Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Felixia Yeap

Terpanggil nak menulis about this girl.

Felixia Yeap

Ada lagi yang tak kenal siapa Felixia Yeap?

She is a blogger and a model, whom has been featured in lots of magazines, FHM, Playboy and many others.
extracted from her blog
But starting last year, she chose to wear differently than she used to.


and baju kurung.

I am very impressed with her huge tranformation. Alhamdulillah.
And from what i read, she's going to say the Kalimah Syahadah, memeluk Islam by this Ramadhan.

Reading for her blog (click HERE), she has a huge dilemma with people around her. Some said that she's all hypocrite by wearing hijab with jubah or baju kurung; some came out with her sexy pictures during modelling time. Please people, give her a break. She has made decision and she is in better situation.

Quoting what she said, she felt safe wearing hijab and menutup aurat rather than exposing it.

She was one of the most sopan celebrity during the ABPBH held recently as compared to other muslim celebrities.
Felixia Yeap at ABPBH
Katanya : Janji hati tenang.

Read her confession : The Truth Behind my Hijab as a playboy bunny before and now as someone who wears hijab.

"Now, if people think I am weird to be a non-Muslim model covering herself up, so be it." - Felixia Yeap

Also read more on her confession HERE and HERE

Moga Tuhan permudahkan perjalanan hidup Felixia Yeap.

To Felixia Yeap,
You've got all the support from us. Keep on wearing those hijab coz you're so much sweeter and beautiful.
Keep on writing and inspire other people.
Be strong.


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