Friday, February 10, 2012

A Weekend Gateaway

Cant wait for our weekend getaway tomorrow!
A 2-day-and-1-night getaway to... (its a wknd trip only bcoz i dont hv enuff annual leave to take)
Love this place!!
Boh Sungai Palas Tea Center
and of course we are going to revisit this place..officially declared as one of our best spot to visit..and to reminisce our love ;) wink!
and this girl is definitely ready to go!
*Sweater baru beli semalam..pokai abah..haha*
Ok. got to go!
Have a nice weekend everyone!



mommyNadia said...

hikhik..I guess all protonians prefer to hv short vacations kan Airin..
Proton shud study back allocation for AL.Kesian nak bercuti pun kena pergi on weekend kan kan..huhuhu

neway, dah lama sgt nak pergi cameron, asyik tak sampai hajat.Bila lagik ni ;)

airin diana said...

You're right, Nadia! Klu mommies mcm kita ni dah tentu2la cuti cukup2 je.mana la ade balance from last office punye psl..
Ha jom r g cameron.some time kita set vacation together2 la ye.meriah sket

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