Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playclass anyone?

I've been doing some research to enroll Lissa in a playclass..
Since I sent Lissa over her babysitter,whom she called Opah, whom has been so good and great with her..i mean, manja terlebih, i'm really afraid of her social skill. She was the only child this akak took care off, for almost a year before this one baby (friend of mine's) came, now one year-old, and later her sister. 
So i think she has turned out to be this very manja kid, who can get anything she wants. And since she's the"senior" in the house, she acted like she rules! haha.. how funny that word "senior" came up. (i still remember my time at boarding school, coping up with senior really sucked!)
The other day she was playing her bike outside of her house, she looked at those "kawan" as she called some of the lil kids in our taman, and suddenly Lissa left her bike, approached those girls' bikes and kind of "stole" it from them. 
Another incident was she practically snatched an iphone from this "kawan" and made it her own!!
i was surprised to see how she behaved. For her, everything that she wants, she'll get it in any way she wants it.
So, i made some calls to a few playclasses. and this one class looks interesting!
If any moms out there who have experience with this playclass, please let me know.
Mr hubby asked me, additional to those playclasses, music and art clases, why dont sign her up also for quran class. and Yes, of course i have plans for that..
but this class can be enroll once she's 4 yo. and i have plan for her to go to 
InsyaAllah, by January next year, she'll join this class.. and becomes a solehah girl. amin!


RuZaNNa said...

Imran masuk gymboree for a anne stop pergi sbb too many kids per class,class too short and teachers die suka nyanyi terpekik2..the intention masuk gymboree pun sbb igt nak bg imran socialize tp dr awal sampai habis class budak2 dgn mak the end tak berkawan itu my review for class below 2yrs old..lissa dah besar so maybe dpt masuk class without parents tu kot..pergi la trial class die..cuma for me..takkan masuk my children to those kind of classes sbb cam tak berbaloi..just an honest opinion

airin diana said...

Thanks a lot anne,bg least rite now i know wut to expect kan.anne dulu pegi branch yg mana?tropicana or bangsar?
dia ckp lissa nye level tu still need monitoring frm parents.only level after that yg boleh tinggal dia survive sorang2.
plus fees yg quite expensive,if condition with too many kids per class,mmg sgt not worth it la..
maybe bleh try dl kot.with all the concerns,airin bley judge nanti.xle invest in st yg x bkesan kan..

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