Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Kuantan With Love!

Hi all!
I'm broadcasting from Kuantan ;)
We arrived last night, after approx 3-hour drive from Shah Alam (Thank God the traffic wasn't that bad  - considering Friday's traffic to Karak highway). My beloved company booked a very nice room at Zenith Hotel (trust me, this is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed) as compared to previous visit at Vistana Hotel. yeah,surely you can't compare a 3-star, decent hotel with a 5-star hotel. It is definitely a very pleasant stay. We'll be checking out tomorrow, a 2-night stay at this hotel.

Picture courtesy from Zenith Hotel's website
This hotel has 2 towers, attached in the middle is Sultan Ahmad Shah International Convention Centre (SASICC). During our stay, they are having house and lifestyle expo. We'll most likely visit it tonight. The hotel also completes with Spa, Yoga area, Kids Area (trust me, it is very nice playing area for kids), swimming pool (it's an endless pool), pool table, gym, and lots more
A deluxe room -for two- very spacious
Very nice bathroom
A bathtub and split unit for shower

Lissa and Abah; and Hanie if you can find her..hehe
The smiling face of Lissa at the super big hotel lobby
Later that evening, we had our dinner at East Coast Mall Kuantan , a big mall, right in front of the hotel. We just walked crossed the road :) How convenient!
We had our dinner at Black Canyon (my fav rest if we went to Bkt Tinggi AEON shah Alam)

Lissa at "beach"

I dont know why she smiled like that..last time it was a "senget" smile, this time, it's a "sengih" smile.
This morning, I have to attend the Youth of Pekan 2012, as Proton is one of major sponsor for the carnival. Our beloved Prime Minister came for the event. Most of youngsters at Pekan and Dun in Pahang attended this event. I did my job, checking out the food for those 7000 people plus the VIPs and VVIPs food; looking out for the banners, backdrops and bunting, also the canopy. Luckily everything is ok.

The hall for the VIPs and VVIPs tea break

The VVIPs table, our PM and wife

Proton's Pertandingan Kemahiran Malaysia's area

The drift area
We even ended up register ourselves at the Tabung Haji booth. Finally, we made the account, and will register for the Haj by the time we get to Shah Alam. (funny kan, dapat bukak akaun Tabung Haji all the way at Pekan. mcm la shah alam xde tabung haji..hehe) They said the Queue now reached to year 2049!! InsyaAllah, if we get the invitation from Allah, we'll be there. amin!
After we went back from Pekan, these kids plus their Abah dozed off to me ample time to update my blog, using super fast internet connnection in the hotel's room. This trip,unofficially, considered as one of our family trip :)
Kids getting ready to sleep :)
Ok, I'm going to prep myself+ the kids for our dinner at Tanjung Lumpur with my bestfriend, Amy, who stays at Kuantan. Oh, can't wait to eat sotong goreng tepung...yummy!!!
Notes : I'm looking forward for our official Family Trip to Jakarta and Bandung next week..eiii..sungguh tak sabar, okay!

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