Friday, December 9, 2016

From Lissa's Diary : My First Lost of Baby Tooth

Hello mommies!

It has been quite some times since my last post. Mama has been very busy that she didn't allow me to write in her blog  ;)

Anyway, this post is to remark a memory of me losing my first baby tooth!!

I have always been very very afraid to see dentist. I remembered there was one time when my grandma took me to see a dentist just for a regular check, and i refused to open my mouth! I even cried!! (Okay, fine, Hanie was braver than me that she successfully been examined by the dentist).

With that history, my mom already knew that it'll be even harder for a dentist to pull out my tooth!
So she took me one day to a dentist near our house once she learnt that my permanent tooth is coming. The dentist advised me to do a "homework" to goyangkan the tooth for one week.

Later after one week, tho my tooth didnt seem to loosen up, my mom took me to the same dentist.

The dentist was very soft spoken, Dr Ain put a numb strawberry cream and let my gum to numb. Even my mom didnt realize that Dr Ain easily, quickly pulled out the tooth!

There you go! She said. One down, and 19 to go!! I didnt know what she meant. But i was really proud of myself for not crying. Coz honestly, it didnt hurt at all. I cant wait to tell everybody that I just lost my baby tooth!!

Thanks to Dr Ain for being very friendly with me.

Now im officially lost one baby tooth! Weeee!!

Lissa Maisarah

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