Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time for School?

Muka budak dah ready pergi skool tapi tak mandi lagi.. eishh!
This morning Lissa got up from bed and started picking up her Barney bag and walked downstairs looking for me.
Lissa : Mama, mama, kakak akai bag. g skool.
Me : Kakak nak g skool ke?
Lissa : Aah. Bai bai bai. Lek lok! (translate : bye. elok2.)
Lissa turned away..and suddenly turned back.
Lissa : Eh, mama, Alam! Kish! Hug! (translate : salam, kiss, hug)
Me : Hmm.. anak mama ni dah pandai nak pergi sekolah plak..
Telatah knk2 ribena ni..pot pet pot pet
*opps sila abaikan tilam yg sungguh kemas itu!
It's an indicator for me to speed up the process of looking for a preschool for her. Since i just sign her up for a playclass which will be held during Sunday, i need to start looking further.
Last week, talking with Mommy Nadia on this preschool high tuition fees, at this moment, 2 kids are enuff for us. Talking about family planning! hehe! The monthly fees went up to as high as RM700 per month, not including the overtime etc.. makan ape je la budak2 kecik sampai fees utk makan RM300?
Eh, Hanie pun nak pegi skool jugak!
Huarghh! Ngantuk la plak, mama
Anyway, talking about Lissa's playschool, we went to Empire last week (thanks to Mommy Nadia for the recommendation) and sign her up for a program called Little Rompers from Early Fitness Academy at Kizsports & Gym. Her first class will be this Sunday. The class will be more on creativity and to develop self-confidence plus social skill thru sharing toys & cooperating with other children while playing, which are my main aim for her. Well, we see how the class goes..and how Lissa behaves..
After we signed her up for the playclass, Lissa enjoyed her playtime at the playland. Luckily many parents hanging out there. if not, i'll be joining Lissa. jumping inside the pool ball! hahaha *perasan muda la tuh*
Earlier the day, i finally managed to use the pool that i bought last month. Since now we live at a landed property (no more rumah atas langit, with very limited outdoor space) and also no real swimming pool, i substituted it with olok2 swimming pool..hehehe. and of course la cannot swim inside the pool. only babies allowed, ye. mak budak & bapak budak dok tepi kolam ye
Erm.. quite a long entry this time. Really have a lot of pending entries to be made.
Will look forward extra free time to blog about our weekend trip to Cameron Highland last week, a family dinner at Gold Coast and more on recipe for Hanie's homemade food.
So...till then..Hanie says:


Nadine said...

waaa, Adam dah ada geng la kat gym! :)

airin diana said...

bleh wat playdate dgn adam. though class time different. tapi afterwards la..
jom jom nad..join skali ;)

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