Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yeoju Premium Outlets, Korea ‘s 1st Luxury Premium Outlet

Still recall my previous entry on our free trip to korea? click here to refresh ur memory :)

We have just find out that one of the itinerary to our Korea free trip in September will be to Yeoju Premium Outlets. 
Sangat yeay! so excited!! 
yeoju premium outlets
The Yeoju Premium Outlets
yeoju premium outlets
Anywhere around the world, the concept of factory outlet would be the same. Exactly like at our place, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) at Johor & also to few outlets that i've visited before back in the United States those days.

Shinsegae Chelsea Premium Outlets, Korea’s first designer shopping outlet center, has opened in Yeoju province. The Yeoju Preumium Outlet Shopping Center is enormous, taking up 265,500 square meters, and is Asia’s 2nd largest outlet to Japan’s Gotenbar Outlet. The outlet center houses such shops as Adidas, Armani, Burberry, Coach, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Royal Copenhagen, Ferragamo, and Valentino, with over 120 popular brand names, 90% of them being foreign brands, also including Korean designer brands such as Kuho, Kim Young Joo, and Hazzys.

What Brands?

- A Fashion Lover’s Haven for Smart Shopping

Harus ke beratur panjang mcm ni? masa ni lah bleh cakap "Oh My Gucci" ehehehe
Ferragamo, Burberry, Coach, Zegna, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani, Anna Molinari, Vivienne Westwood, and more
Real fashion experts that are familiar with all the brand names can choose from over 120 brand name designers
Discounts of 25% - 65% are available all year long 

- Buying gifts for that special someone there are many designer brands to choose from:
A. Folli Follie, Swarovski, Tasaki, Golden Dew Vivid, Accessorize, & more - jewelry brands
B. CK Underwear, Wacoal, Venus, & more – innerwear brands
C. Rush, The Cosmetic Company Store, & more –  soap and make-up brands
D. Suecomma Bonnie, Nine West, & more – shoe brands 

- A Golf Mania’s Wish List

Callaway Golf, Ping, Bogner, Dunlop, Nike Golf, Kim Young Joo Golf, & more 

I became super excited. cant wait for Korea Trip this September.

Next free trip to Gold Coast.
australia gold coast
Still open and available for you out there.
Let be with my team and together we fly high to Australia in 2014!

Credit to : Visit Korea


Ramadhan Al-Mubarak


Morning all!

Today marked the 22nd day of Ramadhan. Cepat kan time flies..

Anyway, people usually relates Ramadhan and fasting for not being productive enough. all the yada yada excuses on being tired, sleepy and exhausted during this month. Little they know that this month is a month full of blessings, full of barakah, rezeki dan nikmat from our Creator.

Betapa rugi nya those people for not taking full opportunity from this month

Ramadhan bulan berkat

The more i relate this month to daily life and business, the more i see the benefits.

and Alhamdulillah. this month i have met more new business partners and distributors. With the closing of July yesterday, marked my new chapter. new responsibility. new representatives on different region, different background, even different gender.

Now, my group expanded to more than 1 region; ie Klang Valley. we have representatives from Kedah, specifically Sungai Petani; from Negeri Sembilan, specifically Senawang, Seremban, Nilai & Jelebu; from Johor; and many others.
We had iftar together at GLAM before class. Iftar, jemaah Maghrib, Isya' and Terawih. Feel so lucky and blessed under this group because both duniawi and akhirat are balanced

A few of my biz partners during the GLAM Iftar held at JW Marriot
Glam iftar JW marriot kl
 The Men in GLAM together with our mastermind CDM Razali Zain. Who said this business is for ladies only?
Us, The Diamond Circle along with the GLAM founder CDM Hanis Haizi

Looking back, the hard work and patience did pay off.

Being in this business has taught me a lot.
and patience is one of it.
Leadership when you come to it.
Hardwork definitely.

i'm looking forward for more representatives from other region.

and if you are one of them, contact me.

Time waits for no one.

Lets start the journey together.

The Glampreneur
The Diamond Circle
Pink Diamond


Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet My New GLAMpreneurs

Assalamualaikum All

Hari ni dah masuk Ramadhan yg ke 20 dah kan..
sekejap betul masa berlalu..
Have we asked ourselves is the amal jariah enough already?
or we are still searching for our soul?
Life is all about taking opportunity.
if you missed this Ramadhan, can you get another Ramadhan? Maybe? or maybe there's no more..
Lets pray that we were given another chance to fulfill this Ramadhan and wish for another Ramadhan next year..

Saying about opportunity.
Alhamdulillah.. been in this business for one year has taught me a lot.
i mean, A LOT!
There are a few negativity, a few bad comments, a few pessimistic saying here and there.
But Alhamdulillah, it made me stronger each and every day.
Those comments came from those who didnt understand the business.
Those who either refused to understand or who just didnt give themselves a chance to understand.
I respect those people
you have ur own opinion and your own stand.
at the same time, i pity them.
This industry has contributed more than RM20 million per year to our country.
This industry has certified Halal and has own Act set by our government.
nothing much to say.
facts tell enough.

i met these wonderful people around me
i met those opportunists
who see every opportunity and value friendship

Let me introduce you to our new GLAMpreneurs this month.
whom will receive their first bonus in the Raya Month. 
Bonus raya not RM500, but RM4500 to be shared among loved ones during Syawal

Meet my new business partners ..

Dylla Azmi
kuala lumpur taman melati kelantan
She was an unknown to me. She found me while googling for eczema solution. Then she ordered the Marine Essence Beauty Bar. I took the opportunity to meet her. and she was indeed such a lovely young mom of one. 
When she used the beauty bar, along with her mom, she found that it works like a magic. her skin starts to be flawlessly, no more scaling.

And that was when she contacted me to know more about the business.

She was previously an IT engineer. Resigned and concentrated on their young baby. Now that her son reached 1 year old, she figured that having income from her own pocket rather than spending her husband's is more satisfying. Giving her mom and dad monthly allowance from her own titik peluh is more content. 

Personally, she is a very independent partner. I guided her a few steps and she knows already. she is highly motivated person and looking forward to earn more. Even though her son is still a fully breastfed baby, and not yet bottle trained, she didnt put it as an excuse not to involve in any business activities. she put it as a challenge and after all, what she did today will definitely benefit tomorrow.

Anyone from Kuala Lumpur, especially Taman Melati & Cheras, and also Kelantan, can contact her.

Here's her blog : CLICK HERE

 Eda Edros
She is another unknown to me. She is partner to Dylla Azmi, a friend of Dylla's sister. how small this world be when you have the social media.

She is far from us. but the beauty of this business, we can get connected and i can easily guide her through email, whatsapp and we chat. In this business, no matter where you are, jauh atau dekat, you can still be successful. 

She is very determined person. Personally, i barely know her. I never met her, but i can feel her enthusiasm and spirit. We clicked easily through alam maya. she follows my lead. anything i say or guide, she took action immediately.

Anyone from Sungai Petani, Kedah who wants to know the opportunity, contact her. 

Here's her blog : CLICK HERE

Zulidzham Arif
glam lelaki
Welcoming another Man in GLAM. A young engineer at one of reputable semiconductor manufacturer in Senawang. Young and passionate GLAMpreneur, within less than a week signing up, he has queued appointments with people asking for the business opportunity.

He was a friend of my brother. Who would have thought that we'll meet? this is the power of Facebook.

Looking forward to work together and achieve more dear.

To those of you, guys out there, who wants to know how we do it in team, and guide every single step, but malu2 nak contact us, ladies, you can contact him.
Also, those in Seremban, Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, he's nearer to your location.

Here's his blog : CLICK HERE

I will update more on my other dedicated GLAMpreneurs.
and insyaAllah, will be welcoming another GLAMpreneur by end of today. Semoga urusan dia dipermudahkan. amin!

To those of you who are still wondering..
do not ragu2.. give me a call and i will share with you
the decision will be urs.

Lets du-it, partners!!

The GLAMpreneur

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Men and Corset

Corset is usually associated with women, ladies. 

The thing is, Premium Beautiful Corset isn't one of the typical corset you can find in the market, in Giant or Tesco.

It is the best corset, the very best, the Super Brand Award corset.

It is the main leading hot selling corset in the market.

Now, why do you need these corset?
Why do you have to wear something sticking to your body throughout your days?

As i quote from our CDM Razali Zain :

A good answer would be?..... to look good.


A great answer would be?..... to feel good.

Thing is, it's all back to health.

Unlike food supplements/replacements/shakes/pills/juices etc. Those are all intake. Premium Beautiful isn't one of those. It ain't exercise. Put it to context people. It's a piece of undergarment, a cloth you wear it on your body.

Tell me, is there any other thing close to this?

Heck of course you can get a cheaper ciplak version or those rubbery-instant-solution to your flabby stomach-waists-thighs KFC looking figure. But the truth is, Premium Beautiful IS the BEST solution in it's category - period.

Now, lets take a look at the slimming center which have been tumbuh bak cendawan out there.

Did they cost you RM10 per session? 
Not even close!

They overcharged. 

They tell you that you need this treatment for your arm and that treatment for your flabby stomach and those treatments for your thigh. Correct me if im wrong, but these were experienced by most of my friends who went to the slimming center.

But, did it work? 

Yes and No.

Yes, if you sign up for the said treatments and pay a bunch and keep your meal to their menu, ie soup, chicken soup and salad.

No, if you belasah all the food, and has no more money in your pocket to pay the extra extra treatment they offer.

Ok, now, Premium Beautiful is the most efficient way for your body investment. 
No additional cost, no hidden cost, no extra treatment here and there.

The Lifetime Warranty just give you the ease of mind!
Tell me other health product that offer you these?

Back to my topic up there.

Men and Corset.

Can men wear the corset?

are you kidding me???

those were the actual words came out from my male friends when i suggested them this.

No, of course not the whole set!

premium beautiful corset and men
You have this.
Waist Nipper.

The Waist Nipper is one of the three pieces that makes up a Premium Beautiful set. And it's the piece that can be worn by anybody not just the ladies. 
It should be worn at your waist, nama pun Waist nipper kan?

That's where it can tackle this problem:
solution for perut boroi

OR this..

solution for back pain slipped disc

What's the special effects of wearing Premium Beautiful? Guna Adobe photoshop ke ape?

solution for back pain slip disc

This is based on CDM Razali Zain's testimony:

* 1st effect - Perut buncit transforms to Perut kempis.

* 2nd effect - Slouch/Bongkok transformasi to TEGAP.

* 3rd effect - Tidur nyenyak/lena.

* 4th effect - Buang angin/air/toksin.

* 5th effect - Kulit jadi sihat/lembut.

*6th effect - Those with slipped disc be getting better

solution for back pain slip disc

I really don't know how to explain the 3rd & the 5th 'syed efek' but Memang I sleep better and my skin problem gone (I used to have this irritating dry skin problem at my feet).

OK, now you get the whole picture, right?

How to order?

Call me at 017-6511966
Whatsapp / Wechat

or drop me an email at

You'll be amazed on the effect and benefits.


Love Coffee?

Do you love Coffee?
Do you love coffee so much but you are worried about the caffeine in it?
coffee lover

Worry no more.

Introducing a solution to coffee lover out there!
Coffee Lover Mineral Coffee Bamboo salt
Mineral Coffee
Experience the Natural and Exotic in your cup of coffee

With combination of Robusta Coffee powder and Natural Korea Organic bamboo salt, The Mineral Coffee delivers an exuberant aroma.
Coffee Lover Mineral Coffee Bamboo salt

Plus it is a source of magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium! Not only you can enjoy coffee so much, it also benefits you by providing minerals for healthy body, revitalized tired minds and body and also... RELEASE TENSION.

Sangat sesuai for those who work in a stressful office environment.
Coffee Lover Mineral Coffee Bamboo salt

It has NO added sugar, FREE from cholesterol and preservatives.

One box contains 20 packs and the retailed price is RM26.50.

PM me to get special discount. 
Just mention I Love Coffee.

What are the bamboo salt's benefits?
Coffee Lover Mineral Coffee Bamboo salt garam buluh
More details on Bamboo salt or garam buluh, refer HERE.

For bulan Ramadhan, you can take it during sahur. and you'll experience a fresh and enegertic body and mind throughout your day.

Try it and feel the difference.

Stay tuned for my entry on how you can WIN a FREE TRIP to Gold Coast with the Mineral Coffee.

Sharing is Caring!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

The GLAM Rewards

What we do best, we share together, we celebrate together

One of the fun and great thing being a GLAMpreneur is that you've got rewarded once you made great achievements.

Some of it are the 100G Award , RM100,000 Sales in a month; Car Fund , Allowance for car more than RM1,000 per month from company; and of course the Ranking and upgrading, Double Diamond Manager (DDM) (the 2nd highest ranked of the business) and Crown Diamond Manager (CDM) the highest rank. Btw, we hv only 5 ranks overall. and a CDM is like a CEO of company. with income more than RM40,000 per month and unlimited. In GLAM, it only took an average of 2 years to achieve that highest position. The beauty of this business is that we can have as many as CDMs aka CEOs in the company. Not like typical company where only 1 CEO at one time. 

The other day in GLAM, we celebrated our lovely leader, my direct leader, Shaliza Aziz for becoming a CDM.

celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Cantik sangat our mummy that night. Arabic style.
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
We felt the excitement, me and biz partner Afizah Nordin
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
My dedicated biz partners, Afizah Nordin & Lina Saat
The theme was Green and Yellow
chanel cake
The marvelously design cake! ordered by me from Dwen Ujang
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Our CDM gave her speach. Honestly it touched my heart. Siap berair mata lagi.. Susah payah, perit jerih yg dia lalui, no one knows. but she survived and it is worth it!! 2 tahun berkorban untuk kesenangan hari ni and masa depan. sangat2 bangga dengan dia.
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Lets cut the cakes!!
The pavlova look alike cake ordered by our Hanis Haizi
The Secret Recipe cake was from our Sha Khalid
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Sayang kan nak potong?
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi prada handbag
Sangat comel.. ok, gojes, look at the PRADA!!!
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Sangat happy tengok ieja malam tu.. teruja!! one day i will be like her!!
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Our Sha Khalid, the kecil molek, gave the speech
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Again, the PRADAAA
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Me and the young and restless, Yong! sangat dedicated. muda lagi and income now reaching 5 figures! 
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
erk, cake chanel dah dipotong??
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Me and biz partners.
From left, Afizah Noordin, yours truly, Lina Saat and Dylla Azmi
Two of them were unknowns. we get to know each other when we are in this biz. Alhamdulillah, the power of online marketing. takde kawan pun, boleh buat bisnes.
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Giving you some love!
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Ieja & loving husband Duan who was previously membangkang 100% ape yg ieja nak buat earlier. but when he saw one by one proof of her success, now he has become one of the strongest supporter. That means, in anything we do, yes we need blessing. tapi bile ada halangan tu, kite sendiri kena bangun and buktikan yg kite boleh.
On the right was our GLAM Principal, CDM Razali Zain. The most creative person i've ever met.
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Sweet kan duan and ieja? love and respect both of them sooo much!!
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
And the best thing was i received a token of appreciation for being a qualifier of Shanghai/KOREA, a Long Champ pouch. LOVE IT!! Thanks to ieja and duan :) Cant wait for our trip to Korea in September nanti..weeee!!
celebration rewards glampreneur ttdi
Before we left, of course, a picture with the Mastermind! 
and the most dedicated and millionaire Hanis Haizi

We had greattt time with partners and Glampreneurs.
It never occur to me that being a businesswoman, part timely, can enjoy the great celebration together and some day i will get the reward!!

Tabung Amal Project

We started a fund raising to help our muslim brothers and sisters in Syria. 
From first Ramadhan til first Syawal, every purchase of any product under participating Glampreneur, including me, RM1 will be contributed to the fund.
Amal Project Sedekah Derma Amal jariah Glampreneur Syria muslims
Bersama-samalah kita beramal di bulan yang Mulia ini. Membeli sambil Menderma kepada yang memerlukan
Moga rezeki kita lebih berkat dan mendapat ganjaran yang berlipat kali ganda dari Nya.
Jazzakallah khair.

For more info:
email me at

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rezeki Bulan Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum All

How's your first day fasting? Bersahur tak pagi tadi? me? being a pemakan, i have to sahur in order to make sure i dont turn out to be some tiger or lion in the afternoon.hehe. Just Kidding.

I was reading my leader, Sha Khalid's blog and she wrote about her experience during Ramadhan as a part time business woman. You can read it HERE

"Ramadhan is a month where we practice restraint and self-control. During this holy month, let’s be reverent and remember the precepts of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala (S.W.T). As much as fasting is about self-restraint, it is not enough to merely abstain from food and drinks, but let us also put our hearts, minds and words in submission to Allah’s instructions. In the Quran and Sunnah, Ramadhan is also associated with rewards, forgiveness and redemption."

Yes, true. approaching Ramadhan, i have a lot of order especially on the Marine Essence series (body wash and syampoo), BBPlus Collagen for energy during the day and also Premium Beautiful. Customers were taking the opportunity of the newly announced RM150 rebate per set
baju raya jovian mandagie meletup
Confirm nampak meletops dgn baju jovian
(erm.. when will i get my jovian ni..tak sabar)
Sambutan pun super luar biasa sebab masing2 nak pakai baju raya and looking good during the first few days of raya. Nanti takde la orang tanya, eh lama tak jumpa, nape nampak u mcm berisi jeik? (those were questions asked to me before i wore Premium Beautiful tau! sakit jiwa rasa. tp nak buat cane, our sedara gak kan? but kalau kite nampak kurus, takde plak nak compliment.. eish melayu..)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa Ramadhan 1434

Assalamualaikum all

By now we have already known that tomorrow will be the first Ramadhan of this year

So i am taking this opportunity to wish all of you, my family and friends, my beautilicious team members, my loving mentors, my clients, my customers, my FB friends, my Instagram followers and most likely to my blogger friends ..

Ramadhan Puasa Fasting 2013
Moga Ramadhan kali ini membawa keberkatan dan makna yang lebih mendalam.
Sama-samalah kita bermaaf-maafan sempena bulan yang mulia ini.
Marilah kita melipat gandakan ibadah dan usaha. semoga mendapat keberkatan nya.

Amin.. Ya Rabbal Alamin..

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dreams come True

Seorang anak peneroka Felda, bekas jurutera IT di salah sebuah syarikat terkemuka negara
Now has become an icon for a success lead.

She is Sha Khalid

From a normal ordinary person, now she managed to drive a Mercedes and owned multiple designer handbags

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sempena Bulan Puasa & Hari Raya

Hello all

Sempena bulan puasa and hari raya ni, ade a few promotions going on.


First Product is the Nutrifeast cordial, minuman berkhasiat
boleh untuk berbuka puasa atau sebagai hidangan di pagi raya :)

Ade 3 flavors, which are Mango & Carrot; Kiwi & cucumber; Roselle & Honey.
Nampak sedap kan?
I nak try all three of them!!
Normal price per bottle is RM21.00
but Promotion is Buy 3 for RM57.60!!
Jom try!!
Yang penting takde pewarna tiruan and tinggi kandungan vitamin :)

BBPLUS Collagen

This is a well known product
Sangat tinggi kandungan collagen 
and sangat effective
menjadikan kulit kite lembab, moist..
hilangkan sakit2 sendi
and also, pelapik perut waktu bersahur
confirm sepanjang hari tak lapar!

Normal price is RM180/box
1 box has 20 sachets for 20 days usage

Promotion now is
Buy 3 free 1
with total of RM540
Murah & jimat kan??

Sempena nak raya ni, boleh bagi pada mak kita untuk minum.


Another good product here on promotion

Good to prepare your stomach during Ramadhan season 

Normal price is RM158/box
1 box has 25 sachets for 25 days usage

Promotion now is
Buy 3 free 1
with total of RM474
Murah & jimat kan??


A great product that does need any introduction.
Rebate now for 1 whole set RM150!!!
Grab the opportunity now!

PM me for a package purchase and special discounted rate


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