Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Premium Beautiful Stories : Motherhood

Good morning all!

Today i'd like to share with you 2 short stories of mom of two & mom of three.

Masa zaman anak dara dulu, ingat lagi makcik2 pernah tegur, ko sekarang memang la kurus. Nanti dah beranak, tengokla badan mengembang mcmn.
Scary? Of course la kan. Tapi takkan nak menidakkan naluri untuk menjadi seorang ibu sebab tak nak gemuk?
Alhamdulillah, dengan memakai Premium Beautiful corset, takda masalah untuk kami beranak pinak dan mengekalkan badan seperti zaman before berkahwin.
Myth busted!

Dulu masa mom of two, super gems. Siap baju size XL pun ketat sendat. Now after jadi mom of three, berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful corset, she no longer has low self-esteem. She now gain her confidence and of course a healthier person.

Yup, tinggal 3 hari saja lagi untuk grab discount berganda2!!

Dont forget to text me 017-6511966

Your Premium Beautiful Expert

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Premium Beautiful Corset : End of Year Sales!

Morning all!

Did you know that this month is the last month to grab Premium Beautiful corset with very very special LOW discounted price?

You can save up to RM600 per set and worth every penny of it since Premium Beautiful Corset has the LIFETIME WARRANTY; which means that you can wear the same lingerie for years without to worry of getting a new one.

Also, apart from the value for money, it is workable and proven! You can view a lot of testimonies from our clients satisfied with the corset. Just #PremiumBeautifulTransformation in Instagram and you'll find thousands of posts with regards to the tramsformation.
And here are few of it :

Start your 2017 with a new you!
No more yoyo dieting. With Premium Beautiful corset, you can control your food intake, while burning calories

And i am your Premium Beautiful Expert, ready to consult you and serve you well
Hurry up, the discount ends by 30th December 2016.


Friday, December 9, 2016

From Lissa's Diary : My First Lost of Baby Tooth

Hello mommies!

It has been quite some times since my last post. Mama has been very busy that she didn't allow me to write in her blog  ;)

Anyway, this post is to remark a memory of me losing my first baby tooth!!

I have always been very very afraid to see dentist. I remembered there was one time when my grandma took me to see a dentist just for a regular check, and i refused to open my mouth! I even cried!! (Okay, fine, Hanie was braver than me that she successfully been examined by the dentist).

With that history, my mom already knew that it'll be even harder for a dentist to pull out my tooth!
So she took me one day to a dentist near our house once she learnt that my permanent tooth is coming. The dentist advised me to do a "homework" to goyangkan the tooth for one week.

Later after one week, tho my tooth didnt seem to loosen up, my mom took me to the same dentist.

The dentist was very soft spoken, Dr Ain put a numb strawberry cream and let my gum to numb. Even my mom didnt realize that Dr Ain easily, quickly pulled out the tooth!

There you go! She said. One down, and 19 to go!! I didnt know what she meant. But i was really proud of myself for not crying. Coz honestly, it didnt hurt at all. I cant wait to tell everybody that I just lost my baby tooth!!

Thanks to Dr Ain for being very friendly with me.

Now im officially lost one baby tooth! Weeee!!

Lissa Maisarah

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

YES Year End Sales is HERE!

Hye all!

YES, the Year End Sales will be here!!


{ Marine Essence Home SPA}
 - Beauty Bar (1 soap)
 - Bamboo Salt Shampoo
 - Bamboo Salt Body Wash
 - Bamboo Salt Toothpaste
  Only : RM 135 (postage excluded)

{ Set Kurus Bajet }
 - Min kaffe (1box-20 sachet)
 - Garlic Tablet (1bottle) 
 - BV Alfalfa (1 bottle-can last up to 2months)
  Only : RM 160 ( postage excluded )

{ Set Eziclean }
 - Eziclean Laundry
 - Eziclean Dishwash
 - Eziclean Toilet & Floor
  Only : RM 50 ( postage excluded )

{ Min Kaffe }
 3 boxes Min Kaffe
 Only : RM 100 ( postage included )

To place your order just drop me a text at 017-6511966

Happy Shopping!!

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