashraff started to design multiple dresses, one after another, til i was sooo not sure which one.
All are very nice looking and beautiful! such a talented designer. Tak perlu cakap nak design mcmn, he just came out with options.

He also came out with his own design of shoes which are very classy looking and also with reasonable price.

These shoes are 5-6 inches high but u will feel comfortable and easy to walk with.
It is custom made to your feet. so no more feeling like i am a 8 and half, but my left foot is like 8. hehe

Before we went back, of course a must, to snap pictures together.
Ashraff was so funny when he said i am so much taller than him that i need to crop this!

Of course feeling models.haha

These are some of the dresses that Nora Danish wore for events like Maharaja Lawak.
Last weekend i went for a fitting session. Tak sabar sangat2.
Cantik view at D7 Sentul East ni. Greeny and very secure.

And i am impressed with the design and the material.
Thank you Ashraff Zainal.
Easy to work with.

There are 5 of us using Ashraff Zainal's talent for our dress.
This year, there'll be total of 8 The Diamond Circle team going on stage for the Diamond awards celebration.
Some teaser for you ;)
This time i chose Fuschia. Heard it is the IN color right now
The event will be held this Saturday 21st June 2014.
So excited!!!
Tonight i'm going to pick up the dress from Ashraff. sooo happy!

Alhamdulillah. only with this business i got to get all the opportunities like this. agak2 kalau x buat business, ade ke terpikey nak g tempah baju with designer? Maybe adala kot, tp angan2. bila nak jadi reality pun not sure, kan..

Will update soon with the event celebration :)


Monday, June 16, 2014

Charles and Keith On SALE!

Oh My!!

Charles and Keith ON SALE!!

I love their shoes just because most of them are very comfortable to wear, affordable especially during SALE and sangat tahan lama.

I have this one shoe which ive been wearing most of the time for 2 years!! dah pergi jauh dah, from in KL, in Proton shah alam factory, in Jakarta and Bandung, in Seoul and in Gold Coast town.

Will update the story about my shoe hunting.

For now, continue browsing the shoes on sale online! alamak! terjebak dah.


Friday, June 13, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 3 Movie World

Hello All

Ive promised to update more on our trip to Gold Coast. 
If you missed the other entries on previous days, just click at the links on the right side bar, where it stated "My Travel Log : Gold Coast"

Okay, now lets tell story about our Day 3 at Movie World! the best day so far in Gold Coast!!

You know how i am towards Roller Coaster, right? (Read HERE)

Going to Movie World is like giving a 3 year-old kid a chocolate fondue. Trust me! i LOVE roller coasters so much that it freaks my husband, whom doesnt like those scary rides or anything that he categorized as "membahayakan jiwa raga". lol!!

Day 3 was the Yellow Day for all of us.
Selfie is a must!!

The wives selfie, while the husbands posed.

Movie World Theme Park opened only for us the first 2 hours. excited giler!
We, the GLAMpreneurs

Lagi excited tengok this Green Lantern Roller Coaster. weeee!

Ready to rock and roll!

We were welcomed by these two cuties

With my Shaliza Aziz, founder for The Diamond Circle

With the rest of Hanis Haizi Protege. Sangat happening

My cutie pie, Tweety Bird

With my lovely business partner, Afizah
Tinggi gila mamat ni. super duper tall
Hello Bunny

We are in!
In front of the Superheroes store

Only open for us, the glampreneurs.
It was super duper happy.
No need to berasak with other strangers

Boleh snap pix sesuka hati with the celebs. Hello Charlie!

The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe


Saya super sempoi today
Hello Movie World!!

The girls in The Diamond Circle
Ni lagi sorang mamat yg super tall. I was below his shoulder, and i am already 5'6".so guess how tall he is.

The bff

The guys in The Diamond Circle
Kalu diorg ni takde, sape nak angkat our bags, sape nak buat lawak and sape nak dance like a 4U2C? hehehe

We were directed to the Movie World Restaurant to have breakfast with the super stars.
Wow! excited.

All are seafood based or roti based. Halal guaranteed.

All seated in the restaurant

And then, the Batman came in!!
All started to scream. Handsome kot. haha

Then these 2 superheroes, which i dont know who. erk? sape tau?

Super girl ke ape? x tau laaa...
tapi amik je pix.hehe

His super deep voice. cair, okay!

Sepuas hati bergambar dgn bunny ni

and also both of them.
Teringat hanie and lissa. if they were there, definitely scream for help. takut

Bergambar sampai muntah with these mascots. no need to queue up ;)

Hey Abang Green Lantern. mcmn badan boleh bersix packs?

With the ladies and Marilyn Monroe

Okay, again, i dont know who're they

Hello Abang Batman
Who's stronger?

Sape muka paling kelakar?

she's cute

and has flawless skin

Eh eh? over plak
The funny thing is this marilyn monroe is a shy girl. she'd blush whenever these guys teased on her.

the spacious eating area

Once we done with our breakfast, we were served by a dance by these two cutie pies.
I tot i saw a pussy cat.

we went to watch the 4D Journey to the Center of the Earth

by this hour, the park was open to public.
So kena la queue

Sambil tu, sempat lagi posed with Alex the Scissors Hand. kan nama nya? ingat2 lupa
Takut sebenarnya nak pose with Joker ni.
tiba2 dia mcm marah weol bila tanya pasal Batman
hehe,marah tipu2 je tu

Now it's packed with public

We were on Honeymoon! heaven sangat
Lets fly

This is another character whom i dont know. but she's lovely, i just have to snap the pix with her

Some of tdc

Ok now we're going to the stunt show

but never got enough posed.
with my partner in roller coaster

Selamba buat video menari kat tengah2 ni. who cares? takde orang kenal.hehehe

with the antique car

Three of us. lets stay together and strong

Now we are at the Stunt show. Actually this show was temporarily closed to public since they're renovating it. but since we were there, hai o arranged for a special stunt show only for us.
How lucky!!

Selfie, sent to myhusband's friend back in Malaysia. saje kot nak bagi!

Marvelous show!! 

Ala Hollywood movie

Then we went to take a ride of Scooby Doo
Most of them didnt want to take any roller coaster rides. but i told them this is the ride with train. bukan takut pun.
so most of them went in

but they didnt know that it is called "coaster"

Hubby pun confident je nak naik

Sebab dia ingat ride train kanak2. yela, scooby doo.

Padahal kat belakang tu ada tulis those warnings...

and i got them all took the ride!!
Keluar je, semua menyumpah! the ride was scary, pusing ke belakang, turun and naik.
hahahahah (gelak jahat plak)
Then we went to the Wild Wild West village

Tere photographer ni snap pix like this.
Penat mr hubby tahan lutut. hehe

Ready for another adventure ride

hubby? tunggu bawah je ready to snap our pix

tinggi okay!
yang orang kt luar tak tau, kat dalam tu dah berapa kali reverse kebelakang n menjerit sakan

Me on the first row, along with Fatin, budak yg hati kering. siap boleh angkat tangan


Okay, basah lencun

After the ride, we played some games, where husband got himself the funny hat.
Went to lunch inside the Movie World Restaurant

It is buffet and makan sampai kenyang

Then, masa yang ditunggu2.
Ready for the Superman Escape Ride.

Only 4 of us yang berani nak naik, myself, Fatin, Aini and yong
Beratur about 45 minutes.
Bila dah sampai turn tu, memang berdebar dada
Tapi once naik, memang the best roller coaster ever!!
0-100 within 3 seconds. laju and satisfied gile!!

Then me and Fatin ran to this ride, Green Lantern.
Mula2 mmg scary, beratur tak lama, but waiting for the staff to rectify one of the seats mcm nak tercabut.
rupanye cover kat kepala je, takde la serious pun.
So naik yg ni, tak selaju Superman ride, but scary!!

Okay, this Batman drop ni mmg i tak naik.
i just dont like the drop off like this. pusing2 tunggang terbalik, okay lagi.

Then we watched the parade. Batman was there

So dis this sylvester cat

and dont know who's this

The tweety and bunny

Masing-masing muka penat, penat menunggu, as compared to me and fatin, puas hati men roller coaster

The Joker

Cat Woman
Seriously takde lemak langsung!!

Finished off with a posed by Batman

Balik je petang tu, masing2 kepenatan.
Took a rest and started to pack some of our shopping bags
Okay, kepala pening nak menyusun.hehe
Feel so lucky to be able to go to Movie World with these special arrangements. if nak pegi sendiri, definitely tix theme parks je more than RM200 per pax, then special arrangement makan and masuk awal? memang takde la kan.

Okay, thats it for now. I'll continue with our Day 3 Nights Out pulak ye

See ya!!


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