Friday, April 20, 2012

All about Premium Beautiful that you have to know

Been a while since i updated about this product. And i thought i already wrote about the product itself cause it definitely one of the hottest item in the market. but after i looked through my blog entry, i couldnt find any of the product descriptions. my bad.. hehe..Just the assumption of everyone knows about this product,i should've been introduced it to people about the usage and functions.
What is Premium Beautiful?
Premium Beautiful is a number corset in Malaysia that has helped a lot of women to eliminate most of women's related illness and helping women to get the body shape, their beauty and confidence to the optimum level.
It is not a normal corset, but :
1. Focusing 70% towards inner and outer health, and 30% on body reshaping and definitely 100% confidence to a woman.
2. Help to improve blood circulation and to maximize body metabolism rate.
3. The best thing, it comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Meaning that it cover any damages. What you have to do is send it for repair and it is FOC!
4. Premium Beautiful is a SUPERBRANDS product awarded by Majlis Superbrand Malaysia. This means that this product is well-recognized by its high quality  and most renowned product in the market. 
5. It contains Far Infra Red Rays (FIR) – see further below to see the special functions.
6. Recommended by American Chiropractic Association
7. Received recognition from orthopaedic from USA, Cubec and Canada. 
8. A high quality fabric, aquatic and aquadyne material, equal material used for austronaut and scuba diver – to ensure stable body temperature. If outside temperature is high, PB cools our body. If outside temp is low, it can warm your body.
9. Removing body odor. No need extra perfume or deodorant for us ;)

What are the functions of Far Infa Red Rays (FIR)
1. Improves blood circulation

2. Increase body metabolism rate
3. Improve breathing circulation
4. Deteriorate bacterial growth
5. Decrease acid in body
6. Improve growth of body
7. Retain the body freshness
8. Eliminate body ache
9. Getting more relaxed and pleasant sleep
10. Remove body odour
11. Eliminate fungus
12. Retain body temperature
13. Prevent growth of cancer cell
14. Fix nerves in body automatically

Why Premium Beautiful is Expensive?
It is because of the high quality of the product itself (excellent quality of material : aquadyne and aquatic type) and the effectiveness of the product. 
To have a look on the other side, you can see that this product is a long term body investment. plus it comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Once you give a try, you'll feel how good you feel right away,You'll feel very comfortable and once you wear it, you'll never leave home without it! trust me. i felt it myself.

So, enough for the long explanations.. 
If you want to know more, or even to give a try, i provide a FREE TRIAL. Feel free to contact me 017-6511966 or email at 
You dont have to worry on the payment term. We'll get to that once you try it.  

Quoted from my leader's blog.

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