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Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 3 Nights out

Hye all

How's Monday? Hope everyone excited to start the week.. or rasa mcm nak amik mood dulu before start working?
Let's read this entry first ;)

As promised weeks ago, here are our stories of our Gold Coast trip last February with glamjourneys.
You can catch up on previous posts here:

The departure day
Day 1 at Paradise Country Farm
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Day 2 Sea World
Day 2 Gala Dinner
Day 3 Movie World

So now, Im continuing the story right after we went to the Movie World. We were so tired, after doing a lil packing since it was our last night staying at Gold Coast, we took a warm bath and getting ready for dinner.
My so no-make up. comot betul!
 We went for a dinner at an Indian Muslim Restaurant. It was a buffet style and definitely we did enjoy eating the variety of indian food there.
Right after the dinner, we went for a walk. and such a surprised to bump into this store. Kalau kat Malaysia, confirm takde. hahaha
Condom store. lol!
Then we went for a search of Starbucks cafe just to get a tumbler of Gold Coast.
And we got a free drink with it! yeay!
During the walk, we saw this Gen 2 car. rasa excited and very proud to be Malaysian tiba2. hehehe
A Gen2 at Gold Coast
We walked towards Surfers Paradise. There was quite a crowd there.
Posed satu.
We saw this tickets girl. if you want to park your car here, you need to purchase a parking ticket from these girls

Behind me, the surfers paradise beach

Surfers Paradise
We did take an opportunity to have a snap with these girls. I tell you, they are very very tall! and without heels.
Cantik kan these gurls?
Gathered with the rest of The Diamond Circle team, we decided to watch the 7D cinema.
Choose any movie, and you can watch it in a group

Loving it!

This was before we watched the movie

Every story has their own unique 7D experience
but since it was close to midnight already, we chose one movie and they specifically chose the one with NO Rollercoaster in it. hahaha
We did enjoy it.  
yang kelakarnya, my husband and most of them yang memang x berani naik rollercoaster menjerit2. padahal bukan ada ape pun. the story was we were on a beca, this apek tua kayuh beca tu and bawa weol travel through Great Wall of China. Then suddenly tersangat laju and beca siap berpecah2 lagi. apek tua ni tinggalkan kitorang dalam gerabak beca yang super laju til boleh terjatuh dari great wall of china. scary kan?
Yong ni agak penakut orangnya, tapi punyalah nak lawan rasa takut, join jugak. cuma kejap2 hilang kepala sebab tunduk takut.

Then we walk and walk, again
We took a walk nearby Surfers Paradise beach.
This board showed Gold Coast will be a host of the next Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Sweet kan?
Siap ada countdown lagi bila the game starts

Acara wajib!! larat ke tak larat ke, wajib angkat! hahaha

Masa ni kaki dah rasa mcm nak lunyai berjalan. we found this Holden car. smart kan?

Konon muka happy, tapi kaki dah tak larat jalan. penat cari beca. tak jumpa plak bila kami nak naik

The common thing at Surfers Paradise
Macam-macam gaya. hahaha. candid by Mr Rosman
Masa dah ready, ke main lagi posing

Akhirnya, jumpa gak abang beca nak bawa kami ronda Gold Coast

A must selfie

The partners. Sume excited


Sebenanrnya super duper laju abang2 beca ni kayuh. masing2 dah teringat apek Great Wall of China tu. takut apek tu tinggalkan kitorang. hahaha

Arrived at our hotel. Muka excited snap pix with abang2 beca

Enough for tonight.
Last night at Gold Coast. 
Sedih, esok pagi dah nak balik. malam tu packed selengkapnya.
Tidur without mimpi2 dah. sangat penat.

Ok, thats it for Day 3 Nights out. 
I'll tell story on our Day 4 in the next entry

Stay tuned!

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