Monday, August 24, 2015

Baby Demam Kuning / Jaundice : Rawatan Alternative BVSM

Hello All
Ramai ibu risau jika newborn baby mula demam kuning atau jaundice. To those yang tak tahu apa itu Jaundice or Demam Kuning, as described in Kidshealth website :
Jaundice, a common condition in newborns, refers to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes that happens when there is too much bilirubin in the blood.

You can checkout the details in Kidshealth website

Petua2 orang tua, suruh jemur baby waktu matahari pagi. Tapi tahu tak sebab apa, the scientific explanation behind that? Dengan menjemur baby, it can reduce the bilirubin dalam kandungan darah baby. Kalau di hospital, the therapy is called Phototherapy.
Rasa kesian sangat tengok baby yang terpaksa melalui treatment phototherapy. Especially to the moms. Dah la still dalam pantang, nak breastfeed pun susah.

Nowdays pun udara kat luar especially dalam Bandar, sangat kotor & berdebu. So sangatlah tak sesuai nak jemur baby di luar.

As an alternative, before demam kuning semakin tinggi, why not cuba rawatan alternative untuk jaundice by using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (bvsm).

Alhamdulillah, so far, quite a few testimonies that we gathered from our own customers showing improvement. Baby's jaundice level reduced.

This is my own nephew, Rayyan. Masa awal baru lahir, memang reading dia tinggi.
Sekarang environment tak berapa elok di luar if nak jemur baby direct dengan matahari. Sangat berbeza masa zaman mak & nenek kita dulu.

Proven turun level demam kuning baby Dani.
Baby jaundice level reduced from 233 to 186 after 5 days sleep with BVSM
Kerap selimutkan baby dengan bvsm, turun demam kuning
This Bio Velocity Sleep Mate already been featured in Berita Harian and there is also proven scientific study
Uols boleh check out website Sahajidah Hai-O untuk details for the product : Click BVSM
Kajian Klinikal telah dilakukan dan menunjukkan peningkatan tenaga
Antara keistimewaan Bio Velocity Sleep Mate
Untuk yang nak cuba, boleh text me 017-6511966 or email me at



Friday, August 21, 2015

Bangkok Bombing, Our trip canceled

We are supposed to gather at KLIA by now. But Allah has better plan for us.

The Bangkok bombing happened on Monday at Bangkok's Erawan Shrine with 20 deaths and dozens injured during the attack.
To all the family and friends of the victims, I feel so sad with deep condolences to all of you.

The Bangkok Bombing
Earlier, we are supposed to visit Bangkok from 21st to 24th August 2015 along with partners.
Our earlier itinerary - now tinggal kenangan

I even has changed money to Thai Baht
We even got the Risk Assessment report from the MISC
But since the location of the bombing and our hotel, Berkeley is just about 5-10 minutes walk, it really makes our hearts uneasy.
And our prayers answered. Hai-O, being a very responsible company, decided to call off the trip just to make sure all 800 of us safe. Alhamdulillah.
All of us, the qualifiers received the text message from company.
A letter from Company stating that they are going to find alternative for the qualifiers.
This was not the first time. My first qualified trip to Shanghai in 2013 was switched to Seoul Korea due to the bird flu season at that time.

This time around, we are praying for better plan :)

There goes our trip to Bangkok. Tinggal kenangan.

Again, Allah has better plan for all of us.

Now we can focus to our nexy free trip, to Osaka. Who's with us?


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lissa Maisarah and Starting Primary School

Hello mommies

Next year, 2016, Lissa Maisarah gonna start her Standard One.
eee.. Cepat sangat masa berlalu..
Rasanya baru lagi bersalin si Lissa..

2nd October 2009
Now dah start sekolah, for real! Before this sekolah tak real. lol!

We sent her for a playclass at Kizsport in 2012
Read blog post : Lissa at Kizsport

Then to her kiddy starting from 3 years old til now 6 years old.

She had fun with the school
Her first trip. Read here for the entry to Bird Park
Alhamdulillah. At the age of almost 6 years old by this October, she can read in both Malay and English.

Now dah nak masuk Standard One and everything gonna be different. No more late night stay up, no more main2 so much, lotsa homeworks and me being a parent with schooled kid!

We did request to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong as it is the nearest school to our taman.

But after the result, we got SK Seksyen 13. Oh my! do you know how far it is from our house? Close to 20 kilometers.
So anyone yang tahu about Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 13 ni, really appreciate your assistance untuk share information like sekolah agama hantar ke mana, transportation to Seksyen U10 that you know off and also transit available.
The day we made confirmation for the school
I can be reached through whatsapp 017-6511966 or email at


Monday, August 17, 2015

My Business Activity as Premium Beautiful Expert

Hye All
Quite a few of you were asking, wasn't im tired doing a part time job? During weekdays going to the office and at night, running around meeting clients. Of course, a bit penat, but you know what, I enjoy doing what I'm doing! Honestly! especially during the paycheck. I really love the figures increasing every 10th of the month :)

Premium Beautiful Expert
Well, what Ive done last week?

Right after work, I met a new friend who contacted me once she found out about Premium Beautiful over the google.
She's from Klang and a mom of two.

Met Ila in Section 36 Shah Alam and introduced her of Premium Beautiful corset.
She loves the material once tried the Waist Nipper. She admits that it is super comfortable and makes her tummy flat.

Met kak Eila during Lunch hour nearby my office. Luckily she works nearby. She is starting the diet program with Set Kurus Bajet.

Met Nora from Meru who has been consuming Mineral Coffee over more than 3 years and she loves it. She's from my husband's hometown, Senggarang, Batu Pahat and was introduced to me by her sister (my husband exschoolmate, thanks Kak Roza). Now she is a registered agent for Meru and also KL sentral, where she works.
Met Ayu from Shah Alam who wants to try Premium Beautiful.
For ur info, she's a talented artist. Cant wait to visit her studio.
(btw, are u with me when I said she looks like Ayda Jebat?)

On Sunday morning, I had a fitting session of Premium Beautiful with a young mom of one who has just given birth to her cute lil son.

Sunday evening, I met Lynn from Kajang at Sunway Pyramid. She wants to try Premium Beautiful and wants to have a beautiful body. As a mom of two and an engineer, having a hectic life daily limits her time for exercise.
Now you can have Premium Beautiful to take care of your body
Well. I love my second job!
I can have coffee over while meeting clients. I get to meet lots of lovely people. Have even more friends. Alhamdulillah, so far, I have a blast meeting all of them. Tho we never know one another before, but we can get along like we've known each other long time ago :)

To my clients, thank you for having me in your life. Thank you for choosing me as your Premium Beautiful agent and health consultant. I am glad to meet you gals.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Motherhood : Premium Beautiful Bersalin Secara Cesarean

Hye All

I met few friends bersalin secara cesarean or c-sect. Dengar pengalaman masing2, quite scary!
And when I did google for c-sect, it turned out to be much scarier images appeared! No wonder I cant be a doctor. tengok parut operate pun dah twitching, lagi kan nak attend to the luka. erkk? confirm tak la kan?
Gambar c-sect yang paling kurang scary

Anyway, for me, Alhamdulillah, both of my kids bersalin secara normal.
You can read up my post bersalinkan both Lissa & Hanie :
Read Blog Post : Hanie Myazara in April 2011

Priceless moment.

Anyway, my friends yang bersalin secara c-sect did share their own experience, especially waktu berpantang. Ada yang susah nak pakai baju, even seluar dalam pun ada orang tolong pakaikan sebab tak boleh tunduk. Some yang kata jahitan terbukak la, bernanah la. haish memang scary.

But some had a smooth confinement. Especially bila berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful Corset.

Memang waktu luka belum baik, tak berani kan pakai corset? tapi most of them pakai berperingkat. First pakai Waist Nipper. so that badan akan tegap, so pergerakan lebih terjaga. Luka takkan mudah terbukak balik sbb ade something yang pegang badan. Luka pun lebih cepat sembuh bila pakai premium beautiful sebab ada Far infra red rays.

Here are some of sharing from our friends when using Premium Beautiful during pantang :

Akak ni, now mother of 3, Day 1 dalam pantang after c-sect dah pakai Waist Nipper. By Day 2 dah boleh bangun sendiri. Even doctor pun terkejut sebab baik dalam tempoh masa yang singkat.

Adik ni, mom of three, sebab bersalin kali kedua dapat kembar. Bila berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful, stretchmark & buncit makin hilang.
Terasa ngeri tak kat perut? hew hew

Best kan bila dapat berpantang secara betul walaupun bersalin c-sect. After pantang, perut makin kempis dan fit.

So ibu-ibu yang tengah pregnant tu, or baru je lepas bersalin, why not opt for Premium Beautiful Corset? Berbaloi sebab selesa, convenient, tak panas and also berkesan. Boleh pakai bertahun2, bukan setakat time dalam pantang je.
Premium Beautiful Corset
Nak special discount and FREE consultation? Text me 017-6511966


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jom Tambah Income

Hye All!

Ramai yang lately complaint duit gaji tak mencukupi. Harapkan annual increment about 3% - 6% on average. If convert pun about berapa ratus je.

Padahal monthly commitment makin bertambah bila living cost meningkat.

Nak2 pulak ade yang kena prepare untuk anak2 nak sekolah tahun depan (seperti diriku ini. Lol!)

Makin lama makin terasa kan?

Why not cuba start dengan part time online business? Anyone pun boleh.
Dari surirumah, students, yang bekerja fulltime, semua pun boleh.

Let me teach you how.

Tak pandai, boleh belajar. Lagipun x susah mana pun, seban everything di hujung jari. Dari update mengarut2 dalam facebook, baik buat something yg boleh generate income.

Text me 0176511966

Modal? Jangan risau. Ada banyak flexi plan yg uols boleh choose. Yang penting start dulu and all out 😊

Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cara Pembayaran Premium Beautiful Corset

Hye All

Haritu dah baca kat my entry Harga Premium Beautiful kan?

Ada yang text airin and tanya macam mana nak beli Premium Beautiful Corset? Ada option tak?

Okay, let me go through with you some options yang ada ye.

Option 1 : CASH

Of course lah bila bayar secara cash, lebih menguntungkan.
Sebabnya, Mainly dapat Cash Rebate RM150. Also dapat discount up to RM400!
So cuba kira berapa banyak boleh saving kan?

Option 2 : Ansuran Credit Card
Sekarang semua orang mampu memiliki Premium Beautiful Corset. Dengan ada nya credit card, boleh beli and bayar secara ansuran.
And the best thing is zero interest untuk Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank & Citibank!!
Syok kan??

Option 3 : AEON Credit
Ni pun best. sebab bayaran serendah RM90 per month!
Then dapat jugak rebate RM150 per set + bonus next month. Maknanye second installment untuk AEON tu basically free sebab ade nya rebate ni. Siap boleh cover til bulan ke3!
Best kan?

Ok, now dah tau kan cara pembayaran? Semua pun mampu untuk memiliki Premium Beautiful Corset, untuk cantik dan sihat.

Yang bestnya, beli sekali je, boleh pakai bertahun-tahun tau. sebab ada LIFETIME Warranty (ada tak uols nye pakaian dalam boleh pakai lebih setahun? rasanya tak kot..)

Text me ye untuk free fitting, free measurement 017-6511966

Your Premium Beautiful Expert,
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