Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jakarta & Bandung Trip Review - Episode 1

Hello all! 
At last, after a few attempts to write, I finally actually sat down in front of PC and starting to write about our family trip, this time to Jakarta and Bandung. again? yes, within 1 year..hehe..last year we went for my bro's convocation. this time around, it is purposely for sightseeing and S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G! I figure that trip to Jakarta and Bandung last year, I managed to write the 1st episode of the trip, and then there was no more..hehe..sorry guys. so this time around, i am so determined to write and review places of interests (ding! shopping point) and also a very personal detail review on each of shop lot at Bandung ( i'll try!)
Let me warn you, this entry was long, and contained a lot of pictures.. so be prepared :)
Okay, enuff rambling, let's go details on the trip. Some background on the trip. This family trip is initiated by my husband who had some regrets over the unbought items from last visit. He did hold a few items, and put back where it belong. and he regret it once he came back to Malaysia and found out that the price was so expensive compared to the one at Bandung outlet. So, he asked me to find the flight tickets, and as usual plan the whole trip. Me, being a very super excited planner, looking for Air Asia flight ticket and couldnt find the one as cheap as we got last year. Rather than booking an Air Asia ticket, i looked for Malaysia Airlines ticket, though a lil bit expensive, but so worth it if you compared the service, the food (definitely if we took Air Asia, we'll buy the food with the airlines)..bought it 3 months ahead, for one whole family, me, my husband, Lissa, Hanie and we brought along my husband's only son, Aizat (from previous marriage), whom Lissa called "Abang Anjat" cute!! The trip was from 15th to 22nd May, where we scheduled as below:
15th : Arrived at 5:30 pm - Jakarta - Slept at my brother's house
16th : Trip to Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor in Cisarua District.
17th : Jakarta - Mangga Dua
18th ~ 22nd : Bandung
22nd : Depart to KL
We arrived at KLIA ealier than we should be just to make sure that we got the seat right next to one another. The flight time was at 4:30 pm, we checked in at 1:00 pm.. early right? we grabbed our lunch at the KLIA food court, along with my dad and mom who sent us. oh, we got 20% discount on the food since my dad is a KLIA staff :D
While waiting for boarding
Lissa was doing her thing, jual mahal!
Lissa with her Abang "Anjat"
Lissa curious - how to open the buckle! I want to get out and do my thing (which is wakil rakyat thingy, sesi beramah mesra)
Finally she managed to get out off her seat and went to her Abg Ajat, busy with the screen looking for more cartoons
Once we arrived, Jakarta was almost dark though it was just 5:30 pm. I already booked a driver, whom they called it "Supir" in Indonesia. He was very friendly and helpful. His driving skill is superb! It took us almost 3 hours to arrive at my brother's house which located at West Jakarta. The traffic was congested badly especially the time was during their after office hour. We were so tired that right after we had a Sunda dinner, we headed off to bed and sleep~~
The next day was exciting. We travelled as early as 6:45 am, going to Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor.The journey took almost 2 hours. We stopped for breakfast at this one Nasi Padang Restaurant..after the heavy breakfast, we arrived the safari almost at 9:30 am. Oh, some tips if you want to visit the safari. It will be a great one if you drive your own car, rather than going with a bus, because if you go by a bus, you wont get to feed the animals and get really close to them. Also, before you arrive the safari, you'll see along the road a lot of people selling carrots. yes, please buy from them. and a lot! dont just buy 1 stack, you'll regret it when u ran out of carrot.hehe.. we bought 5 stacks with Rp50,000 (equivalent to RM17.00)
Half of the carrot
Right when we bought the ticket, we drove inside the safari. You'll be so amazed with the zebras, deer, llama, camels, elephants and even hippos ate carrots!
The zebra. The hand was my husband's.Lissa and Hanie were screaming at first, afraid of the sudden "attack" by these animals
Look how close the elephants got to them!
The one in front was actually reaching for carrots that we threw
Yes, hippo also loves carrots!
These camels always look smiling! so sweet
Lissa amazed at the deer, and sometimes threw carrots at them.
Lissa : Hey, i managed to feed the deer without screaming!
Hanie: Look, Giraffe! (At last she came near to the window)
Wow! that's a tiger! (yeah, surely we have to make sure our window is completely shuts off before we entered the "danger"zone)
So sweet looking at this. A mom sacrifice her carrot and spent time feed her babies before running towards us for carrot
After we were done tour the safari, we arrived at the main area, waiting for the animal show. The first show was the Elephant Show.
The weather was quite cold and very nice.
Lissa patiently waiting for the show
And the show started!
A big clap for the elephants. Boleh menang award ni ;)
Later after the elephant show, and while waiting for the dolphin show, we went to visit the Reptile House. This is avery big snake (or NEK as Lissa called it)
And Big Lizard!
Outside the Reptile snake, there was an Orang Utan's area. They were making a lot of sound. Lissa still called them monkey :)
This was actually picture from last year, March 11. I was preggy with Hanie.
This is now, Hanie was sleeping..and Lissa pull a long face!
The dolphin show
After that, we took a lunch break. Everybody was tired and sleepy (due to cold weather...lg best duduk dlm blanket..haha)
but then we were stranded inside because it was heavily rain outside. So we had our hot coffee and wait..
After the rain almost stopped, we went for the next show, Various Animal Show, where they even taught  ducks and hens! and even geese! so wonderful
and the Orang Utan came..
Claiming to be a doctor. funny!
Hanie : Melopong~~
Then we rushed off to watch the Tiger show
The tigers were so well-trained. here drinking milk out of bottle
Now they showed how they stand up. Look at the other tiger. He looked so distracted. He kept on looking on that side of the stage, towards audience. Since the announcer said, during this gloomy cool weather, tigers are most likely more active.
Indeed, the tiger jumped on the tree..
Climbing towards the top and reached for the chicken hung on top. I was afraid if the tiger suddenly jumps off the fence...takut tak.. eii..alhamdulillah, nothing happened :)
Later, we headed off down side. it was super cold and the kids were all tired.
Hanie and Me
Love this pix, Hanie trying to get her abah's lollipop
Still trying...
Lissa sempat lagi posed depan restroom!
On the way back. We went back about 5:30 pm. everyone was tired and definitely satisfied with the trip!
Look at the word, instead of saying "potong rambut", they said "pangkas rambut" hehe. another word really makes me laughed was sikat lantai, instead of saying berus or brush :)
OK. enuff already... I will continue in another entry. seemed so long and afraid i bored you :) I'll continue with my review with Bandung Shopping Outlet.
Till then,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm back!

Hello readers!

yeah i'm back from jakarta and bandung (actually,6 days ago..but i was down with fever right after i arrived kl)

well..i tell u the whole story..the review about bandung (plus the shopping tips).we were in jakarta for 3 nights;having an opportunity to visit the safari at Bogor again and it was superb! we got to spend the whole 5 days and 4 nights at Bandung ultimately for shopping!! it was awesome..and tiresome..hehe.. i'll get the whole story later..complete with uploaded pix,i promise :)

alrite then, 3 full loaded luggages waiting to be unpacked!! talk to u later!

**muahhss**hugs and kisses

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Will be away

Hello beloved readers,

I'll be away starting from today til next tuesday 22nd may. (eii! excited nak jalan2, shopping!)

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As for my giveaway, i will announce it once i get back from Jakarta. So,wait up and stay tuned!! :D

Hugs & kisses,


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Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Kuantan With Love!

Hi all!
I'm broadcasting from Kuantan ;)
We arrived last night, after approx 3-hour drive from Shah Alam (Thank God the traffic wasn't that bad  - considering Friday's traffic to Karak highway). My beloved company booked a very nice room at Zenith Hotel (trust me, this is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed) as compared to previous visit at Vistana Hotel. yeah,surely you can't compare a 3-star, decent hotel with a 5-star hotel. It is definitely a very pleasant stay. We'll be checking out tomorrow, a 2-night stay at this hotel.

Picture courtesy from Zenith Hotel's website
This hotel has 2 towers, attached in the middle is Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC). During our stay, they are having house and lifestyle expo. We'll most likely visit it tonight. The hotel also completes with Spa, Yoga area, Kids Area (trust me, it is very nice playing area for kids), swimming pool (it's an endless pool), pool table, gym, and lots more
A deluxe room -for two- very spacious
Very nice bathroom
A bathtub and split unit for shower

Lissa and Abah; and Hanie if you can find her..hehe
The smiling face of Lissa at the super big hotel lobby
Later that evening, we had our dinner at East Coast Mall Kuantan , a big mall, right in front of the hotel. We just walked crossed the road :) How convenient!
We had our dinner at Black Canyon (my fav rest if we went to Bkt Tinggi AEON shah Alam)

Lissa at "beach"

I dont know why she smiled like that..last time it was a "senget" smile, this time, it's a "sengih" smile.
This morning, I have to attend the Youth of Pekan 2012, as Proton is one of major sponsor for the carnival. Our beloved Prime Minister came for the event. Most of youngsters at Pekan and Dun in Pahang attended this event. I did my job, checking out the food for those 7000 people plus the VIPs and VVIPs food; looking out for the banners, backdrops and bunting, also the canopy. Luckily everything is ok.

The hall for the VIPs and VVIPs tea break

The VVIPs table, our PM and wife

Proton's Pertandingan Kemahiran Malaysia's area

The drift area
We even ended up register ourselves at the Tabung Haji booth. Finally, we made the account, and will register for the Haj by the time we get to Shah Alam. (funny kan, dapat bukak akaun Tabung Haji all the way at Pekan. mcm la shah alam xde tabung haji..hehe) They said the Queue now reached to year 2049!! InsyaAllah, if we get the invitation from Allah, we'll be there. amin!
After we went back from Pekan, these kids plus their Abah dozed off to me ample time to update my blog, using super fast internet connnection in the hotel's room. This trip,unofficially, considered as one of our family trip :)
Kids getting ready to sleep :)
Ok, I'm going to prep myself+ the kids for our dinner at Tanjung Lumpur with my bestfriend, Amy, who stays at Kuantan. Oh, can't wait to eat sotong goreng tepung...yummy!!!
Notes : I'm looking forward for our official Family Trip to Jakarta and Bandung next week..eiii..sungguh tak sabar, okay!
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