Friday, May 11, 2012

The Kids, and Youth of Pekan 2012 Carnival

Hello all!
Salam Jumaat :)
Last night was a sleepless night. First bcoz Lissa was coughing so badly, i felt so bad for her. Second bcoz Hanie's temperature suddenly shoot up. I woke up at 4 am and went down to get the panadol syrup for her. Alhamdulillah, by this morning, her temperature not that high.. i believe most likely bcoz her teeth are coming out. She sometimes drooled and tends to bite me, or anyone near her..funny!
And this morning, these two kids showed me two poses, which i cant resists! i snapped their picture in awe!

First, Lissa hugged her sister..

In 5 minutes, the other way round! It's Hanie's turn
 They complete me!
And that's why, when my boss told me that I need to go off to Pekan (again!) this weekend, I immediately said, yes and of course i'll bring along the whole family. Luckily, he wasnt like my previous stuck-up boss, he said," i'm okay with it. we'll prepare a room for your family". Oh, i'm so lucky!!
So, today my boss asked me to go after Jumaat pray. I dont have to be stucked in the traffic if I travel after work. So understanding. I think the reason he is so understanding is because he has a working wife, whom also fully breastfed their baby - same age as Hanie - and not like my prev boss, whom his wife is a housewife, who doesnt know how to drive, who basically a very ultimate housewives (you know, stay-at-home mom, does all the cooking, housechores, typical housewives; where the husband sat in front of tv, reading newspaper while the wife kelam kabut and all to ensure the dinner is ready, the house is clean, the kids are all wangi..). There you go, this big difference really determine how you treat your female subordinates, correct? 
I'll be staying at Zenith Hotel, Kuantan til sunday. I have to ensure everything is okay and run smoothly since Proton is one of major sponsor, and tomorrow our PM will come for the event. It is called Youth of Pekan 2012. If you'll be somewhere around Kuantan or Pekan, come visit this carnival. They are offering some lucky draw up to RM80,000 value (including a Proton!) See you there!

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