Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Favourite Beauty Bar, The Marine Essence

Okay, I have a lil confession.
I am soo in love with Marine Essence Beauty Bar, or what some people might call Sabun hijau.
Ok, hold it right there.
It's not just because i sell it, but i am also a user. My whole family is!

What so good about this marine essence beauty bar?

1. It is my facial cleanser
Never dry my skin, always keep it moist from the glycerin ingredient but not oily, definitely! If ada jerawat, i just tenyeh a bit on the jerawat and surprisingly, the next day, it'll be gone.

2. It is my body wash
I used to have back acne, come and goes. but since I use this beauty bar, i never had this problem. not anymore.

3. It is suitable for the whole family
Including baby Hanie! ok, she's no more a baby now, but still using it. I highly recommend it for those who just had newborn baby or kids with eczema. Try it and insyaAllah it will reduce the itchiness.

4. Smells good 
The smell comes from the Tea extract. It last on your body and removes any body odor. It also repair and renew skin cells by keeping it healthy and youthful.

5. It whitens dark skin
You've got problem with darkening armpit or dark spot anywhere on your skin? worry no more! With Liquorice Extract, it reduces skin discoloration and dark spots. It lightens any skin pigmentation. That's why this sabun is so famous with the name "Sabun Putih Ketiak".

6. It is an Anti-Aging skin product  
Anti-aging!! A bonus for women.With the presence of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Tea Extract and of course the main hero is the bamboo salt, all combined collectively provides antioxidants to skin, which will keep it healthy and youthful for longer time.

More on the detailsingredients:

How to order?
You may contact me at 017-6511966 or email at

Price for this marine essence bar?
Retail price at RM105 for 3 bars. 1 bar usually lasted more than 1 month.

I've shared my product review and recommendation.
Suits for all age, both men and women.

Thank you for reading.


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